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For Everyone Who Lives In N.C. Or Close By: Meeting About Iotla Site

For Everyone Who Lives In N.C. Or Close By: Meeting About Iotla Site

Note: Friends and Family,
These local residents fighting with the Cherokee. I applaud their efforts.

Hi friends,

Quick reminder to all:

Airport Authority
Tuesday, March 31st, 4:00 to 6:00
PM Airport Terminal

I spoke to Boyce Deitz, Rep.
Shuler's staff person, this morning to ask him to attend the mtg. He's the
person who has attended the last 2 "secret" mtgs. He said he would make every
effort to come.

Rep. Haire excused himself thru assistant
for not being in town. Left message for Sen. Snow & haven't heard from

I have over 100 signatures on petition. Pls
remember to get yours to me by Monday noon (see previous email) so I can
make copies, if you aren't able to do so. If you don't turn them in to me, count
what you have so we can give a total figure at the mtg.

I'm letting press know abt mtg, another
reason why we need to have as many people there as possible.

We MUST PACK this mtg. Let's stand
together & show we mean to continue this struggle as long as necessary. Each
one bring one. Let's show we really mean to SAVE IOTLA VALLEY.

Call me if
needed. Home
369-2457 Cell
421-5835 ..

P.S.: Wear your Save Iotla Valley

Sharon Kitchen's , The Founder of Save The Sacred Sites, letter to Airport Authority:


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Cherokee Online Language Class Opportunity

Cherokee Online Language Class Opportunity
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AOL - 3/27/2009 Newsletter

There is no better way to celebrate new beginnings in spring then to learn the beautiful language of the Cherokees. Starting Monday, March 30th, 2009, class registration for the online Cherokee Language will open for you to begin or continue your quest to speak the Cherokee Language. This online class is live with a certified Cherokee Language instructor. Classes begin the week of April 13th, 2009. For the class schedule listing and to test your computer for class compatibility please check out:

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Cherokee Nation Contributes More Than $6,800 to : 3/24/2009
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CLAREMORE, Okla. — The Cherokee Nation recently contributed $6,842 to the Tri-County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Inc., a Claremore based non-profit that serves as a voice for children in court throughout Rogers, Mayes and Craig Counties.

Cherokees Contribute More Than $3 Million to Schools: 3/23/2009
(C) Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation is contributing more than $3 million to 107 school districts in northeastern Oklahoma that fall within its boundaries.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Deed They Say Don't Exist For Macon County Airport

The got the land free with the understanding that the burials would not be disturbed.
As you can see the deed says that the land was given to Macon County with certain conditions. Those conditions were that the Cherokee graves and historic site would not be touched. Any descendant at any time can take back this simple title (means no money) deed because the terms were that the site next to the airport would not be violated. That has already been done.
Sharon & Dave Kitchen
Founder and husband of STSSA





Recent Update on Iotla Burials & Macon County Airport

Recent Update on Iotla Burials & Macon County Airport

Hope everyone is doing well. Get ready for a fight.
At first glance, one would be lead to believe that the March 23rd meeting was not going to take place. However, I Googled Macon County Board of Commissioners website and much to my surprise, not, there was an agenda.
The airport site was not on the agenda. This lead to my question. What in the world is going on? So I Googled some more. Online places like Smoky Mountain News, 3/25/2009 issue,, March 26th. There was a meeting.
It seems a select few individuals got together and had a field trip. They are going to try to sneak this thing through. Although the federal grant money was taken back, they are trying to get it back by saying it is the Cherokees fault. Then there is the wetlands issue that they are trying to ignore. And the safety issues, they are trying to ignore them. My main concern is the historical loss potential, not to mention all the graves destroyed, if they get their way. One comment during the field trip was that it was really neat finding an arrow head with a possible date of 2,000 B.C. And this is before the dirt is removed. They can not wait to uncover greater "finds." So with all this I offer the following pictures of what this site could possibly look like, if they get their way. What you will see will be self explanatory.
What you won't see is the 25 foot mound that it was. This was also located in Macon County, Franklin, N.C. I took these pictures while the destroyers were hard at work. Later, we went and talked and recorded the commission meeting while also showing them the pictures. There were so many burials, they ran out of boxes and had to use bags. The one shown below, has the date, location, and that it is a little boy on the bag. The commissioners did not seem concerned at all. And today it is a parking lot. It was called the Fox Site.

