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Canadian Remote Neural Monitoring/Bioelectric Resonance Frequency/Electronic Radar Harassment

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From: Heather Gray
Date: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 7:12 AM
Subject: FW: Canadian Remote Neural Monitoring/Bioelectric Resonance Frequency/Electronic Radar Harassment

David – here is another. FYI

From: Lucivaldo Francisco
Date: Sunday, October 27, 2013 7:05 PM

Subject: Canadian Remote Neural Monitoring/Bioelectric Resonance Frequency/Electronic Radar Harassment

All symptoms developed in the past 5 months overnight period, often self-reported, have been suggested to be caused by ELF field exposure: skin redness, tingling and burning sensations, as well as fatigue, headache, concentration difficulties, nausea, and heart palpitation, involuntary pulses, faint intimidating targeted whispered voice. 

Thank You.

I Have become victimized by remote neural monitoring and microwave rays exposure in secret by canadian personnel. I am suffering day and night for the past 5 months with continuous microwave ray effects of complete disruption. After Examination and no diagnosis, doctors still don't know which pills can help and do not know why i am being prosecuted in such manner or experiencing symptoms of microwave radiation. Please help me find out the people doing this to me, because many top officials i have contacted have stated they are not aware or involved in the attack i am facing, and that it may be someone in the system doing it thru personal means. I am a humanitarian voice for equality where there is not clarity or equality thru online forums, blogging, and word of mouth. But i am being framed and have become victimized by continuous microwave radiation that is constantly disrupting my body. Ever since it started i have even put my head in front of the microwave oven to crosscheck the symptoms i am experiencing, and i felt continuout pins and needles, tingling sensation like worms in the cranium or continuous motion of radiation. The samething has been happening for the past 5 months along with a far way whisper in portuguese. I am being victimized by someone in the law enforcement agency which has access to this kind of technology please help me! The microwave radiation causes symptoms of continuous 24/7 disruption of pins and needles all over the body, repetetively every second for the past 5 months, continuously. These microwave radiation causes cancer,tumor amongst other diseases and sicknesses. This is terrorism i am facing in canada as a innocent person. 

My father ever since his diamond business crimes back in Angola, and escaping to canada, He became involved with portuguese people in toronto, canada who introduced him to portuguese speaking canadian secret services agents, who's one of their names is ellis kirkland (Which was involved in diamond mining, Niobium is a mineral that makes steel and other metals stronger and lighter, for armaments and space exploration mining, on James Bay, Attawapiskat, Kashechewan Aboriginal Indian Native Land). Ever since my father becoming involved with secret services, they started running survaillence against the family, while i all along held my first amendment and liberation sacred. It wasn't until 1 year ago that i was being followed by random portuguese older people. Then 5 months ago while in sleep i was ambushed, i froze in my sleep with my cranium and body overheated and without sweating, pins and needles, freezes, and pulse surges all over the body, and just like desert storm, there is a transmission of faint whispered intimidating portuguese voice, intercepting with my thinking, urges, and continually transmitting microwave radiation which is further disrupting my normal life, sleep, rest, focus, reading, and even thinking. My father became involved with portuguese speaking canadian secret service agents who started spying on me and without notice or consent are stealing my civil liberty by disrupting my normal life with radiation which causes all kinds of symptoms and tumor, cancer and disruptions. This has become continuous for the past 5 months thru every second without a second missing of radiation transmission, dream implantations, voice to skull transmissions like desert storm, and they are illegaly and criminally doing it so. under lie detector, under the right analyses they will be brought to justice, under investigation they will be brought to justice. It only takes a victim suffering and investigation rogue investigation in all sectors where they operate including there place of residence, in order bring an end to this. IT IS SAID THAT THE BEST KEPT SECRET IS IN THOSE WHO WHISPER, this means that my father has been disclosing in smirks, and whispers confirming this attack against me, with his knowlege and lead, my mother, brother and sisters also seem to know. bu the origin of this spying and radiation murder/terrorism i am facing started from my father involving himself with portuguese speaking canadian secret services agents who audaciously are attacking me, for holding a difference of opinion for their use. they are useless, and are criminals audacious to terrorize. 

