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Links to help you weed through the BS on health care

Links to help you weed through the BS on health care

A good non propagandized overview

The Original version HR 3200

The Proposed Shorter Version

Don't let insurance company propaganda purveyers that don't care about you or your family tell you what's best for you and your family. People are dying for lack of coverage. You can't reform the private sector enough or get them to stay that way.
No person elderly or otherwise will be cut off. That is a lie.

Dave the old dude who is tired of the BS

Four Leggeds In Need

Four Leggeds In Need

From The STSSA Founder's desk (Swine flu/ health care)

Swine Flu Update

Health care Update


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Glen Beck "Projects" His Racism On Others


I Am Sorry That I Got Behind On Issues. But Sebastian's Life Came First. Dave

Here are some of the issues.
Native American man seeks return of stolen eagle feather
'They know how to come home,' says Montana man's aunt
By John Branton - July 22, 2009

When thieves stole sacred eagle feather dance regalia from David Yelloweyes' truck, they stole a spiritual connection that has been passed down through his family for 100 years or longer.
"Those feathers hold our spirits and our prayers," said Yelloweyes, who often travels the country and is active in Native American religious ceremonies. "When I dance, I use the eagle feather to send messages to the creator."
Yelloweyes has been doing everything he can to get the feathers back, so that the spiritual family connection won't be broken.
Before the theft, he'd given them to his son, Little Eagle Yelloweyes, 11, to continue that spiritual path, although the father still used them.
He's told neighbors, family members and friends, notified the news media, gone onto the Internet, even looked in parks and garbage cans.
"All I can do is pray," he said Wednesday afternoon. "The medicine in those feathers is very, very strong."
The multicolored feathered Mandan hat and other beaded garments were last seen in a large black hard-shell Samsonite suitcase that was strapped down in the bed of his pickup.
He'd backed his 1997 Ford into the driveway of some family members' home along a quiet residential street in Cascade Park about 11 p.m. Sunday.
Shortly after, someone broke into the locked cab of the truck, but left behind his wallet and cash, I-Phone, GPS unit and four rifles. A couple of neighbors said they heard a truck stop and leave. A smaller red suitcase also was taken.
If it was a random car prowl, Yelloweyes said, why weren't other neighbors hit, and why were only the feathers taken?
Perhaps it wasn't random. It's possible the thieves saw a Native American sticker on his truck's rear window before he arrived, and followed him to the Cascade Park home.
Native Americans may possess sacred eagle feathers, but that right does not extend to the public.
Sacred bald and golden eagle feathers are protected by strict federal laws, with prison terms as long as two years and fines up to $250,000 possible for some felony convictions, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Rewards are offered for tips that lead to arrests and convictions of those violating the laws regulating possession of feathers.
But eagle feather regalia can be worth thousands of dollars to unscrupulous dealers and collectors. Yelloweyes calls his priceless.
"I want to find them," Yelloweyes said. "I don't care if they dump them in my yard. I'll pay them to dump them in my yard."
Yelloweyes said he's part Northern Cheyenne from Lame Deer, Mont., where he's based, and part Lakota Sioux from South Dakota.
He performs sun dances as often as once a week at powwows and ceremonies around the country. He does it as a tradition, as a hobby and to win money in competitions.
He currently teachers martial arts in Clark County and is waiting here, hoping to recover his feathers.
"If I don't get my feathers back, I probably won't dance for a couple of years, and I've been doing this since I was a kid," he said.
He's hoping someone will return his stolen property, and said his religious beliefs predict a "miserable life" for anyone who keeps them.
And he got a ray of hope from an aunt.
"She told me not to worry, they'll come back home," he said. "They know how to come back home."
The case has been referred to detectives, said Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp.
Anyone who finds the feathers, or knows where they are, is asked to call 911 and refer to Vancouver Police Department report V-09-13533.

Please visit the articles web site to view a picture of his regalia at:


Teresa Anahuy
Native Inmates sent a message to the members of Native American Inmates Family Support Group.
Subject: Your voices are needed - Spiritual and Legal Injustice - USP Coleman
Brothers in Coleman FL suffering Spiritual Injustice and legal Injustice
The issues:
1) We are being given River Rocks for our Sweat Ceremonies, these blow up and explode once heated. We have asked for the correct rocks, but we are told River Rocks will have to do. We feel we are being placed in extreme danger because of this.
*Why would the Administration put these brothers at risk in such a way??? What are they gaining by denying the brothers the correct rocks?
2) We are not maintained with a religious library like all other groups/minorities are, and have not had a library service since 2006.
*Which goes against Coleman USP's own policies!!
3) Natives are the only ones not established or maintained by Spiritual Advisors/ representatives apart from once a year. Any other group has a spiritual advisor, ministry, church etc, or civic groups once a week.
*We NEED to locate volunteers in the area to contact Administration on this ASAP. It is Administrations responsibility to ensure the religious/spiritual rights of these brothers are catered for, so why is nothing in place???
4) We are being denied the right to give to another brother a Sacred Feather at our Pow Wow's or just out of honor and respect.
*Why??? How can Adminstration justify this??
The brothers also have some issues regarding tobacco used for prayer, the amount they're supposed to have has been cut 90%.
You can contact the following:
Phone: 352-689-7000
Fax: 352-689-7012
Ask when Administration are going to provide the suitable rocks needed for ceremony?
Are they going to wait until a brother has been severely injured? Or worse? THEN will they take this seriously?
Ask why the Native brothers at FCC Coleman USP II are not receiving their religious, spiritual rights and legal rights as pertained in "The Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act of 1993", also in their "1040.04" (Non discrimination towards inmates policy), "1542.06" (Library services, inmate policy).
The more people on this the better, please let me know any feedback you may get.
Thank you.
Please Contact Coleman USP II - my own email for reference purposes
Re: Native American Rights in Coleman FL
From: Nat'ane Nanacoke (
Sent: 27 July 2009 08:28:48
To: clp/
Good morning,
I am writing to you concerning the Native American Circle in Coleman USP II.
It appears the brothers are being given "River Rocks" for their Inipi ceremoy.
These rocks when heated, explode, which is highly dangerous. I have been informed that the brothers have asked repeatedly for the correct rocks for ceremony, not only have these rocks been refused, but administration feel "Exploding Rocks" should be satisfactory.
They are not.
Infact, I would go as far as to say they are an outright breech of their personal safety and civil rights.
Is there a logical explanation as to why the correct rocks are being denied? If you can provide clear USP policies/guidelines to support this, it would be helpful.
Suitable rocks must be provided for ceremony, to use River Rocks endangers every participant. I would hate for a brother to be seriously injured BEFORE this is taken seriously. Would the dept. give religious faiths "exploding candles" to use during their own religious services?
I think my point is clear.
The brothers there also inform me that they have no religious library (As all other minorities have). Infact these brothers have not had a library service since 2006. Is there any logical explanation for this? Pertaining clear policies/guidelines? I would like to see these guidelines.
I would also like to inquire as to why the Native Circle of brothers have no Spiritual Advisor/Representative, apart from once a year?
All other spiritual groups are facilitated per their religious requirements, why is it that the Native brothers are not?
Is this simply an issue regarding locating a Native American Spiritual Advisor to come into the facility? If so, I'm sure it would not take this amount of time, but if this is the reason the brothers are not catered for, please let me know and I will contact one and direct him to you asap.
Or, is this something to do with USP policies/guidelines? If so, please provide them.
Native American Inmates are by law, entitled to ceremony regularly, they are also entitled to a Spiritual Advisor. I hope we can work together in providing this, and to clear up all the other complaints listed in this email.
It also comes to my attention that the brothers are not permitted to give another brother a Sacred feather, which is part of our culture and traditions. Could you please provide me with the USP policie/guidelines regarding this issue? Also regarding why the tobacco amount brothers are allocated has been cut?
Thank you, I would be grateful.
Any help or insight you may be able to give me on these issues, would be appreciated.
With thanks,
Nat'ane Nana'coke
Native American Inmate Advocate

To all those tho wish to help on this:
Please write something similar, addressig all the concerns, please be polite at all times, also ask them to provide clear documentation to prove their actions. The reason I ask for this, is because I have been through all their guidelines and policies, and they are in severe breech of them.
I am grateful to anyone who helps out on this, thank you.
Obituary: Alison Bridges Gottfriedson, activist
Posted by: "" shirl4116
Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:24 am (PDT)