I don't want to see this happen again.

Sharon Kitchen
Founder- Save The Sacred Sites Alliance



What They Did To The Fox Site in 1995



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mom & Pop Macon County Airport Destroys Burials & History For whims

Mom & Pop Macon County Airport Destroys Burials & History
For whims like this they destroy every trace of Cherokee Heritage.

Secret meetings have been changed several times so as not to include the public.


Conficker c virus ALERT!!!!!! ((This real I checked Dave))

Conficker c virus ALERT!!!!!!
((This real I checked
Beware folks, this was on yahoo news today and also on snopes:
By John D.
Decrease font Decrease font
Enlarge font Enlarge font

(CNN) -- A computer-science detective story is playing out on the Internet as security experts try to hunt down a worm called Conficker C and prevent it from damaging millions of computers on April Fool's Day.

This piece of computer code tells the worm to activate on April 1, 2009, researchers at CA found.

This piece of computer code tells the worm to activate on April 1, 2009, researchers at CA found.

The anti-worm researchers have banded together in a group they call the Conficker Cabal. Members are searching for the malicious software program's author and for ways to do damage control if he or she can't be stopped.

They're motivated in part by a $250,000 bounty from Microsoft and also by what seems to be a sort of Dick Tracy ethic.

"We love catching bad guys," said Alvin Estevez, CEO of Enigma Software Group, which is one of many companies trying to crack Conficker. "We're like former hackers who like to catch other hackers. To us, we get almost a feather in our cap to be able to knock out that worm. We slap each other five when we're killing those infections.

The malicious program already is thought to have infected between 5 million and 10 million computers.

Those infections haven't spawned many symptoms, but on April 1 a master computer is scheduled to gain control of these zombie machines, said Don DeBolt, director of threat research for CA, a New York-based IT and software company.

What happens on April Fool's Day is anyone's guess.

Don't Miss

* $250K Microsoft bounty to catch worm creator
* Downadup virus exposes millions of PCs to hijack

The program could delete all of the files on a person's computer, use zombie PCs -- those controlled by a master -- to overwhelm and shut down Web sites or monitor a person's keyboard strokes to collect private information like passwords or bank account information, experts said.

More likely, though, said DeBolt, the virus may try to get computer users to buy fake software or spend money on other phony products.

Experts said computer hackers largely have moved away from showboating and causing random trouble. They now usually try to make money off their viral programs.

DeBolt said Conficker C imbeds itself deep in the computer where it is difficult to track. The program, for instance, stops Windows from conducting automatic updates that could prevent the malware from causing damage.

The program's code is also written to evolve over time and its author appears to be making updates to thwart some of the Conficker Cabal's attempts to neuter the worm.

"It is very much a cat and mouse game," DeBolt said.

It's unclear who wrote the program, but members of the Cabal are looking for clues.

First, they know that some recent malware programs have come from Eastern European countries outside the jurisdiction of the European Union, said Patrick Morganelli, senior vice president of technology for Enigma Software.

Worm program authors often hide in those countries to stay out of sight from law enforcement, he said.

In a way, the Conficker Cabal is also looking for the program author's fingerprints. DeBolt said security researchers are looking through old malware programs to see if their programming styles are similar to that of Conficker C.

The prospects for catching the program's author are not good, Morganelli said.

"Unless they open their mouth, they'll never be found," he said.

So, the most effective counter-assault simply may be damage control.

One quick way to see if your computer has been infected is to see if you have gotten automatic updates from Windows in March. If so, your computer likely is fine, DeBolt said.

Microsoft released a statement saying the company "is actively working with the industry to mitigate the spread of the worm.

Users who haven't gotten the latest Windows updates should go to if they fear they're infected, the company's statement says.

DeBolt said people who use other antivirus software should check to make sure they've received the latest updates, which also could have been disabled by Conficker C.

The first version of Conficker -- strain A -- was released in late 2008.

That version used 250 Web addresses -- generated daily by the system -- as the means of communication between the master computer and its zombies.

The end goal of the first line was to sell computer users fake antivirus software, said Morganelli.

Computer security experts largely patched that problem by working with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to disable or buy the problematic URLs, he said.