Ever since i notice something, a mishap during political debates, or get an idea since 5 months ago in continuous sequence and i have the thought of speaking up about it, a faint whispered portuguese speaking canadian secret service agent's faint voice intimidates me to not say anything, then soon as i do, my cranial veins start to feel like they are being pulled off and the body feels the same way along with uncontrollable pulses, pins and needles. This faint whisper is so constant, i am %100 sure it's coming from a remote location where this is being done because it is 24/7 on every second of the day as if the person lives there. What the voice does is intimidate and threaten all my actions and says that "we just want to constrain you, and destroy you" in faint portuguese whispered faint tone. As if it is continuosly watching and paying attention even my thoughts and urges, then intercepts by implant false past or plain false situations, thoughts, manipulated speech patterns, and such in order to trigger dispersion amongst known people and strangers, they implant/transmit imposed thoughts and manipulated situations. These agents in use of this technology and practices are the cradle of terrorism!!! The reason i know that i am under attacks by canadian secret services agents which speak portuguese and are doing it illegally is because "THE BIGGEST SECRET IS KEPT BY THOSE WHO WHISPER", and there is a difference between animal and man, concious thoughts and projected external sound targeted interception, and what i am experiencing is external projected faint whispered sound. While when the conciousness is in transmitting thought or anything even the back of the throat vibrates with air and vibration self generated. But this faint external targeting transmission which i am experiencing is external intimidating faint whisper, radiation meant to intercept my thoughts, and continue to use radiation in low frequency microwave radiation to disrupt my veins, cranium, body, along with producing the sensation of cranial veins being pulled off and twitches. The history of my father is so violent, and it's as if he is involved in secrets which are destroying me because his secret services connections/contacts are attacking me. I AM ASKING FOR INVESTIGATION, HELP, AND PROTECTION FROM THIS. PLEASE. i am under secret services illegal terrorist spying and radiation attack in canada so far by portuguese speaking secret services agent. "THE BEST KEPT SECRETS ARE IN THOSE WHO WHISPER, AND THE STOP WATCHING US: RALLY AGAINST MASS SURVEILLANCE MUST CONTINUE 24/7 364 DAYS PER YEAR, EVERYDAY, PLANET WIDE AND MUST GROW UNTIL AFFIDAVITS AND THESE PROGRAMS ARE CLOSED DOWN, LIKE IT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST. IT MUST, IT MUST, IT MUST!!!!

Canadian Remote Neural Monitoring/Bioelectric Resonance Frequency/Electronic Radar Harassment
Lucivaldo Pedro Filipe Francisco 
Born:June, 18 1988 - Angola
Place of Residence: 2214 Kele Street M6M 5G6 Toronto,ON

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. 
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. 
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. 
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

Human Rights Complaint To Human Rights Leaders

From: Heather Gray

David – yet another one. 


From: Tracy Ann
Date: Sunday, October 27, 2013

To ALL This May Concern:

We the People
of the United States of America 
who have been targeted, tortured  and terrorized 
on American Soil
with our own U.S tax dollars
by covert intelligence and military operations
of the United States Government
are urgently requesting an immediate investigation
and a complete halt to this reign of terror
on innocent, law abiding citizens and their families.

I am an adult victim of MkUltra/Project Artichoke Trauma Based Mind Control Programming since birth, and I am aware that I have 13 programmed alters which can only be summoned with very specific code words during hypnosis. I have special gifts and abilities which I cannot access right now because they are compartmentalized. I am in desperate need of re-integration and healing so I can live a happier and more productive life.
I am told I was a 'star baby' who was incubated in a cryo tank for the first three months and born to surrogate parents to raise with a bloodline that was intended to cryogenically procreate with an Operation Paperclip clone. This was a eugenics project funded by David Rockefeller to create an NWO Leader. Because I was uncooperative, I was punished and demoted to 'Breeder'. They eventually stole my ovaries and auctioned off all my eggs. I am now 44 years old, and as far as I can tell, I am of no use to them anymore beyond basic HUMINT collections, which is ongoing.
My surrogate father, Christopher John Wellons, works for the CIA under a new name and identity (probably working in high level management under the fictitious name Christopher Ratko). His father, James Thomas Wellons, was a NASA funded Aerospace Engineer for the Department of Defense (DOD). I later found out, per former BlackOp Aerospace Engineer, Wally Uribe and the latest INTEL gathered by CIA's Special Activities Division managing the Truth Room in Project Artichoke, that Dr. Josef Mengele is the real identity of James Thomas Wellons. Sometime later, James Thomas Wellons assumed the identity of Steve Rabel and lived in New Jersey.
Because I declined Nazi membership and refused to marry Erik Leutenecker of Orinda California, I have been targeted for elimination. Much to their dismay, I have survived all of their attacks. But the war is ongoing. No matter what I try to do to defend myself, I continue to suffer from causal stalking, rogue non-consensual testing, and targeted assassination of myself and my 19-year old daughter, Gabriella, by international criminals employed in U.S. government positions (San Diego County California Fusion Center: FBI-CIA-NSA-DA-DOD).