Obituary: Alison Bridges Gottfriedson, activist
Friday, July 24, 2009
"Alison Bridges Gottfriedson, nationally celebrated as a warrior for
Indian treaty rights, is mourned this week by Indian activists from around the
country following her sudden death July 18 from a stroke. She was 57.
Born Oct. 18, 1951, in Tacoma, Mrs. Gottfriedson for most of her life was
enrolled in the Puyallup Tribe and served two terms on the tribal council.
She recently changed her enrollment to the Squaxin Island Tribe.
Mrs. Gottfriedson was most famous for her activism on behalf of
treaty-fishing rights during the 1960s and '70s, literally becoming the poster child
for the movement when, as a young woman, she was photographed as a
Washington state game agent twisted her arms behind her during a 1970 raid on a
Puyallup riverbank fish encampment.
State officials at the time scoffed at the fish-ins on the banks of the
Puyallup and Nisqually rivers. But public sentiment was affected by the
spectacle of women, children such as Mrs. Gottfriedson, and her uncle, Billy
Frank Jr., arrested time and again for fishing. When Marlon Brando joined the
fish-ins, the movement was catapulted to national fame.
Carol Burns, a documentary film maker, captured the drama in her 1971 film
As Long as the Rivers Run. She remembered Mrs. Gottfriedson as a brave
young girl, who while slight in stature, never backed down. "It was not as
though she at some point decided to join the struggle," Burns said. "She was
born to it."
Before she was even 3 years old, Mrs. Gottfriedson was watching as her
father, Alvin Bridges, was arrested outside their home for fishing. She could
not know at the time that she, too, would be arrested over and over,
throughout her life, said Billy Frank Jr., a Nisqually tribal elder and chairman
of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.
"She spent a lifetime, fighting for our rights, just time after time,
fishing and going to jail," Frank said. "She was just a rock, she was just
solid, and always there. She represented all of us tribal people that are now
free to fish, to dig clams, to dive and make a living on geoducks.""
Get the Story:
_Alison Bridges Gottfriedson fought for Indian treaty rights _
081_gottfriedson24m.html) (The Seattle Times 7/24)
Carolyn Chambliss sent a message to the members of Stop Sacred Burial Mounds from becoming a Sam's Club.
Subject: Thank You
Hello Everyone,
Please consider joining our sister cause to Save the Sacred Mounds with a benefit concert of contemporary n8ive performers:
No need to make donations, we only need your support, ideas and recruiting skills to build awareness. We will be organizing a ground breaking concert with an unprecedented line-up of native musicians and entertainers to help raise money for the cause and to build a n8ive heritage center, museum and national monument.
Thank you for your continued support and help. Your presence and recruiting efforts have given the movement real negotiating leverage and together we will not only Save the Sacred mounds but will help to restore them.
Carolyn Chambliss
This message was intended for
U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Daily Digest Bulletin

You have requested to receive a Daily Digest e-mail from U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
Message: 1
From: U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 08:09:13 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Tanimura & Antle Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Romaine Lettuce Because of Possible Health Risk
Tanimura & Antle Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Romaine Lettuce Because of Possible Health Risk
Wed, 22 Jul 2009 10:41:00 -0500
Tanimura & Antle, Inc. of Salinas, Calif. is voluntarily recalling one lot of romaine lettuce because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported to date, and the company is working with FDA to inform consumers of this recall.

Message: 2
From: U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 18:34:30 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Publix Issues Voluntary Recall on Publix Gourmet Peanut Mix Because of Possible Health Risk
Publix Issues Voluntary Recall on Publix Gourmet Peanut Mix Because of Possible Health Risk
Wed, 22 Jul 2009 17:57:00 -0500
Publix Issues Voluntary Recall on Publix Gourmet Peanut Mix Because of Possible Health Risk
Firm Press Release: FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Manage your FDA Subscriptions:
Questions about this service?
Other inquiries?
This service is provided to you at no charge by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

From: Noel Boaz
Sent: Jul 2, 2009 3:02 PM
Subject: D-Q University Re-Birth and Native American Health Education
Mr. Larry Echo Hawk
Assistant Secretary
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Washington, DC
Dear Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk,
My colleague Quanah Brightman of United Native Americans, who recently met with you, kindly forwarded me your e-mail address.
I would like to second his invitation to you to attend our Talking Circle at D-Q University in Davis, Califonia on August 10, 2009. We are trying to mobilize the Native American community and others in California and nationwide to support the re-birth of this important educational institution.
As a physician and medical school professor committed to improving Native American health education, my hope is that D-Q University can again one day provide the educational foundations for young Native Americans to become health care workers and doctors to serve indigenous communities. I have recently submitted with my colleague, Dr. Scott Obenshain, the attached proposal to the Bureau of Indian Education and Indian Health Service for a Native American Pre-Medical Institute that we believe would be well-sited at D-Q University. If I may provide further details, I would be pleased to do so.
Thank you for your interest, and I hope that you will be able to join us August 10th.
Noel Boaz

Prof. Noel T. Boaz, Ph.D., M.D.
Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine
2640 Takelma Way
Ashland, OR 97520, U.S.A.
Tel 1-541-488-7926; Cell 1-541-646-2914 FAX 1-541-482-2989

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important RADIO SHOWS this week to share with you!
Hello everyone, from the mountain top in Montana!

There's A LOT going on this week in Indian country! Some really great work going on across Turtle Island by wonderful relatives helping on so many various issues. Hope you all got to tune in this morning to Robin Carneen and Tara Pretends Eagle with their live radio coverage on site at the vigil being held outside Lewisburg prison for Leonard Peltier's parole hearing. If not, listen to the saved archive at:

NOW! the upcoming radio shows- -

TONIGHT on "Native Hoop-Neyom's View" show,

The Hoop is proud and honored to present Neyom will be interviewing Scott Frazier, a Santee and enrolled
Crow tribal elder from Montana. Scott Frazier is Executive Director of Project WET’s Native Waters and Indigenous People’s Liaison. They will be talking about Scotts recent trip to Russia
and his participation in the Moscow Presidential Summit.
the show will last for one hour.

The Hoop - BTR @

Interview time is: 9pm eastern time
8pm central time
7pm mountain time
6pm west coast


THURSDAY MORNING - Tiokasin Ghosthorse, "FIRST VOICES INDIGENOUS RADIO" will do an interview with Jay Johnson-Castro Sr. Executive Director, Rio Grande International Studies Center. Jay will share with us about the recent decision to spray chemicals to kill plants near the Border Wall that hide the "bad guys" from view. However, the plan to spray these chemicals also hides some important facts (of course!) The chemicals they are planning to use (similar in type to the old "Agent Orange") may endanger wildlife, fresh water supplies, aquatic life and HUMANS! Other topics Jay has been actively involved in and may speak to during the interview include: border realities. (militarization, border wall, waivers of local, state, national and Congressional acts deconstitutionalizing the border, racial profiling by 287(g), Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County, Phoenix), "for profit" immigrant internment camps, including innocent children, defoliating of the Rio Grande.

Tiokasin stated that this will be a shorter radio interview segment this week with Jay but a longer one is scheduled soon so that we can all hear more of the REAL truths about the Border Wall issues soon. Will let you know when Tiokasin schedules that next show with Jay.
Log in online and check out the show Thursday morning!

Thursdays 1Oam-11am

Blessings to you all, and best wishes to all our hardworking relatives out there on the airwaves making headway on all the issues. BLESSINGS to you, each one, for the dedication!
Iraqis sad about ancient Babylon relics ravaged by war 2009-07-28 23:31:46 Print

by Ali Mossa and Jamal Hashim
BABYLON, BAGHDAD, July 28 (Xinhua) -- The famous Lion of Babylon is lying on the filthy ground and surrounded with barbed wire, more than six years after the U.S.-led invasion.
West of the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II, the palace of Saddam Hussein, which contains dozens of rooms, still boasts manuscripts which are glorifying the former president.
The place has become a resort for lovers and doves, as many of its doors and windows were looted after the collapse of the former regime.
Qadouri, an Iraqi who visited the ruins 11 years ago, told Xinhua sadly: "The occupation forces had no mercy for this ancient land which hosts significant sites of the human history. They parked their tanks and heavy armored vehicles with relics at Saddam Hussein's palace near the ruins of Babylon."
After being badly damaged by the Multi-National Forces in Iraq from 2003 to 2005, the world famous Babylon relics lie quite peacefully to greet a delegation from the World Trade Organization(WTO) joined by Iraqi local journalists earlier this week.
Hadi Gatie Mossa, an Iraqi archeologist, explained to the visitors about theatres and the King's palace which includes 200 rooms and large halls, along with bridges, marketplaces, temples, walls and towers.
Mossa said that after 2003, the U.S. and Polish troops at the site gave him a permission to visit the ruins. "I have to say that some of the soldiers were cooperative, but taking the ruins site as a military base was totally wrong and devastating."
Babylon is the capital of Babylonia, whose remains can be found near the city of Hilla, some 100 km south of Baghdad.
The city was officially recognized as one of the first civilizations on earth. However, all that remains of the ancient city is a mound of broken mud-brick buildings and debris in the fertile Mesopotamian plain between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq.
Although it has been reconstructed, historical resources inform us that Babylon was at first a small town, which had sprung up by the beginning of the third millennium BC (the dawn of the dynasties).
The city is home to the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of antiquity. The 4,000-year-old city became military "Camp Alpha" soon after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.
The visit of the delegation was aimed at studying the possibility for the WTO to contribute to bringing the ancient city back to its normal position as one of the world's main historical sites.
The delegation and some Iraqi media workers who were allowed to join the trip entered the ruins from the ancient Ishtar Gate and walked through the Procession Avenue which is close to the palace of the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BC).
Earlier in the month, experts of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said that the U.S. troops and contractors inflicted considerable damage on the historic Iraqi site of Babylon, driving heavy machinery over sacred paths, bulldozing hilltops and digging trenches through one of the world' most important archaeological sites.
"We have also authenticated the damages in the ruins site which were made by the foreign troops and sent them to the UNESCO," said Mariam al-Omran, head of Antiquities Department in Babel Province.
A U.S. embassy statement said that the U.S. authorities contributed 700,000 dollars to save the ancient ruins of Babylon.
The sum was considered too little for help. "The contribution will not remove the negative impacts on the ruins by making the historical site a military base," Qadouri said commenting on the U.S. embassy statement.
Al-Omran said that the ruins need to be rehabilitated as quickly as possible, considering the U.S. embassy statement of helping to protect the ruins was "helpful but not enough."
"There is a need for the excavation teams to come back soon," she added.
Larry Morgan, an official in the WTO delegation said that his organization is endeavored to help the ancient ruins of Babylon to become once again a site that attracts international tourists as one the world's most important heritages.
American Indian Movement Santa Barbara.
Subject: TUNE IN today AIM TV! Channel 17
Our first show today at 5:30pm! Channel 17! Public Access Television
Below are tentative air times and schedule
(I don’t know why they use military time)
If you do not have cable, or you are out of the town you can, we will try to be posting show us on our website (; or on youtube- contact us
if you want a show on DVD for $5.00 –
ALSO! We will be expanding in other areas, so if you live in Lompoc, Santa Maria, Simi Valley, and/or Los Angeles, contact us about expanding to your area.
Special thanks to the Fund for Santa Barbara, SB Channels staff and the rest of the crazy, rowdy AIM SB Chapter!
AIM TV #1 “What is AIM?”
07/29/2009 Wednesday 17:30:00 (5:30pm)
08/12/2009 Wednesday 17:30:00 (5:30pm)
08/15/2009 Saturday 22:30:00 (10:30pm)
08/16/2009 Sunday 09:30:00 (9:30am)
08/19/2009 Wednesday 17:30:00 (5:30pm)
On this #1 episode, there are more dates scheduled after this but, I suspect you will be submitting a new one before those go to air. At that time, we will switch out the old one(s) and insert the new one.
AIMTV #2 – Facts and Fiction surrounding FIESTAS
Special guests Michael Cordero, Roberta Cordero, Roberta Weighill, Carla Alvarado
Date Day Start Time End Time Duration
08/02/2009 Sunday 09:30:00 (9:30am)
08/02/2009 Sunday 23:00:00 (11:00am)
08/03/2009 Monday 11:00:00 (11am)
08/04/2009 Tuesday 02:30:00 (2:30am) can't sleep?
08/05/2009 Wednesday 17:30: (5:30 pm)
08/06/2009 Thursday 20:00:00 (10:00 pm)
08/08/2009 Saturday 11:00:00 (11:00am)
08/09/2009 Sunday 09:30:00 (9:30 am)

Dates and times subject to change on the whim of the station…so when that happens click on this
calendar of programming;
So watch the show and email us your comments (good or bad), and suggestions
We want to hear from you!
In the spirit of Resistance!
Sculpture destruction is 'hate crime' (Police are saying otherwise)
July 29, 2009
BISMARCK (UTN) - Tribes Technical College President David M. Gipp is calling on Bismarck authorities to condemn the destruction of an eagle sculpture that belongs to the city and report it as a hate crime.
The sculpture "Rising Eagle" was destroyed July 22 or 23 in Pioneer Park along Bismarck's River Road.
It was not a "random act of vandalism," wrote Gipp in letters to Bismarck Mayor John Warford and Paul Quist, Chairman of the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District board. "This action targeted Native Americans."
United Tribes Art-Art Marketing students created the ten-foot tall stylized golden eagle and its circular setting. It was one of five works on the theme of eagles commissioned in 2004 by the parks board for public areas along the Missouri River. The sculptures are public property, owned by the parks and recreation district.
This act was intended to "intimidate those who think it is wise public policy for our community to display public art that expresses the cultural diversity that exists within the community," wrote Gipp.
Eagle was hit with spray paint graffiti in August 2007, a short time prior to a dedication program that was attended by city and parks officials and the public.
All of the other sculptures have also been damaged to some degree. The damage to one in particular stood out for its racial tone.
The spherical work "Reflections," in Steamboat Park, was defaced in 2006 one day before its planned dedication. Upon the reflecting surface of its six-foot diameter stainless steel gazing ball was written a racial slur followed by an obscenity: "I didn't get my check this month. How about You? Mother _ _ _ _er!"
Because of that comment, clearly directed toward American Indians, Gipp wrote that the series of acts against the eagle sculptures constitutes "hate crime."
Gipp provided the definition of a hate crime used by the FBI: "a criminal offense committed against a person or property which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against the victim's race, religion, disability, ethnic origin, national origin, or sexual-orientation."
Gipp emphasized that the FBI definition includes crimes against property.
"This act should be reported by the police as a hate crime," he wrote. "If city police have not done that already, the city commission should prompt or direct them to do so."
"There should be no place in the Bismarck community for such violent acts," he wrote. "Left unchecked, they could lead to other acts of violence, not only against property but individual citizens."
Gipp recommended that action should be taken to protect the remaining eagle sculptures and that a reward be offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who destroyed "Rising Eagle."
"This will underscore Bismarck's commitment to building a community that respects, values and protects diversity," he wrote.
As an attachment to his letters, Gipp provided a copy of the Fargo-Moorhead policy against hate crimes. He urged the adoption of a similar policy, to send a message "that the community as a whole, will not tolerate hate crimes in any manner."
Gipp wrote that the community expects its leaders to condemn such acts, press for solutions and work to prevent them from happening in the future.
"It should not be left only to Native Americans in our community to stand up for what is right. It must be a shared responsibility," he wrote.
Otherwise it calls into question the leadership of city officials. "The question is whether Bismarck is a city mature enough to accept the diversity within it," Gipp wrote.

Visit site for photos & to read 2 pdf files:
The Letter to City Commissioner
And the Fargo-Moorehead Hate Crime Plan file.


President of ND tribal college wants vandalism labeled as hate crime
July 29, 2009
BISMARCK - The president of United Tribes Technical College wants the destruction of a student-created sculpture labeled a hate crime.
Bismarck police say they have found nothing to indicate the case is anything more than vandalism, though they are continuing to investigate.
The eagle sculpture in a Bismarck park was taken from its supporting pipes and the inside of the surrounding walls broken in last week. Parks officials estimated the damage at $10,000.
United Tribes President David Gipp says he believes the vandalism was racially motivated because all five sculptures created by college art and art marketing students for the Bismarck Parks District have been vandalized over the years. He says some of the vandalism cases have included racial slurs and obscenities written in marker on the artworks.


Please make these contacts listed below, offer up your support for President of United Tribes Technical College:

President, Dr. David M. Gipp:
(701) 255-3285 ext. 1218

Then please let the Mayor & Commissions of Parks & Recreation to treat these as hate crimes:

Bismark, ND Mayor, John Warford:
PO Box 5503
Bismark, ND
(701) 355-1300

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District President of the Board, Paul Quist:

Thanks for all you do!
Many blessings,
Teresa Anahuy
Protest Chevron – Join the Mobilization for Climate Justice!
August 15th, 2009
Richmond BART (16th St & MacDonald Avenue) 11:30am Festival/Rally, followed by 1pm March on Chevron oil refinery
Organized by the Mobilization for Climate Justice – West
Phone/email: 415 373 3825,
Join us to protest:
• Chevron’s polluting oil refinery in Richmond • Chevron and oil industry expansions - killing people and the planet for profit • Chevron and Big Oil standing in the way of solutions to climate change
We invite you to join our alliance for this mobilization that will continue until Copenhagen, including international days of action on October 24 (called by and November 30 (called by Mobilization for Climate Justice). We aim to localize the global fight for climate justice and support communities and local organizations that are fighting for climate justice where we live.
We believe that we, in the Bay Area and California, have the potential to create well organized, creative, and powerful mobilizations and actions that can help catalyze a mass climate justice movement to confront the root causes of climate change, and build the local leadership necessary for shaping local, state, national and global solutions. To realize this potential, we need your group’s participation.
For the Saturday, August 15 mobilization at Chevron:
1) Action Agreement:
All participants are asked to agree to the following guidelines:
• Our actions will be nonviolent – respecting the safety and long-term resilience of local activists, their families and communities.
• Our action strategies and tactics will respect, and be shaped in dialogue with, local activists and organizations campaigning against Chevron.
• Our action strategy will embody tactics that make space for a diversity of participation, enhance opportunities to organize against the Chevron refinery in the years to come, and empower local community activists to embrace their leadership of the climate justice movement.
2) Climate Justice:
Our basis of unity for this action shall be a universal commitment to Climate Justice, including:
• Rejecting carbon-trading mechanisms, particularly those that allow corporations and wealthy countries to continue polluting by funding “clean development” projects in poor countries.
• Achieving low-carbon, community-based economies, without resorting to global markets-based schemes and false, corporate technologies such as nuclear power, biofuels and “clean coal”.
• Protecting the rights of those affected by the transition to a just energy economy, especially frontline communities and workers.
• Amplifying the voices of frontline community organizations fighting for environmental health and Climate Justice, against polluters such as Chevron.
Bali Principles of Climate Justice:

Our goals for this action include:
• Localize Climate Justice struggles, and situate the local struggle for Climate Justice within community-based organizing and priorities.
• Build awareness among local activists (especially youth) about the Climate Justice movement, as well as about both real and corporate solutions to the climate crisis.
• Build the capacity of local activists to participate in the Climate Justice movement, and in other struggles for social and environmental justice.
• Contribute to a broader definition of the Climate Justice movement, and contribute to the inclusion of the goals and aspirations of community-based organizations and workers in that movement.
• Re-energize and redefine mass-based, nonviolent direct action, and demonstrate its potency as a force for social change.
• Build towards later popular mobilizations for Climate Justice – including international days of action on October 24 (called by and November 30 (called by Mobilization for Climate Justice) – and build a movement that will continue to fight for Climate Justice after those mobilizations have ended.
Instead of reducing oil production and shifting to sustainable industries, Chevron and other Big Oil corporations are expanding their refineries, pipelines and extraction projects to process dirtier, heavier crude oil from places like the Alberta Tar Sands. This massive expansion is destroying communities and ecosystems across North America, and if allowed to continue would derail any efforts to adequately reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Communities for a Better Environment recently released a study that found that, “a switch to heavy oil…. could double or triple greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. oil refineries”.
Richmond and Bay Area environmental and climate justice groups are leading a precedent-setting fight against this expansion. A fierce, local grassroots campaign has been fighting Chevron’s pushing, lying and bribing strategies to expand their Richmond refinery. After Chevron pushed their expansion plans through the (formerly
pro-Chevron) Richmond City council, environmental justice groups sued the city to stop the expansion and are demanding a “Crude Cap” that would monitor and prevent the refining of heavier, dirtier crude. Like the No Coal campaign, it’s time for the climate justice movement to step up and take on big oil and their deadly expansion plans .
It’s also time for the Chevron, and our society more generally, to move beyond fossil fuels – and to move beyond corporate-driven solutions to corporate-caused problems (such as nuclear power, biofuels, waste incineration and “clean coal”). We demand a rapid transition towards an economy based on environmental sustainability and social and environmental justice.
We demand that Chevron and other corporate polluters stay out of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – that corporate lobbyists be barred from participation, and thus prevented from further interfering in the development of climate stabilization strategies. To date, the UNFCCC meetings have had corporate lobbyists vastly outnumber representatives of governments and civil society groups – sometime as high as 4:1. Meanwhile, Indigenous Nations, frontline communities and the most impacted people from around the world are not allowed meaningful representation at the table. We demand that such corrupt international processes be stopped, and that sovereign Indigenous Nations and frontline communities be allowed leadership roles in developing a global climate strategy in the interest of people and planet. ant

Mobilization for Climate Justice West is a collaboration of:
Art in Action
Asian-Pacific Environmental Network
Bay Localize
Communities for a Better Environment
Direct Action to Stop the War
Earth First!
Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative
Forest Ethics
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Global Exchange
Global Justice and Ecology Project
International Forum on Globalization
Justice in Nigeria Now!
Movement Generation
Rainforest Action Network
Richmond Progressive Alliance
Ruckus Society
Rising Tide North America
West County Toxics Coalition
United Native Americans
Please read my friend Paul's email underneath. I have saw his film and it is well done and should be viewed by all Canadians.

Dear Friends
You have received this email because we have been in contact in the past regarding my film about the Security Prosperity Partnership - 'You, Me and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule'. If you do not wish to be on my SPP contact list please reply to with remove in the subject line and I will not send you anymore emails. In June I discovered that I had been blacklisted as a spammer for sending emails to this list and that the domain name for my film www(dot)youmespp(dot)com was also on a blacklist - please do not report this email as spam just reply with remove and I will not bother you again!

Now the reason for this email.

I’m working on booking a national tour for my film ‘You, Me and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule’ and I am looking for support in communities across Canada. I’m launching the tour with a screening on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on October 1st.

My tentative tour plan looks like this
October 1st Ottawa - Parliament Hill
October 2nd & 3rd Western Quebec
Oct 5-10 eastern Quebec and Maritimes (I'm screening in Charlottetown, Moncton and Halifax - August 10, 11 & 12)
October 11 - 18 Ontario
October 19 or 20 Winnipeg
October 20 - 27 Saskatchewan and Alberta (Edmonton is booked Oct 24th)
November - screenings in BC

I'm looking to do university screenings or class presentations during the day and community screenings in the evening where possible. If you know University professors who may be interested please let me know.

The tour is being co-sponsored by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives are also sponsoring screenings. I am approaching the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), unions and other organizations for financial, logistical and promotion support.

This film was funded through donations - $50 got your name in the credits (yes the credits are long!) No broadcasters were interested in commissioning and I received no funding from traditional sources. I made a 90 minute feature documentary with $60,000. Rice and beans, do it all yourself (almost) production style. No, I do not have a promotion and marketing budget! That’s why I’m asking for your help. I'm hoping that the national tour will help generate some press on this important issue as well as help educate many Canadians who know nothing about the SPP.

You can view the trailer on my site or on my youtube channel at There are 21 other SPP related videos on the channel including the footage I shot of police provocateurs in Montebello in 2007

"Manly has created an extremely thorough introduction to a set of issues that will increasingly affect every Canadian. As the film progressed, I was shocked at my own ignorance about the SPP and TILMA and their implications and I am indebted to this film for the research and revelations it presents."
Mark Achbar – Manufacturing Consent, The Corporation

If you want to help me by suggesting venues, helping me make contacts, or by hosting a screening in your community let me know. Maybe you have a couch I can crash on or some rice and beans you can share – it’s all good.

I'm also fundraising for a bilingual version of the DVD and can ad your name to the credits of the new DVD master for individual contributions of $50 or more. If you want your organizations logo in the credits get in touch and we can discuss it.

If you are interested and able to help out with the tour in any way, please feel free to contact me directly. I hope to see you on tour.

Paul Manly
250 729-1254

BFC's Exciting Partnerships & Projects Welcoming You

Buffalo Field Campaign
Yellowstone Bison
Update from the Field
July 30, 2009
In this issue:
* Update from the Field
* Invitation: Workshop with BFC & Western Watersheds Project
* Mark Your Calendars: Wood Cut Week 9/14-20/09
* BFC Needs Two On-Demand Hot Water Heaters
* Last Words
* Kill Tally
* Important Links
* Update from the Field

Buffalo Field Campaign spent last week at the Summer Outdoor Retailer's Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was the third Outdoor Retailer's (OR) Conference we've attendend and, thanks to the generosity of Patagonia, Klean Kanteen, and Osprey Backpacks, by far the most successful to date. Patagonia provided us with passes for the event and a table at their booth where we shared the bison's plight with hundreds of conference attendees and collected nearly a thousand postcards asking President Obama to protect wild bison on their year-round habitat, earned nearly $4,000 through a special fundraiser made possible by the generosity of Klean Kanteen, and hosted a spectacular event where we raffled high-quality gear from Osprey, Patagonia, and Klean Kanteen.
We are deeply grateful for the generosity of these three companies and their commitment to protecting the natural world. Klean Kanteen donated hundreds of limited edition "Let Buffalo Roam" stainless steel water bottles for the event and, they, Osprey and Patagonia made the bottles available at their booths in exchange for donations to BFC for the duration of the event.
BFC is selling the remainder of these eco-friendly water bottles on our web site. For more information and to get one of these limited edition bottles while they last, please visit this link.
We are deeply grateful to those of you who have sent donations in response to our announcement of the Earth Friends Challenge grant, but we have a long way to go if we are to meet the Earth Friends Challenge to raise $75,000 by year's end. With the number and amount of donations down in recent months, and with foundation grants on a sharp decline, the Earth Friends Challenge couldn't come at a better time. Many nonprofits have been forced to close their doors and countless others have had to scale back on their programs. Buffalo Field Campaign, accustomed to accomplishing a great deal on a shoestring budget and poised to achieve many of our goals for the bison, cannot afford to scale back now.
Please DONATE TODAY and help BFC meet the Challenge offered by the Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation.
For the Buffalo,
Dan Brister
Executive Director
Buffalo Field Campaign
* Invitation: Workshop with BFC & Western Watersheds Project
Western Watersheds Project (WWP) and Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) are arranging a workshop for people who want to implement lasting, on-the-ground changes for buffalo. The intention of these efforts is to make the US Forest Service recognize bison as a wildlife species that they must maintain viability for under the requirements of the National Forest Management Act of 1976. By law the Forest Service is required to manage their lands for the viability of bison but they have not. The BLM and Fish and Wildlife Service manage lands that are within the habitat that should be available to bison as well. We intend to seek the same recognition from these agencies for bison.
Brian Ertz and Ken Cole will present a 2-day workshop where people will be taken to nearby grazing allotments and shown the very simple process of documenting damage inflicted on the allotment by livestock grazing. Once documented this information would be transmitted to the agency managing the land and WWP to gain legal standing on the allotment so that grazing decisions can be appealed then ultimately litigated.
WHEN: August 11 & 12, 10am
WHERE: BFC Headquarters, 14365 Hebgen Lake Road, West Yellowstone, Montana
We will meet at 10:00 am for an introduction and overview then head to a nearby grazing allotment. If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact Ken Cole at Spread the word!
* Mark Your Calendars: Wood Cut Week, Sept. 14-20
Join Buffalo Field Campaign in beautiful West Yellowstone the week of September 14-20, and help gather, stack and cut the wood that will keep volunteers warm and alive this coming field season. Room and board will be provided. Please contact Mike at
* BFC Volunteer Cabin Needs Two On-Demand Hot Water Heaters
The BFC main cabin, which houses our volunteers, could use two on-demand hot water heaters in order to save energy and space. These energy efficient water heaters could shave 25% off our gas bill each month. Also they will allow us room to make another bathroom, so our volunteers don't have to form a waiting line to use our current one bathroom.
If you can help, please make a secure online donation and specify that it is for the water heaters, or send a check or money order (no cash please) to BFC-Maintenance, P.O. Box 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758. If you have questions or would like more detail, please contact BFC Maintenance Coordinator Chip at 406-646-0070 or by email at Thank you!!
* Last Words
"Without habitat, there is no wildlife. It's that simple."
~ Wildlife Habitat Canada.
* Kill Tally
AMERICAN BISON ELIMINATED from the last wild population in the U.S.
2008-2009 Total: 22
2008-2009 Slaughter: 3
2008-2009 Hunt: 1
2008-2009 Quarantine: 0
2008-2009 Shot by Agents: 2
2008-2009 Highway Mortality: 16
2007-2008 Total: 1,631
Total Since 2000: 3,702*
*includes lethal government action, quarantine, hunts, highway mortalities
Media & Outreach
Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
BFC is the only group working in the field every day
in defense of the last wild buffalo population in the U.S.
Join Buffalo Field Campaign -- It's Free!
Take Action!
Tribal leaders seek help with Indian gang activity
By KEN THOMAS (AP) – 53 minutes ago
WASHINGTON — American Indian communities are being overwhelmed by gang violence and drug trafficking, tribal leaders told lawmakers Thursday, appealing for help with problems more commonly found in big cities.
Tribal law enforcement officials, testifying before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, described severely undermanned police departments that must patrol reservations the size of small states, allowing gangs to thrive and turning reservations into hubs for drug distribution.
Drug traffickers have infiltrated gangs because the reservations are remote and undetected by law enforcement. Indian police forces, meanwhile, often lack jurisdiction or the resources to stop the trail of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamines.
"There exists in Indian Country today the twin scourge of drug abuse and criminal gang activity," said Carmen Smith, police chief for the Warm Springs, Ore., Tribal Police Department. "These two menaces, left unchecked, will undermine the very fabric of Native American society."
At the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, 39 gangs have led to thousands of gang-related police calls. At the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, in eastern Washington state, two predominantly Mexican gangs and four tribal gangs battle for territory.
In the Navajo Nation, the 27,000 square-mile reservation that spans Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, 225 active gangs roam the reservation, swamping law enforcement.
"We need more officers and we need them now," said Hermis John Mousseau, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council at Pine Ridge. "We have 5,000 gang members, but we also have 45,000 scared law abiding people whose lives I have sworn to protect."
In South Dakota, Mousseau said his police department of 48 officers — 12 per shift — must patrol a reservation the size of Rhode Island. Many of their police calls are 50 to 60 miles apart, leaving their response time to an hour for even the most violent acts. Many calls go unanswered.
The cases are hardly routine. Pine Ridge has battled an influx of drugs from Minneapolis, Denver and Omaha, Neb., Mousseau said.
Brian Nissen, council member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, said gang activity has led to the rapes of young women and routine assaults between rival gangs.
Federal authorities are frequently reluctant to investigate and prosecute violent crimes inside the reservation, Nissen said, and tribal courts can only sentence someone to a year in jail if U.S. prosecutors decline to prosecute.
"These gangs are treating Indian reservations as safe havens to distribute drugs and perpetuate their violence," said Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., the committee's chairman.
Dorgan expressed hope that Congress will approve a bill this year to strengthen law enforcement in Indian Country.
Lawmakers are working on legislation that would improve coordination between the Justice Department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and tribal law enforcement, encourage more aggressive action by federal prosecutors on tribal reservations and allow tribal courts to punish offenders to up to three years in prison.
Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

In peace & solidarity,
Tamra Brennan
"Providing news and information about Native American Issues & Causes"
"Helping to make a difference for our people in Indian Country, one day at a time. What will you do today to help make a difference?"

"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what’s left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?" ......excerpt from One Nation, One Land, One People by Tamra Brennan, 2006
The Day the President Turned Black
(But has he turned back?)
By Greg Palast Wednesday July 29, 2009
for The Huffington Post
He's in hot water now. For a moment, on national television, the President of the United States turned black!
Last week, when his buddy "Skip" Gates got busted for being Black in Boston, Barack Obama forgot his official role: to soothe America's conscience with the happy fairy tale that his election marked the end of racism in the USA.
Instead, Obama, the excruciatingly middle-of-the-road President, was seized by Barack the militant State Senator from the South Side of Chicago, who reminded us that cops bust Black guys for no goddamn good reason all the goddamn time.
I'm reminded that it was not so long ago that we watched the vicious gang-beating by Los Angeles cops of a defenseless, handcuffed, Rodney King, an African-American. King's beating was unusual only in that it was caught on videotape.
Yeah, I know: we've come a hell of a long way. Obama won, Jessie cried, Beyoncé has her own line of perfume and Tiger Woods plays where 30 years ago he couldn't eat lunch.
Good on them.

But what about Robert Pratt, Mr. President?
Pratt, a United Auto Workers member, has five kids and a mortgage payment of $1,100 a month on a house in Detroit worth no more than $40,000. The payment's astronomical because he pays 11% on his mortgage balance, double the national average interest rate. Now, on those crazy terms, he's sure to lose his house.
How did that happen? Pratt, whose story we've been tracking, was "steered" into a sub-prime loan by Countrywide Financial. "Steering" is the polite term for forcing folk into crappy loan terms. And not just any folk: Black folk, like Pratt. Over 60% of African-American mortgage applicants were (and ARE) steered into "sub-prime" predatory loans.
According to exhaustive studies by the Federal Reserve Board and the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), African Americans are 250% more likely to get a loan with an "exploding interest" clause than white borrowers - and notably, the higher the income and the better the credit rating of a Black borrower, the more likely the discrimination.
As an economist, I can tell you it's not a stretch to say that Obama's failure to deal with endemic racism in the finance system is killing off hope of the nation's economic recovery. The "exploding rate" attack centered on Black and Hispanic communities has, according to the CLR, caused 40.2 million homes to lose value due to their proximity to foreclosed properties.
Yet, not a peep from the Obama Administration about ending this Ku Klux lending practice which has laid waste Black neighborhoods and taken a hunk of White America's housing values with it.
Instead, Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is the honored guest of the Board of Directors of JP Morgan, owner of one of the most outrageous of the financial predators, Washington Mutual. Morgan/WaMu, with its racially-poisoned mortgage trickery, makes the Cambridge Police Department look like the NAACP.
(Indeed, Emanuel's host JP Morgan was sued last week by the NAACP for "systematic, institutionalized racism in making home mortgage loans.")
The cold truth is, financial attacks on the Black community continue as freely under Obama as under Bush, despite Obama's power to halt it instantly by banning loan-sharking as a condition of continued bail-outs for these banks. Obama has directed the FDIC to guarantee JP Morgan loans, saving the bank $3.1 billion this year. Obama has directed the FDIC to guarantee Mr. Pratt, uh, "hope."