That process-of-elimination approach isn't likely to be effective with Conficker strain C, Morganelli said. The new version will generate 50,000 URLs per day instead of just 250 when it becomes active, DeBolt said.

The first iteration of Conficker is thought to have grown out of a free function for security programs created by Dr. Ronald Rivest, a computer science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"Any technology can be used for good or evil, and this is just an example of that," Rivest said.

Many viruses have taken pieces of benevolent programs and used them for ill. But overall the "open source" environment online promotes computer security far more than it enables hackers, DeBolt said.

"I don't blame the open-source community at all" for virus attacks, he said.

CA said it recently found a piece of code in Conficker C that says the worm will become active on April 1. Previous versions of the malicious software launched on specific dates noted in the program code, so the April Fool's Day launch date is not likely to be a trick, DeBolt said.

"The best minds in the industry are working on this to protect customers," he said. "We're trying to reduce the impact of the April 1 date as best we can. But we know ... this malware will continue to evolve.

Petition for Iotla Site

This is just to get another hearing. Then we can present our sacred site case also.

We, the undersigned citizens of the world, hereby request a public hearing to review the financial, safety, cultural, social, and environmental impacts of the proposed extension of the Airport runway. Public officials have stated that the present expansion is the first step to the construction of an industrial park in Iotla Valley. Since increased traffic from these projects will require widening of Airport and Iotla Church roads, we also want to know if zoning and condemnation of private property will be used to acquire lands now owned by Iotla Valley residents. We request that this meeting be held at the Airport before March 20, 2009.

Name Signature Address





















Iotla Has Local Citizens Fighting with us

Iotla Has Local Citizens Fighting with us

Besides Being A Sacred Site Iotla Has Local Citizens Fighting with us. Here is their poster. Please repost widely.

Tuesday, March 31st 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Airport Terminal

Digging for the runway extension has started but it’s not too late.
The rich valley soil is sprouting little flags for artifacts and bones watered with our tears. Let them not be in vain. This spring, let’s tell those who don’t care about Iotla Valley:
we who live here and love this place
are not going to let it be destroyed.
We want to know:
Why have Iotla Valley residents not been consulted by any agencies? For any plans?
Who is going to benefit from the expansion?
Where is an industrial park going to be placed?
If Airport Road and Iotla Church Road are widened, will land be taken by eminent domain?
Safety for aircraft! How about safety for school children and all the people living close to the Airport?
How about our farms, our homes, our cemeteries, our churches, our cultural and social heritage?
Let us ALL TOGETHER take back control of our land,
our lives, our destinies, our children’s future.

Something we can all help with

Hey folks,
I saw that the president is going to be answering questions this Thursday. I submitted one about why don't we educate people in school not to destroy Native American burials and historic sites? If you folks submit similar ones or vote for mine under education (because that is all that was open) maybe we can bring attention to this destruction that is going on.
Here's the website
Please spread this around.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

“Killer Crossroads” in Akwesasne – colonial terror specially aimed at Indigenous youth

“Killer Crossroads” in Akwesasne – colonial terror specially aimed at Indigenous youth

MNN. March 23, 2009. There have been many high speed chases, violence, injuries and deaths at or near the “killer crossroads” in front of the Cornwall Island border checkpoint at Akwesasne. Women, men, youth and children are being constantly harassed and brutalized here. The Canada-U.S. border is illegally situated in the middle of our community.

Canadian Border Services Agents, CSIS, RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police, Akwesasne Mohawk “Indian” Police and other government “spotters” finger our people at the toll booth. We can be targeted for assault, harassment, false charges, delayed for hours for no reason, raped, groped or almost murdered. Recently more and more of our men are being chased and rammed by wild delirious “Indian” cops who are desperate to suck up to their colonial “masters”. The band or tribal cops are ordered by provincial, state and federal cops to attack their own people and relatives.

The colonial agents assume that their targets “may be” carrying cigarettes in their vehicles. We have an inherent right since time immemorial to carry on our traditional trade and commerce. Even their own law, the Indian Act, respects our right to carry “taxes free” cigarettes on an “Indian reserve”. They’re putting a new twist to “smoking kills”.

In the high speed chases the cops try to drive the target off the road by ramming their car, causing a flat tire or damaging the back end so the car loses or breaks its suspension or brakes forcing the car to go out of control. The cops continue even when told it’s dangerous. The victims are driven off the road, killed, or, if they survive, are beaten up. They are then charged and arrested.