Since the 9/11 attacks and the Patriot Act, my daughter and I have also become victims of Satellite Surveillance and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). In December of 2001, while I was working for Dr. George Wellman and Dr. Mark T. Nelson as a Graduate Teaching & Research Fellow for the University of Vermont (UVM) Department of Pharmacology, I was Nano-chipped in my eyes and RFID microchipped in my Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ's) by a Dr. Robert Monsey at the the Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont. As part of the Navy funded non-consensual medical experimentation, a team of Nazi research physicians clamped down on my brain magnetite to monitor me 24/7/365 with Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) via Satellite Surveillance. Since this time, my daughter and I have been gang stalked by Drug & Human Traffickers in government positions who are engaging in a massive COINTELPRO campaign to sabotage us and strip us down to zero resources. 
In 2010, after I reported a crime to the law enforcement, they retaliated against me by placing me on a 5150 (Involuntary Psychiatric Hold) while they kidnapped my daughter and placed her in custody of the State. It took me 4 months to prove my innocents and to recover custody of my daughter after they tried to terminate my parental rights.
This is domestic terrorism at its worst!!! 
Please open links to see three doctors who performed non-consensual experimentation on me:
1. Dr. George C. Wellman:
2. Dr. Mark T. Nelson:
3. Dr. Robert Monsey:

I am currently monitored by an Rogue COINTELPRO FBI Agent named Phill Mouvet who lives next door to me in an apartment complex in Carlsbad, California. I have been attacked with the so called Non Lethal Weapons (NLW) and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and exposed to Silent Sound Subliminal Systems (SSSS). Government agents are also using an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) or Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) mind control machine with a dial and one central antenna to induce a state of hypnosis for interrogative purposes and for mind control and behavior manipulations.

There are 83 Cell Towers and 178 Antennas within 4.0 miles of where I live causing electromagnetic pollution in the environment. I hear a high pitched ringing in my ears at all times called 'Artificial Tinnitus' and a low vibrational noise (or hum) outside while I sleep. Radiation poisoning is making me ill and causing me to suffer from a thyroid condition called Grave's disease. I have vision loss, weight gain, and hair loss. I am sleep deprived and cannot function well during the day. I worked two years into a Ph.D. in Cell & Molecular Biology and am unemployed, bankrupted, and defaulted on my school loans. To add insult to injury, I have been denied SSI disability benefits that I am entitled to receive. I currently have no earned or unearned income for basic survival.

1. David Cerna, NIH/SAIC -- Mexican Nazi and Salinas Gang Member
2. Edgar Duran (Edgar Emilio Duran Moreno), NSA -- Sinoloa Drug Cartel
3. Nemecio Lagunas Hernandez, NSA contracted -- La Familia Drg Cartel
4. Scott Whitehead (aka Mark Powers), FBI -- Nazi Brotherhood of Aryan Nations
5. Drew Cabral (aka Deputy Sheriff Stevens ), CIA -- Los Zetas Drug Cartel
6. Curtis Webb, San Diego County, DA -- 3rd Family Italian Mafia
7. Juan Juarez (John Manual MacGarvey Juarez), CPS -- La Familia Drug Cartel
8. Jaymie Gonzaga, Former Foster Youth Liaison at MiraCosta College

Most of these criminals are Drug & Human Traffickers who wear a remote neural monitor (RNM) viewer, a nano-chip and/or contact lens in their left eye, in order to track their victims with 100% accuracy. 
Please watch three short videos describing the reality of Satellite Surveillance and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and how it is being illegally and criminally used to harass, violate and terrorize individuals simultaneously with what is known as Organized Gang Stalking:
1. Anonymous ~ Cybernetic RFID Brain Computer Interface

2. REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Awareness!

3. What is Gangstalking-Terrorist Watch List-"In-Community No-Touch Torture" Coward Program

Tracy A. Nu├▒ez
Safe at Home ID #3102
Post Office Box 1318
Sacramento, California 95812

See attached documents for more specific information regarding my story of injustice.

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. 
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. 
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. 
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen