Monday, April 7, 2014

Cherokee Nation Newsletter

We’re pleased to announce that our new Cherokee Nation Veterans Center is now open and serving military veterans. The center, located in Tahlequah, Okla., next to our tribal complex, has employees on staff to assist Native American veterans with benefits and tribal programs. A Veterans Affairs readjustment counselor is also onsite to assist all military veterans. The $2 million center, complete with a community room, library, kitchen and sunroom, was completely funded by the Cherokee Nation. Memorabilia from Cherokee veterans of all military branches will be displayed inside the center. To donate memorabilia, contact Gina Olaya at 918-384-7863
At 11 a.m. Tuesday, April 8, the Cherokee Nation is hosting the Oklahoma State Board of Health spring meeting in the W.W. Keeler Complex Tribal Council Chambers in Tahlequah. The state board meets regularly throughout the year to discuss public health issues and improvement processes.
The Cherokee Nation is also offering its history and humanities course to the public during classes that start Tuesday in Muldrow. The free classes will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. through April 24 at the Muldrow Cherokee Community Center, 603 N. Main St. To register, contact Catherine Foreman-Gray at 918-453-5289 or
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Cherokee citizen Doug Hatfield, a former compliance manager for the Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission, is now serving as the director of compliance for the National Indian Gaming Commission in Washington, D.C.
The Oklahoma State Board of Health is holding its spring meeting at the Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex in Tahlequah on Tuesday, April 8.
The Cherokee Nation is offering its history and humanities course to the public during classes that start April 8 in Muldrow.
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker and other tribal leaders will host a luncheon and offer new tribal citizenship photo IDs to Cherokee citizens living in the Washington, D.C. area at an event on Saturday.
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker signed a proclamation Tuesdaydeclaring April “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.” He signed the proclamation with support of Sequoyah High School students in attendance, since every two minutes somewhere in America someone is sexually assaulted and 44 percent are 18 years of age or younger. The proclamation also declares April 23 to be “Denim Day” in the Cherokee Nation. Tribal citizens and employees are encouraged to wear jeans to draw attention t
The $2 million Cherokee Nation Veterans Center is now open for military veterans to visit or seek guidance from the tribe’s office of Veteran Affairs.
The Cherokee Nation donated $56,000 on Monday to four community organizations.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Genocide Of Indigenous Kids

Genocide Of Indigenous Kids

From the Eagle Watch
March 28, 2014

Edmonton is currently hosting the 7th and final event for the TRC Truth
and Reconciliation Commission.  Yesterday was an Education event attended
by school children.  This is extremely ironic in the context of the
current issue over Indigenous education.  The gov still doesn't get it
that we want to run our own schools and we don't need their approval or

"They came from across the province, more than 2,000 children from nearly
100 schools, to learn about a completely different era of Canadian
education. Edmonton’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission national event
opened Thursday with its education day, designed to expose children to the
history of Canada’s residential school program in a way that’s neither
traumatic nor graphic."

We would like to know how it is possible to hear about the legacy of
Residential Schools without being traumatized.  The revelation of the true
horror and INTENT is a trauma to Canadian identity.  The TRC is  a
whitewash that will desensitize young people to the reality which in many
ways is an ongoing program of assimilation, same ole same ole.

Look at the recent refusal of the feds to start an inquiry into the
ongoing deaths and disappearance of Indigenous women and girls.  They
continue in denial and this is happening every day.  There is a poisonous
atmosphere and huge spiritual bankruptcy in society today.  Let's face it.

Many of us remember well Harper's crocodile tears when he made his
statement which stopped short of a true apology.  He made it sound as if
it was a mistake, a slip up of some sort, rather than the true policy of
"killing out the Indian" that continues to this day.  He downplayed the

The only good thing about these events is that they keep the issue in the
spotlight.  What is revealed under this spot light is another thing.  It
looks like plenty of manure to start a grow op of say, medical marijuana
so that the Canadian government can collect taxes on a plant that grows
freely.  It's a control issue in psychological warfare.  The tears will
never stop while the lies continue.



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