Last summer in 2008 non-native cops from St. Constant Quebec chased two young Mohawks onto Kahnawake, a Mohawk community near Montreal. The high speed chase led to a back road through a busy residential area . A 15-year old Indigenous boy riding on his bike was hit and killed almost instantly.

After a high speed chase on November 14, 2008, the OPP charged two Akwesasne Mohawk Police officers, Mike Biron and Kenneth Chaussi, with criminal negligence and dangerous driving causing death in a fatal crash on Cornwall Island at the “crossroads”. The cops chased and rammed Gionet’s minivan at high speed. Gionet tried to get away from these maniacs and smashed into the elderly couple at the crossroad. The collision explosion instantly killed a 77-year-old Massena couple, Edward and Eileen Kassian, and Dany Gionet, 21, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. A judicial pre-trial conference is set for May 4 and a court date for May 28th.

In another incident, on March 19, 2009, Iohahiio, a young man from Kahnawake, was sentenced to 90 days to be served on weekends. He supposedly led “police on a high-speed chase” in February 2007 on Cornwall Island in Akwesasne. He was also charged with obstructing a police officer and dangerous driving. Both were withdrawn because they did not happen.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police tried to pull him over after they saw him leaving a home on Cornwall Island that they allege had connections to someone in the tobacco business. They chased him across the Seaway International Bridge into Cornwall, around the traffic circle, and back over the bridge to Akwesasne. A camera on the cruiser shows that Iohahiio never drove dangerously. The cops rammed him at least three times, twice at the crossroads, causing extensive damage. Throughout, Iohahiio was speaking with his mother on his cell phone. To save his life she instructed him not to pull over until he was in a well-lit area. Iohahiio stopped on the road to the local arena. The cops pulled up and aimed their guns at him, broke his rear window and pulled him out.

Cops beating our people is common. In 1990 his father had a minor charge. When the NYS Police drove him from Akwesasne to Syracuse, they stopped eight times, took him into police stations along the way and severely beat him up.

Violence against Indigenous youth is escalating. Recently young Indigenous girls were sitting outside a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop in Cornwall. Two Cornwall police officers pulled over. The cop asked one of the girls, “What’s in your bag?” She answered, “Why?” He insisted, “Show me what’s inside”. She refused. He got out, grabbed her bag, struggled with her and injured her thumb.

It is time to remove this “death trap” checkpoint. The cops appear to want to see more Indigenous blood, especially of our youth. U.S and Canada are trying to force us to carry their illegally issued border crossing identity cards on June 1, 2009. They know we have a right to resist this imposition. According to international law we must be consulted and agree of our own free will to become Canadians or Americans. So they are using their “tighten the screws” tactics. These “foreign” border guards are creating conflicts so they can illegally carry guns in the middle of our community. They need the peoples’ permission to do this. It would be dangerous to put guns into the hands of guards who hate Indigenous people!

MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News Note: At this time your financial help is urgently needed and appreciated for the lawsuit against the Canadian government for assault of Indigenous women at the Cornwall border. Please send your donations to PayPal at, or by check or money order to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen thank you very much. Go to MNN “Akwesasne” category for more stories on this; New MNN Books Available now! Purchase t-shirts, mugs and more at our CafePressStore; Subscribe to MNN for breaking news updates; Sign Women Title Holders petition!

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"Outcry over VA’s budget proposal prompts removal"

"IHS gets $500 million in Recovery Act funds "

"Broadcaster bucks the odds for success" -(Albert Cata and "Native Radio

"Indian Country senior nutrition programs receiving $3 million "

HEADS UP! veterans and those who love them- FORWARD THIS INFO PLEASE!
Veterans face HIV risk from hospital pumps

After discovering that water pumps for colonoscopies were not properly
cleaned, the VA said there is a slight risk of HIV or hepatitis infection.

Thousands of veterans who underwent certain routine medical procedures at
Miami's VA Medical Center are at risk of being infected with hepatitis or
HIV, the hospital announced Monday.

The revelation drew intense criticism from South Florida congressmen and
the concern of veterans who hope a visit to the government-run health
center has not compromised their health.

At the center of the fears are water pumps that are regularly used during
colonoscopies and gastrointestinal procedures, said John Vara, the Miami
VA's chief of staff. The hospital discovered March 4 that the pumps --
which are attached to the tubes used in the procedures -- were being
rinsed but not disinfected. This, Vara said, creates the slight chance
that back-flow from the pumps could lead to serious or potentially deadly

The pumps do not come into direct contact with the patient, Vara said.
Though the risk of infection is low, he added that ``any risk is

Colonoscopies -- the visual inspection of the colon through a tube -- and
other gastrointestinal tests are regularly performed at the VA. About
3,260 veterans underwent the procedures, primarily colonoscopies,
involving this type of water pump since May 2004.

The VA has sent letters to about 2,500 of the veterans, who are still in
the area, urging them to get blood tests.

Officials were trying to locate the other 700.

The medical center notified U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Miami, Monday
morning. After sending letters to Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric
Shinseki and Inspector General George Opfer, Meek said he was startled to
learn that the situation in Miami was not unique.

In February, about 6,400 veterans at the Alvin C. York VA Medical Center
in Murfreesboro, Tenn., were urged to get blood tests after the VA
discovered there had been improper handling of equipment used for

And in Augusta, Ga., more than 1,800 veterans were notified that
instruments used to examine the ear, nose and throat had not been properly

None of these incidents is known to have caused infection, but such
revelations can lead veterans to distrust the medical system, said David
Williams, a retired Marine who lives in Miami Springs.

''I've already served in Vietnam and have had to fight over my benefits,''
said Williams, 64, who underwent a procedure using the water pump at the
VA last year. ``And now, here comes this mess on top of that. Boy, oh,
boy, what's going to happen next before someone realizes that they have
made more mistakes?''

The discovery of the improper cleanings is the result of a national
program to standardize medical procedures across VA hospitals, Jim Benson,
a spokesman for the Department of Veterans Affairs, told The Miami Herald.
The program was known as ``Step-Up.''

After learning of the problem, three South Florida congressmen encouraged
the VA to step up even more. Meek asked the Miami VA to call and knock on
doors of veterans who had undergone the procedures.

''It's the least they could do for men and women in uniform,'' Meek said.

Calling the situation ''outrageous and unacceptable,'' Rep. Ron Klein,
D-Boca Raton, asked for an immediate investigation into why proper medical
procedures were not followed.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, said ``all necessary action should be
taken to ensure that all veterans are made whole and this disaster never
repeats itself.''

Patients with concerns may call the Miami VA's call center at 305-575-7256
or 877-577-7256.
BREAKING NEWS: EPA Halts Mountaintop Removal Permits

It's been a long time coming, but the EPA made a breakthrough announcement
today, calling for a halt to hundreds of mountaintop removal permits, in
order to address their impact on water quality. Whether this is the
beginning of a transition to abolish mountaintop removal is yet to be
seen, but it is a huge step forward for our country.

(Washington, D.C. - March 24, 2009) The United States Environmental
Protection Agency has sent two letters to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
expressing serious concerns about the need to reduce the potential harmful
impacts on water quality caused by certain types of coal mining practices,
such as mountaintop mining. The letters specifically addressed two new
surface coal mining operations in West Virginia and Kentucky. EPA also
intends to review other requests for mining permits.

"The two letters reflect EPA's considerable concern regarding the
environmental impact these projects would have on fragile habitats and
streams," said Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "I have directed the agency
to review other mining permit requests. EPA will use the best science and
follow the letter of the law in ensuring we are protecting our

EPA's letters, sent to the Corps office in Huntington, W.Va., stated that
the coal mines would likely cause water quality problems in streams below
the mines, would cause significant degradation to streams buried by mining
activities, and that proposed steps to offset these impacts are
inadequate. EPA has recommended specific actions be taken to further avoid
and reduce these harmful impacts and to improve mitigation.

The letters were sent to the Corps by EPA senior officials in the agency's
Atlanta and Philadelphia offices. Permit applications for such projects
are required by the Clean Water Act.

EPA also requested the opportunity to meet with the Corps and the mining
companies seeking the new permits to discuss alternatives that would
better protect streams, wetlands and rivers.

The Corps is responsible for issuing Clean Water Act permits for proposed
surface coal mining operations that impact streams, wetlands, and other
waters. EPA is required by the act to review proposed permits and provides
comments to the Corps where necessary to ensure that proposed permits
fully protect water quality.

Because of active litigation in the 4th Circuit challenging the issuance
of Corps permits for coal mining, the Corps has been issuing far fewer
permits in West Virginia since the litigation began in 2007. As a result,
there is a significant backlog of permits under review by the Corps. EPA
expects to be actively involved in the review of these permits following
issuance of the 4th Circuit decision last month.

EPA is coordinating its action with the White House Council on
Environmental Quality and with other agencies including the Corps.

More information on wetlands and the letters:

AB35 Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaw^ko everybody! GREAT WORK! Stay tuned for next steps!! Osk^n^su - Barb
Send Thank You to Sondy Pope-Roberts, Kristen Dexter, Steve Higenberg, Christine Sinicki, Kim Hixson, Peggy Krusick, Jeff Smith, and Mark Radcliffe!!!
The Assembly Education Committee vote on AB 35 as amended by AA1 was 8 to 5, with all eight of the Democrat members voting aye.
Poynette School District Votes To Drop Native American Mascot
March 24, 2009

POYNETTE, Wis. -- A local school district voted on Monday night to change their sports teams' name and mascot after recent discussion at the state level about Wisconsin schools' use of Native American nicknames, mascots and logos.
The Poynette School Board voted on Monday night 4-1 to end the use of the "Indians" nickname and adopt a new mascot and logo by Jan. 1, 2010. The vote follows a hearing held by state lawmakers last week on the use of race-based mascots. Many in Native American communities across the state have expressed concern about the use of mascots and have encouraged a change in state law allowing the state Department of Public Instruction to investigate any complaints about the use of such names or images. The Assembly Education Committee approved the bill on an 8-5 vote on Tuesday morning, with an amendment allowing districts a one- to three-year waiver to change their name if the costs are deemed unreasonable. Poynette's school board will now have to come up with a process on how to choose a new mascot for the district. School Principal Craig McCallum said he'll propose the process include current and former students all the way to the elementary school level, as well as community and booster groups. McCallum said the board members thought it best to take a proactive approach to changing the name regardless of the outcome of the legislation, and not get in a situation where the district would be forced to change anything, WISC-TV reported. Stay tuned to WISC-TV and Channel 3000 for continuing coverage.

Previous Story:

* March 18, 2009: Native American Groups Speak Out On Proposed Mascot Bill.



AB35 Passed

Yaw^ko everybody! GREAT WORK! Stay tuned for next steps!! Osk^n^su - Barb

Send Thank You to Sondy Pope-Roberts, Kristen Dexter, Steve Hilgenberg, Christine Sinicki, Kim Hixson, Peggy Krusick, Jeff Smith, and Mark Radcliffe!!!

The Assembly Education Committee vote on AB 35 as amended by AA1 was 8 to 5, with all eight of the Democrat members voting aye.
Barbara E Munson


Assembly Education Committee:

Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts:

Representative Kristen Dexter:

Representative: Steve Hilgenberg:

Representative Christine Sinicki:

Representative Kim Hixson:

Representative Margaret Krusick: .

Representative Jeff Smith:

Representative Mark Radcliffe:

Teresa Anahuy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dooda Desert Rock ~ Mother Earth, Father Sky Music Fest ~ April 2-5th

Dooda Desert Rock ~ Mother Earth, Father Sky Music Fest ~ April 2-5th

For more info about Dooda Desert Rock, please visit their website at


Issues That Came In Over The Weekend

Issues That Came In Over The Weekend
Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Friday, March 20, 2009

"War Criminal Bush Waltzes Through Canada"

"War Criminal Bush Waltzes Through Canada"

Ancient bones found at UCSD back in dispute By Steve Schmidt - March 20, 2009

Ancient bones found at UCSD back in dispute
By Steve Schmidt - March 20, 2009

Skeletal remains unearthed at the University of California San Diego more than 30 years ago have sparked a fresh debate between the interests of science and culture - and the university is caught in the crossfire.

Administrators at the La Jolla campus want federal approval to turn over bones found near the chancellor's seaside home to the region's Kumeyaay tribes. Unearthed in 1976, the nearly 10,000-year-old remains are believed to be among the oldest found in the Western Hemisphere.

But to UCSD's chagrin, the request has generated criticism from both major parties in the dispute - the Kumeyaay and UC researchers.

Both are asking the university to drop the request, but for conflicting reasons.

Two panels of university researchers say there's not enough evidence to link the bones to Kumeyaay culture, so they should remain available for research.

And the Indian bands, which formally requested the bones three years ago, now say they don't want them as long as researchers consider them "culturally unidentifiable," calling the designation disrespectful.

"The Kumeyaay want their ancestors back, and they want to bury them appropriately," Michele Fahley, an attorney representing the Kumeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee, said yesterday.

Gary Matthews, UCSD vice chancellor for resource management,said that he was perplexed by the double-barreled opposition but that the university will stick with its request for now.

"We're really trying to do the right thing . . . and we've been criticized by both sides," Matthews said. "What are we supposed to do?"

The remains are in a safe at the San Diego Archaeological Center, near Escondido. They consist of three sets of skeletal remains, including those of a young man and older woman buried together. Scientists believe the bones are between 8,977 and 9,603 years old.

Kumeyaay leaders had asked UCSD to turn over the bones for reburial, saying their people have been in the region since the "beginning."

"Leave them be. They are not here for your exploitation," Louie Guassac, a Sycuan band member, said in a recent interview.

Fahley, an attorney with California Indian Legal Services in Escondido, said the tribes provided UCSD with evidence from scholars showing that the remains are linked to the modern-day Kumeyaay.

To argue otherwise "is disrespectful to the tribes and their ancestors," she said.

But a panel chaired by UCSD anthropologist Margaret Schoeninger concluded last year that the bones can't be identified as Kumeyaay. A study conducted for the panel by a San Diego State University anthropologist identified the remains as American Indian but didn't link them to any particular tribe, Schoeninger said.

A systemwide University of California research committee reached a similar conclusion.

Schoeninger said handing over the remains would undermine scientific research because further study of the bones could reveal, with the development of new research technology in fields such as DNA sequencing, more about the peopling of the New World.

"These skeletons are not materials that can be duplicated in the future," Schoeninger wrote in a March 5 letter to the UCSD Academic Senate, asking that Chancellor Marye Anne Fox withdraw the university's request.

"Despite more than a century of research, we don't know when the Americas were first populated, by whom they were populated, how people got here, or how many immigrations occurred," Schoeninger wrote.

Ross Frank, an ethnic-studies professor at UCSD, was part of Schoeninger's panel - and the only member who considered the remains Kumeyaay. He said the archaeological record of the past 10,000 years is uneven, but the bulk of evidence points to a Kumeyaay link.

Also, turning over the bones "is the only appropriate, moral thing to do," Frank said.

On Feb. 23, Matthews submitted a 37-page request on UCSD's behalf to the National Park Service, asking for a federal review board's support in turning over the bones to the tribes.

"We feel . . . this is the most prudent and responsible step forward," he said of the university's decision.

The review board, which oversees the Native American Graves Preservation and Repatriation Act, is expected to consider the request at a meeting in late May.

If the panel backs UCSD's request, the issue would land on the desk of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. A final decision could be made within a few months, said David Tarler, a program administrator based in Washington, D.C.

The act, created in 1990, allows universities, museums and other research institutions to return certain American Indian artifacts to federally recognized tribes that request them.

In several cases, federal officials have permitted the disposition of remains to American Indian groups, even if the bones weren't clearly linked to the tribes.

Kumeyaay representatives weren't ready yesterday to say how they would respond if UCSD continues with its request and wins approval.

Matthews believes scientists have had adequate time to study the remains. He said he's unaware of any formal request from researchers to examine the bones further.

Academic Senate Chairman Dan Donoghue said the university is in a delicate spot as it tries to weigh the legitimate needs of all major players on the issue.

"How do you balance those needs?" Donoghue asked.


Background: San Diego County's Kumeyaay tribes had asked UCSD to turn over skeletal remains unearthed near the chancellor's home in La Jolla. Local American Indians say the remains are part of their ancestry. But UC researchers say there's not enough evidence to link the nearly 10,000-year-old bones to Kumeyaay culture.

What's changing: UCSD is seeking federal approval to hand over the bones to the tribes, even though the remains are classified as "culturally unidentifiable."

The future: A National Park Service board is scheduled to consider the request in May.


Chancellor Marye Anne Foxe:

(Wants the remains returned) Vice Chancellor, Gary Matthews:

UCSD anthropologist, Margaret Schoeninger:

(Wants the remains returned) Ethnic-Studies Professor, Ross Frank:

Academic Senate Chairman, Daniel J. Donoghue:


Teresa Anahuy

Carpinteria: Call to Unity: Please Don't Honor Me

Carpinteria: Call to Unity: Please Don't Honor Me

(Finally! This article was well written) Please Don't Honor Me
By Brenda Golden - March 20, 2009

On March 17th, 2009 a showdown was held in Carpenteria, California between Native Americans and the School board with related supporters on both sides. By all accounts there were hundreds of people that attended this meeting to hear the decision from the School Board as to if they were to stand by the decision made over a year ago to remove all images of a plains Indian that depicted their mascot the "Warrior".

Almost a year ago the Carpinteria School Board voted to remove the image of a plains Indian in a headdress from their property, materials, t-shirts, athletic jerseys and all other materials used at the school to depict their mascot the Warrior. The Carpenteria School District heard from a 15 year old student who is a member of the Chumash Nation that respectfully called upon them to remove the offensive imagery from the school property. What happened next may astound you.

Since that time the School Board did not follow through on the removal of the "mascot" images instead they appointed a Native American Advisory Council to come up with acceptable alternatives to the use of the plains Indian that was supposed to be the epitome of a "warrior". Which the Council did, still the image has not been replaced. In addition, the community and Carpenteria Alumni got involved making such a noise that the School Board held a re-election and replaced members of the Board.

In the meantime the family that initiated the removal of the mascot imagery has been subjected to hostility, intimidation and the 15 year old who first complained to the Board has received 5 death threats. Death threats over removing a mascot to a 15 year old! What makes this particularly disturbing is that the family reports that the school and police department have not taken those death threats seriously. Even though there is a zero tolerance policy for threats of violence.
Add to the fact that American Indians are victims of a violent crime at a much higher rate than any other ethnic group in the United States. For anyone to brush off a death threat to a teenager as a harmless prank is in my opinion callous and irresponsible.

Twice the state of California has passed laws restricting the use of American Indians as mascots only to have their governor veto them both. Study after study has shown that mascots depicting Native Americans in a derogatory manner is psychologically damaging. Names such as "Redskins" and "Savages" are particularly demeaning and are as close to hate speech as it gets. People dressing up in colored feathers and war paint are not honoring American Indians, nor are the opposition who yell "scalp the Redskins" and "Kill the Savages" while burning effigies of Indians at pep rallies.

The analogy has been made over and over that one does not see mascots based on any other ethnic group except American Indians. There is a long list of organizations who have come out with public statements and resolutions against the use of American Indians as sports mascots. Yet in Oklahoma there are 167 public schools using some image an American Indian as a mascot.

Last September 2008, a group of us went to a football game of the "Redskins" and held a silent protest outside the stadium. Members of the community yelled things, beeped their horns, flipped us off and made obscene gestures to those of us opposing the mascot. We heard many non-Indians comment "We love our Redskins".

For the last five years the Tulsa Indian Coalition Against Racism (TICAR) has approached the School Board of Tulsa Union Public School to change their mascot with no success.

In a not so surprising move, the School Board at Carpenteria voted to retain most of the images of the "Warrior" and only remove two from the school grounds. That is not an honor that is a disgrace. A disgrace that people do not see the harm in continuing to promote an illogical image of the Native American population and also that they chose not to stand by their word to remove the mascot from a year go. The ridiculous proprietary nature of the community seeking to protect an image that is based on hate and racism continues the cycle of distorting history surrounding American Indians. Further doing so does not serve any purpose other than to promote a bias toward a group of people who overwhelmingly reject the use of their images as mascots.

So, listen up America, please don't honor me this way anymore. Mvto (Thank you)


To listen to past interviews on Red Town Radio with the family of Eli Cordero and members of AIM about the Violence and Harassment in Carpenteria go to



Please email, phone &/or fax Carpinteria High School along with the Unified School District Board Board members:

Principal Gerardo Cornejo:

Assistant Principal Gary Elkins:

Carpinteria Unified School District Board members:

Terry Hickey Banks:
Lou Panizzon:
Leslie Deardorff:
Beverly Grant:
Alex Pulido:


Teresa Anahuy