Sunday, December 6, 2015

Justice For Boo Boo's Murder

Boo Boo was a 6 year old healthy German Shepard mix. He was a sweet very gentle dog who never left his pen except to play with the other dogs. in his fenced in yard. On or around November the 18th, 2015 Boo Boo got very sick, could not stand or eat. The next day he seemed better. Then on November 20th, 2015, Boo Boo got worse and could not stand. I took him tot the vet. And he checked out as perfectly healthy except that he was getting weaker and weaker. Then the symptoms became more noticeable that he had been poisoned by someone. Boo Boo died horribly in convulsions as I held him and loved him. How do I know it was poison? The symptoms were exactly the same as 5 other animals that have been poisoned here. 

Someone out there in McIntosh County, Ga. is very sick to do this. The main reason that this person has not been caught, were are told by Sheriff's deputies is that were do not have proper detection and equipment.

In order to take care of all this and set up proper perimeter of safety for all our animals were are going to have to spend a lot that we as two grandparents in our sixties don't have. And then we may have to hire private investigation to get all the details since we are meeting some resistance from local law enforcement since the guilty party is probably one of this very clannish counties born and bred folks.

Why this person is doing this we have a clue on our car. We are Cherokee and have a picture of a Native American male on a sticker on our windshield that they cut the face out of. We have had much vandalism and several murdered animals.

Also it is going to cost money to sue these folks if we catch them.

We are asking for the amount we are asking in order to pursue this for however many years it might take.

The love of animals crosses all political and racial boundaries. And animals can not help who they end up with. So to murder an animal because you hate its owner is despicable.

Please help us catch and prosecute this evil person or these evil persons.

Thank you for your love.

Justice For Boo Boo's Murder

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster

Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster

Four days ago the Klabona Keepers and the Secwepemc exercised their natural law and set-up a blockade at the Red Chris Mine to ensure that their land is not poisoned by another disaster like the spill at the Mount Polley mine.  Two days from now over 125 vigils for missing and murdered Indigenous women will be held from coast to coast to coast.  Two weeks ago Indigenous organizers from Idle No More and many other groups joined together for a massive Peoples Climate March in New York.  These are just a few glimpses of the powerful movement that we are a part of, a movement towards self-determination and the protection of our lands and waters.  Read more below!

Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster

Blockade at Red Chris Mine
BREAKING NEWS: Blockade at Red Chris Mine
The Klabona Keepers and the Secwepemc [Grandmothers Fireplace] are exercising their natural law, and asserting their jurisdiction to regulate industry in their own Territories by creating a blockade at Red Chris Mine:

VIDEO: Klabona Keepers Shut Down Red Chris Imperial Mine:
Klabona Keepers is an organization of Tahltan elders and families who occupy and use traditional lands near Iskut, British Columbia known as Tl’abāne, the Sacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Nass and Skeena Rivers.
Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp
Secwepemc disaster monitoring checkpoint and encampment at the entrance of the Imperial Metals' Mount Polley Mine.
OPEN LETTER regarding Union of BC Indian Chiefs Resolution 2014-17
“Support for Xat’sull and Williams Lake First Nations, Call for Public Inquiry and Mining Reform in the Aftermath of the Mount Polley Disaster”  Read more: Mount Polley Disaster: Support for Xat’sull and Williams Lake Nations, Call for Public Inquiry and Mining Reform
Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster
If you missed this incredible live webinar you can still check out the youtube video.  The third webinar from the #TurnTheTables webinar series organized by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land was moderated by Kanahus Manuel and included powerful testimony from Secwepemc Elder Jean William and Mining Researcher and Educator Joan Kuyak.

Upcoming Events:

9th Annual Sisters in Spirit Vigils - Saturday October 4 across Turtle Island
Each year, family members, Indigenous community members, and concerned citizens gather for a vigil on October 4 to honour the growing number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. As we do so, we remember the lives of sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers tragically taken from us. The SIS vigils educate the public on the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, rally support, and compel the government to respond.
Vigils take place on Parliament Hill and in many communities across Turtle Island, as well as internationally.  See a list of the more than 125 vigils happening across Turtle Island compiled by the Native Women’s Association of Canada here.
Sign up to host an event here:

Past Events & Updates:

Indigenous Adult Adoptees and foster care survivors gathering in Ottawa
For the first time ever, adult adoptees of the “sixties scoop” and foster care survivors  gathered on unceded Algonquin territory. An amazing opportunity to come together and talk, share and support each other on our journeys. Adoptees were astonished at how similar their feelings were, and more events are planned for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The event was exclusively for adoptees and foster care survivors and created by adoptees/foster care survivors. It was a weekend of sharing, healing, tears, hugs, ceremony, talking, listening, eating and laughter!
Idle No More @ the Peoples Climate Week in New York
Dozens of Idle No More organizers joined hundreds of Indigenous leaders from across Turtle Island and beyond to gather at the Peoples Climate Week in New York.   Together we sent a clear message that Indigenous Peoples are leading the defense of our climate and that violence against the land begets violence against Indigenous women.  Check out the videos below or click here for the full Idle No More coverage of the Peoples Climate Week.
Idle No More organizer Erica Violet Lee gave a powerful speech at the opening plenary of the Peoples Climate Week and also spoke at an event titled: Native American Resistance in the 21st Century: Idle No More and the Climate Justice Movement.

Idle No More brought down a delegation of 4 Indigenous Women who are leading the fight against extreme energy and co-organized an event with the New School and FrackAction titled: #Frack Off: Indigenous Women Leading Media Campaigns to Defend our Climate.

Idle No More organizers and hundreds of other Indigenous Leaders from groups such as the Indigenous Environmental Network, the International Indian Treaty Council, and the Black Mesa Water Coalition formed the Indigenous Block of the Peoples Climate March. This block included beautiful banners from Idle No More Bay Area as well as a clear call to end C02lonialism and to respect Indigenous sovereignty and treaties.

Idle No More Info

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tomorrow- Wed 9/17, SEB Hearing to Quash Voter Registration Drive

Search on the "New Georgia Project" and you'll see that this hearing is likely to be highly politicized.  Democrats and others are claiming the New Georgia Project is being prosecuted for merely being successful in registering large numbers of likely Democratic voters, and that the intent of this hearing is to quash increased voter registration and voter turnout.  Hopefully the media will cover this hearing extensively and accurately.

John Fortuin

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Akash Agrawal <>
Date: Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 3:38 PM
Subject: September 17, 2014 Special Called SEB Meeting

Election Officials and Registrars,
The Office of the Secretary of State would like to inform you of the upcoming Special Called State Election Board Meeting.  It will be held Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 3:00 p.m., at the State Capitol Building, 3rd Floor, Room 341, located at 341 State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334.  The official notice and agenda are attached to this email.
Attendance is not mandatory, but the Secretary of State would like to raise awareness of the meetings by reaching out to the elections community.  Please also note, receipt of this email does not indicate any wrong doing or violation on your part. 

AGENDA from Attachment Below.

Room 341
Atlanta, Georgia 30334 Wednesday, September 17, 2014 –3:00 p.m.
I. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
SEB Case No. 2014-000014 (New Georgia Project) 1 


Best regards,
Akash Agrawal 
Elections Division 
Office of Secretary of State Brian Kemp 
Desk: 404-657-5372
Fax: 770-408-3890

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Tuskegee? Whistleblower Admits CDC Lied About Vaccine Link to Autism

Another Tuskegee?  Whistleblower Admits CDC Lied About Vaccine Link to Autism

From: Cynthia McKinney

On August 27, 2014, a CDC whistleblower, William W. Thompson, Ph.D., admitted his role in a massive coverup that has had devastating repercussions in African-American male babies (and possibly others) who were administered the MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) vaccine according to CDC standards. A CDC study found that African American boys had a 340% increased incidence of autism if they received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age; the scientists remained silent and allowed the vaccine to be administered anyway. No more ethics in government; no more ethics in science. SHAME on the CDC! Where's Congress???  Individual families are only now beginning to sort out the implications of this fraud.  Incidences of autism have exploded in recent years.

Thompson wrote:  "My name is William Thompson.  I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998.
​"​I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information  in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased  risk for autism. ​"​ 

Thompson's full statement can be found at

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Return Jim Thorpe Home

Sharon told me to share this. His last request was to be buried at home not on display like a circus.