And what about Thomas Johnson, Mr. President?
Johnson's a minister in Florida who lost his vote in 2000, alongside at least 94,000 others falsely accused of being felons without the right to vote. Most of the innocents accused and abused were Black, the minister included. I know, because I saw those state records with the carefully recorded "BLA" next to the voters' names.
I had an editor on the story, won't say his name because he was so typical, who asked me why Johnson, an African-American, didn't pound the table and DEMAND his ballot. Johnson's no Harvard professor in Boston with the President's phone number on his speed dial.
My extremely white editor, a Yale graduate, sitting in San Francisco, could not imagine what would happen if a dark-skinned Rev. Johnson had started making a scene in Alachua County, in the Deep Deep South. The Reverend was smart not to pull a "Skippy Gates" and lip-off at authority: just a couple months ago, Alachua cops 'Tased' an angry, but unarmed, Black man, then shot him dead with seven bullets.
Johnson's vote loss, you might say, was "so 2000." This is post-racial 2009. Bullshit. In last year's election, Florida went right back into the racially biased block-and-purge of Black voters, barring thousands from the ballot through new ID laws that would have made Jim Crow segregationists of the Fifties proud. (See the investigative report, "Block the Vote," by myself and Bobby Kennedy, from the October 2008 Rolling Stone).
Yet, the Obama Administration appears quite squeamish about taking down the nouvelle ballot-box Bull Connors.

What I'm saying is that the venom of structural racism in America continues to sicken us all, in our economy, in our voting stations, in our schools (don't get me started), our health care system, our ... well, you name it.
Yes, I joined the Hope Parade and voted for Obama, expecting just this one change: a direct attack on the remaining areas of official sanction of racist policies and practices. I'm still waiting. It was quite inspiring, last Thursday, to the see a Black man appear, if momentarily, behind the Presidential seal. Unfortunately, Obama's swift demand for equal justice under the law was provoked only when the whip came down on someone, like himself, whose professional and class status had, they presumed, made them exempt from the daily insults and assaults visited on their less privileged brothers.
So much was made of Gates' Harvard post that the issue seemed to be It's not right to cuff a dark-skinned man who's a HARVARD PROFESSOR." The race-neutral rules of class privilege had been violated.
What's missing in America - and in the Oval Office - is any hint of outrage at the endemic, systemic cruelties visited on Black Americans, like Pratt and Johnson, who lack a key to the Harvard Alumni Club.
Greg Palast, an expert in finance and regulation, is the author of Armed Madhouse: Strange Tales and Sordid Secrets of a White House Gone Wild. His investigative reports for BBC Television and Democracy Now were recently released as a film on DVD: Palast Investigates: From 8-Mile to the Amazon, on the Trail of the Financial Marauders.

Sign up for his reports at

About Sebastian

About Sebastian
About Sebastian
Siyu (Hello),
This is Dave of Save The Sacred Sites Alliance. Wow, so many of you had such and out pouring for Sebastian. It's just heart warming to see the care for Creators liitlle ones.
I just wanted to say that Sebastian is doing so much better. He had a transfusion, an antidote for the poison and he had several other complications wich our wonderful vet and her staff are taking care of. His life of having his jaws wired back so other dogs in training for fighting can rip him to pieces is over. We will give him love and care. It will cost hundreds of dollars. But, to us, we just can't ignore animals treated so badly. We are having to right now though because we just can't afford to take proper care of anymore. I will start forwarding more of what we get to you sll though perhaps some of you can help them.
Dogs alone are not the only things abused out here. We have seen them take wild hogs and stake them to a tree and have dogs tear them to pieces. The authorities here seem to, for the most part, look the other way.
The ones who said those evil folks who have poisoned Sebastian and hurt him and others will get repaid are correct. Nothing goes unnoticed in this universe.Wheter you believe Creator is God or a force, even if you beieve in nothing but the laws of what goes around comes around, we know that those who are cruel to any portion of Creator's creation will get a recompense.
Some of you have asked if you can donate to Sebastian's care. Sharon and I have not even thought about that. We have taken in abused dogs and horses for years just because we love them. We have tweleve dogs and about fourteen horses. I say about because two of the horse are awesome little mediterranean donkeys. Many of which had been abused or abandon. I know it seems foolish of us. And it does make it rough for us at times. But it is out of control with the heartlessness towards animals in this, so called, "Bible Belt" area which we live.
Cruelty to animals is just the tip of the iceberg. Abused women and humans for that matter are the norm of some. Don't get me wrong, there are good people here. They are not all bad. We do have the humane society and an organization run by our friend Hannah. But they are basically overwhelmed by the numbers and are beggin for help.
Honestly, we have never though about any kind of donations because we are just doing this as private citizens and not part of The Save The Sacred Sites Alliance. But, Sebastian had to have a transfusion and these animals here have all kinds of needs. The bad guys here even poisoned one of our sweetest horses, Patch. And he didn't make it. If anye wants to help, wow, that would be awesome. Our address is P.O. Box 324, Townsend, Ga. 31331. But we are definitely not requiring it. We know how everyone is very tight right now and we don't have any official capacity to ask for anything for these Creations that have suffered at evil human's hands. All we can give back is our appreciation, love and eternal gratitude.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prayers Needed

Friends and Family,
Sharon and I adopted a very thin Pit Bull from the Humane Society who had been used as a bait dog with his mouth wired open so he could not fight while other dogs tore him, to pieces.
He was also half starved. He is a gentle dog. Vet said he may have been given rat poison. Wonderful Neighbors we have. Please pray for him. S'gi Dave

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello Everyone! I know it has been awhile since I have asked for help. I am staying at my parent's house and have internet now but no phone. Please read the story below and email our Lt Governor or call to tell them not to build a train station on a site that has been holy to the 6 indigenous Utah Native American Tribes for over 3,000 years.

Peace and Love~


Utah State Capitol Complex
P.O. Box 142325
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2325
Fax 801-538-1133

Tribes ask governor to thwart train station on archaeological site
Draper » Legislature OK'd trade of state lands for FrontRunner station.
By Brandon Loomis

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 07/23/2009 06:56:04 AM MDT

Curtis Cesspooch, chairman of the Uintah/Ouray Utes, speaks at a press conference Wednesday opposing the use of an ancient American Indian site in Draper for a FrontRunner train station. (Anna Kartashova/The Salt Lake Tribune)Seven Utah tribes joined Wednesday in petitioning lawmakers and Utah's next governor to protect the site of an ancient village where the Utah Transit Authority has proposed building a train station.

In a rare public show of unity, statewide tribal leaders converged on Salt Lake City for a news conference releasing a joint resolution asking Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert to save the so-called Galena property in Draper. Herbert will become governor if the U.S. Senate confirms Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. ambassador to China.

"Are we so insignificant that we are overlooked and desecration is done to our sites?" said Curtis Cesspooch, chairman of the Uintah/Ouray Utes.

UTA wants to build a FrontRunner commuter rail station on one of four sites including the Draper property, which is on a bluff east of the Jordan River around 13500 South. The 230-acre parcel on which a station and associated development would perch contains what the state archaeologist has declared significant American Indian sites dating to 3,000 years ago.

Initial investigations yielded hints at the earliest known corn farming in the Great Basin.

The Utah Legislature mandated the land's preservation for open space and other resources in 2000, but the Department of Natural Resources never signed a proposed perpetual conservation easement and last winter lawmakers reversed course to accommodate UTA's proposal. DNR Executive Director Mike Styler acknowledged delaying action on the conservation easement last year at then-House Speaker Greg Curtis' request. Curtis is an attorney who also represented a potential purchaser for the land, though his client later backed out.

Now the DNR is authorized, but not mandated, to trade the property with an adjacent private owner and allow the station. UTA originally listed the Draper site as its top pick, but on Wednesday spokesman Gerry Carpenter said the agency is open to discussions.

"We're a little surprised that this press conference took place because we have reached out to the tribes," Carpenter said. "We haven't decided anything."

Tribal leaders said Herbert asked them to hold off until he could organize a meeting between all interested parties, but they decided it was too important to wait.

"Utah has always respected our heritage," said Rupert Steele, chairman of the Confederated Goshutes. "This site is considered sacred ground to Native Americans."

"We're going to be destroying a lot of history," said Paiute Chairwoman Jeanine Borchardt, "and this history is the history of Utah."

Leaders of the Utah Navajo, Northwestern Band of Shoshone, Ute Mountain Ute and Skull Valley Goshute tribes also signed the resolution

asking Herbert to save the property. The tribes ask that Herbert sign a conservation easement protecting the land.

Herbert had not seen the tribes' resolution on Wednesday and was unprepared to comment, spokeswoman Angie Welling said. He will follow up with a meeting, though, she said.

"The lieutenant governor has indeed expressed to tribal leaders his desire to bring all the stakeholders together to come up with a workable solution on this issue," Welling said in an e-mail. "He certainly has no desire to see the disruption of culturally significant archaeological items and intends to bring together all interested parties soon."

The tribes also complained of conflicts of interest on the UTA board. Board member Terry Diehl and former member Greg Simonsen disclosed conflicts and said they would recuse themselves from the property discussions. Diehl worked as a consultant for a company that sought to purchase and develop the property around the station, and Simonsen was attorney for the bankrupt company seeking to sell it.

Simonsen, who resigned from the board this summer after surviving a heart attack, said Wednesday that he would not have made a commission on the property. Diehl declined to comment.

A Request for a united prayerful spirit during this time before the hearing of Leonard Peltier

A Request for a united prayerful spirit during this time before the hearing of Leonard Peltier
As you know the hearing is Tuesday at Lewisburg Pennsylvania on Leonard Peltier's parole. This is a prayer I want to circulate please to all who are taking part in ceremony for this cause, even in private. I was given this and you may distribute to any and all who are praying or in prayer for this justice ruling.
For those holding the vigils, for those on the roads, for the spirit of our people as we await the rulings, the tension: Pray that what is rising up is good and will only remain good and being given in grace as well as power. Let us all remain hand in hand with one another. There is a spirit of divisiveness that is raring its head all over the place, and we must be full of grace and let the goodness of that grace flow through us and wash out the meanness and anger towards how we have been treated. We have to hold each other up prayerfully, around fires, at Sundance tonight. Please pray healing for our women and men who are aligned at Wounded Knee tonight at the rock, for our men who hang in grace and know God's perfect grasp to keep them afloat in the palm. Those who think we are "backward" we ask for forgiveness and grace as we teach through our own graceful actions what can be done to love and show love -- to be beacons of light. Let the tears only wash, and hearts break only to reveal the light -- the beauty of the world that is ours to As you know the hearing is Tuesday at Lewisburg Pennsylvania on Leonard Peltier's parole. This is a prayer I want to circulate please to all who are taking part in ceremony for this cause, even in private. I was given this and you may distribute to any and all who are praying or in prayer for this justice ruling.
For those holding the vigils, for those on the roads, for the spirit of our people as we await the rulings, the tension: Pray that what is rising up is good and will only remain good and being given in grace as well as power. Let us all remain hand in hand with one another. There is a spirit of divisiveness that is raring its head all over the place, and we must be full of grace and let the goodness of that grace flow through us and wash out the meanness and anger towards how we have been treated. We have to hold each other up prayerfully, around fires, at Sundance tonight. Please pray healing for our women and men who are aligned at Wounded Knee tonight at the rock, for our men who hang in grace and know God's perfect grasp to keep them afloat in the palm. Those who think we are "backward" we ask for forgiveness and grace as we teach through our own graceful actions what can be done to love and show love -- to be beacons of light. Let the tears only wash, and hearts break only to reveal the light -- the beauty of the world that is ours to care for and ourselves we are to be respectful of as well as our families. It is important that we push the evil away and find the goodness and bring it up to the surface! Tonight, tomorrow we will pray, fast, do all we do to hold ourselves accountable, and we pray that all follow, and remember not only the injustice at Wounded Knee but also the injustice we have committed ourselves, and the many ways we can be of help to one another. Lay loving hands on one another, lift one another in prayer. forgive an enemy and do something good for him or her. It is a time of renewal, no matter what happens. Show up!care for and ourselves we are to be respectful of as well as our families. It is important that we push the evil away and find the goodness and bring it up to the surface! Tonight, tomorrow we will pray, fast, do all we do to hold ourselves accountable, and we pray that all follow, and remember not only the injustice at Wounded Knee but also the injustice we have committed ourselves, and the many ways we can be of help to one another. Lay loving hands on one another, lift one another in prayer. forgive an enemy and do something good for him or her. It is a time of renewal, no matter what happens. Show up!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maddow Exposes C Street

Maddow Exposes C Street
by Carl Matthes posted on Monday, 13 July 2009


Whatever else Washington, D.C. stands for, it certainly stands as the center for mixing sex, religion and politics. Whether it’s brothels, hustlers, men’s rooms, escorts, mistresses or interns, it seems there is an unending supply of politicians willing to give the mix a vigorous stir. And, unlike their Liberal brethren, it’s the Conservatives who have the Bible in one hand and condoms (hopefully) in the other!

All of this was documented recently on the Rachel Maddow Show, home of the rising MSNBC broadcast personality who displays intelligence and awareness with her probing and incisive interviews. She recently devoted several segments of her daily cable show interviewing Jeff Sharlet author of The Family. This book exposes and chronicles the activities of Doug Coe’s C Street House and his fundamentalist Christian group tagged “The Family.”

“The DaVinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” move over. “The Family” has arrived..
As Maddow has discovered, today’s philandering Conservative politico isn’t the simple adulterer of the past. Twenty-first century cheaters must have God-driven purpose to their activities according to Coe, proprietor of the secretive Christian-centered C Street House. As leader Coe puts it, God wants “more power for the powerful.” And what better way for powerful Conservative male politicians to show their “manliness?” Well, that’s easy, fornicate with female staffers or wives of male staffers, hook-up with bathroom vice-squad operatives or underage Congressional pages or, of course, God-directed Argentine soul-mates. Obviously, Mr. Coe gives a whole new Christian meaning to the term, “Power to the people!”

And while sex-scandals are not the privy of one political party or the other, it’s definitely the Conservatives who want to be sure that they preach to others about living squeaky-clean Bible-centered lives while they pretend to be doing the same.

Additionally, It’s hard to imagine, for those of us living outside of the beltway, that it was only 30 years ago Republican lawmakers were condemning the benign, self-admitted lust of then President Jimmy Carter who revealed in a 1976 Playboy interview that, “Because I’m just human and I’m tempted…the Bible says, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery.’ Christ said, ‘I tell you that anyone who looks on a woman with lust has in his heart already committed adultery.’ I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times…This is something that God recognizes, that I will do and have done, and God forgives me for it.”

So much for Democratic mixing of politics, sex and religion.

As we all know, Conservatives aren’t happy examining their own stream of consciousness, they would much rather stick their nose in everybody else’s bedroom business. And, they have able to blend – unblinkedly – politics, sex and religion while diving to new depths hypocrisy while promoting a fearful theocracy.

And, what is the new depth?

Whether it’s the benign lust of President Jimmy Carter or the redefining of sex by President Bill Clinton, human sexuality finds a way to bedevil even our highest elected officials. But we also know that a little lower down on the political food chain, Governors and Senators are sexual beings. The trail of lies traced to former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, mark him as a liar of horrendous proportions. However, Edwards spared all of us any God-connected family-values self-righteousness. And, last month’s revelations about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Nevada Senator John Ensign especially makes news because these conservative Republicans found time, before and after praying, to pay, play and get laid.

Come on guys, keep your pants and immoral hypocritical lips zipped

Seriously? The Senate is going on vacation without passing health care

Seriously? The Senate is going on vacation without passing health care

President Obama has made it very clear that passing meaningful health care
reform is his top priority this summer - but on July 23, Senate Majority
Leader Harry Reid said the full Senate wouldn't vote on a bill until the

We already have a good health care bill in the Senate from Sen. Kennedy's
HELP Committee - a bill that includes a public option. The problem is that
we need the Finance Committee to pass a bill to fund the HELP Committee's
bill, and Finance Chair Max Baucus is dragging his feet - with the
ultimate goal of killing the public option.

I just signed a petition to tell Sen. Reid not to let the Senate go on
vacation until they pass a bill that includes a public option. I hope you
will, too. Please have a look and take action.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Body secretes protein that destroys cancer, finds Indian doc - Health & Science - The Times of India

Body secretes protein that destroys cancer, finds Indian doc - Health & Science - The Times of India
Body secretes protein that destroys cancer, finds Indian doc
July 25, 2009

NEW DELHI: Last year, he hit the headlines for creating the world's first breed of super mice, which are resistant to
all forms of cancer. Now,
Mumbai-born, US-settled, Dr Vivek Rangnekar, professor of radiation medicine at the University of Kentucky, has in another breakthrough discovered that the Par-4 protein (mass killer of cancer cells) is produced within the human body itself and spreads through circulation to distant organs.

This finding will now help scientists look at ways to naturally increase the secretion of the protein, for example, by certain natural diets and develop resistance to the growth of cancer. Scientists can also develop approaches to safely inject the Par-4 protein to inhibit cancer.

The team headed by Dr Rangnekar has also found that Par-4 protein is capable of killing cancer cells, when applied from outside. Till this discovery, scientists believed that Par-4 protein has to be present inside cancer cells to kill them.

Since it isn't easy to deliver large amounts of the protein inside cancer cells, scientists have been studying other methods to target and kill cancer cells.

Par-4, after being secreted by human tissues, has also been found to kill only cancer cells. It didn't harm normal cells, proving they aren't toxic. The presence of large amounts of the Par-4 protein in the super mice had made them completely immune to cancer. Not only did they not develop tumours, they even lived longer.

According to Dr Rangnekar, who is associate director of University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center, what these findings mean for the future is that it may not be necessary to use invasive or genetic approaches to inhibit the growth of cancer.

``Par-4, secreted inside the human body by the kidney, lung and prostate, can now be developed so as to inject the protein to treat cancer. Not only primary tumours, but also metastatic tumours that have spread to other tissues should be killed by the Par-4 protein,'' Dr Rangnekar, who spent over 25 years of his life in Matunga, Mumbai, told TOI.

``Increased Par-4 protein in circulation, in the blood and serum of the super mice, is one of the reasons they are resistant to cancer,'' Dr Rangnekar added. According to his team, a person is susceptible to cancer when the amount of this Par-4 protein secreted by the cells of that individual is low and inadequate.

``This needs to be tested on an individual basis. The next step is to test whether human cancer can be prevented/treated by increasing the amount of protein produced,'' the doctor said.

And how will the team do that? ``Either by injecting Par-4 protein or by trying different diets,'' Dr Rangnekar said.

Reporting this breakthrough in the journal `Cell' on Friday, Dr Rangnekar, who studied at Don Bosco School and Indian Education Society School in Dadar, added, ``The novelty is that the Par-4 molecule binds to its receptor GRP78 on the surface of a tumour cell and then triggers a biological process called apoptosis or cell suicide, killing the cancer cells.''

Is the finding that Par-4 gene is present inside humans new? Dr Rangnekar said, ``We knew previously that Par-4 is expressed (present) inside human tissues and cells. This new finding shows that it is also secreted and in circulation in humans, just like it is in circulation in the blood/serum of super mice.''

So does this mean humans can in the future become completely invulnerable to cancer? ``Yes, one can extrapolate that humans have the secret inside themselves to be invulnerable to cancer. The levels within individuals may vary, and we have to find ways to increase those levels naturally. We are starting studies on the role of natural dietary compounds to increase secretion.''

``It was a pleasant surprise when we noticed that Par-4 protein is secreted by human cells. This means it is not necessary to make genetic modifications, or to employ recombinant viruses, to deliver the Par-4 gene to cancer cells,'' he added.

Rangnekar first discovered the Par-4 gene in 1993. In 2007, his team introduced the gene into a mouse embryo, creating the super mouse.

Teresa Anahuy

Cherokee Phoenix Weekly Newsletter

Cherokee Phoenix Weekly Newsletter

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 News Brief: No. 1

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 News Brief: No. 1

The State of Health of the Uninsured/Under Insured/The Single Payer Plan - The Great American Private Insurance Rip Off

The State of Health of the Uninsured/Under Insured/The Single Payer Plan - The Great American Private Insurance Rip Off


“The American Indian’s Truths

…..the Most Dangerous Show on Radio”

WPFW 89.3 FM – Pacifica Radio –

Friday Evening, July 24th, 2009


Jay Winter Nightwolf

Originator, Host & Executive Producer

Verona Iriarte, Cyreita Ayeni & Don Walker


And Special Guests

Mikuak Rai, Katie Robbins, Rick & Michelle T. Clements

and Dr. Ogan Gurel

“The State of Health of the Uninsured/Under Insured/The Single Payer Plan - The Great American Private Insurance Rip Off”

Opening Words

O’Siyo and greetings. I’m Jay Winter Nightwolf, originator and host of “The American Indian’s Truths - …..The Most Dangerous Show on Radio”. On Sunday, July 26, 2009 at Malcolm X Park located at 16th & Euclid Street, N. W. , 1 pm – 4pm, Washington, D. C. There will be a rally calling for a better health care system that will take care of all American.

The real question in tonight’s discussion is whether America should legislate the best health care for the people or continue to provide the best profit for the powerful private insurance corporations that provide health care for that struggle to pay extremely premiums for coverage.

Before we start tonight’s show I would like to point out that the broadcast tonight is the continuation of last Friday’s broadcast. There are some facts about health care in America that you should know before we begin. These are some of those facts:

1. Health care provided for U. S. veterans is nowhere near the quality of service that it should be. It is as though the government has forgotten about those that went to war to protect us when it comes to taking care of the physical and emotional problems that many veterans suffer. Some veterans are forced to seek medical attention by paying for insurance outside of what is provided by the U. S. Veterans services.

2. American Indians are supposed to be taken care of through treaties that were made with American Indian tribes. However the services delivered by Indian Health Service historically underfunded thus leaving the Indian out in the cold. They have no other way to get adequate health care. There are many cases where because of the neglect and denial of proper health care for the American Indian, many have died.

If you are an American Indian, to get better health care that the services provided by IHS, you would get much better care if you commit a crime and go to prison. On some reservations you are required to get a prescription for 1 baby aspirin.

3. The United States Constitution is the law that we look to for direction on how United States is to be ran. However many of the past administrations have ignored the constitution and did things they way the wanted to. Any viable government is supposed to take care of its citizens. So what is the problem? The majority of poor people and poor people of color in American don’t receive health care without insurance. Proper health care is a right not a privilege.

Stay tuned and I will be back shortly to introduce my guests for this edition of “…..the Most Dangerous Show on Radio.”

I’m Jay Winter Nightwolf and this is WPFW 89.3 FM – Pacifica Radio – Washington, D. C. “The American Indian’s Truth.”

URGENT: Demand Honduran President Zelaya be RESTORED TO POWER IMMEDIATELY!

URGENT: Demand Honduran President Zelaya be RESTORED TO POWER IMMEDIATELY!

Sign the Emergency Petition!

To: President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

CC: Vice President Joe Biden, Congressional leaders, U.N. General Assembly President d'Escoto-Brockmann, U.N. Secretary General Ban, and major media representatives including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, and Reuters.

I demand that the Barack Obama administration and the U.S. Congress unequivocally condemn the unconstitutional and anti-democratic military coup in Honduras and insist that the military regime and the newly appointed but illegitimate president of Honduras restore President Zelaya to office, free all the imprisoned popular leaders and remove the curfew. I further demand that the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras be recalled immediately until such time as President Zelaya is restored to office.


(Your signature will be appended here based on the contact information you enter in the form)

Sign the Petition Online
Para: El Presidente Barack Obama, la Secretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton

CC: Ban Ki-moon, Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas; Comité de Relaciones Exteriores del Senado; líderes del Congreso; representantes de los medios

Exijo que la administración de Barack Obama y el Congreso de los EEUU condene inequívocamente el golpe militar inconstitucional y antidemocrático en Honduras e insista que el régimen militar y el recién designado pero ilegítimo Presidente de Honduras restituya al Presidente Zelaya a su puesto, libere a todos/as los/as líderes populares encarcelados/as y termine el toque de queda. Exijo además que EEUU remueva inmediatamente a su Embajador en Honduras hasta que se restituya al Presidente Zelaya a su puesto.



[In English]

Domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

El Centro de Acción Internacional, fundado por el ex Procurador General Ramsey Clark y basado en los Estados Unidos, condena en los términos más fuertes, el criminal golpe de estado a manos de las fuerzas armadas de Honduras contra el Presidente democráticamente electo Manuel Zelaya y su pueblo.

El hecho ocurre en la madrugada de hoy domingo 28 de junio, fecha en la que estaba programada una consulta para que el pueblo decidiera libremente si en las próximas elecciones de noviembre se sometería la pregunta para la convocatoria de una Asamblea Constituyente que diseñara una nueva constitución acorde a las nuevas necesidades del pueblo hondureño.

Esta consulta ha sido una amenaza para la oligarquía y sus socios corporativos quienes tras varios días de amenazas, utilizaron el ejército fuertemente armado para cobardemente invadir la Casa Presidencial en la madrugada y secuestrar al Presidente Zelaya, llevándolo por la fuerza a Costa Rica.

Repudiamos asimismo el secuestro de la Canciller Patricia Rodas y el maltrato a los embajadores de Cuba, Nicaragua y Venezuela cuando acudieron solidariamente para prestar su asistencia a la Canciller.

Unimos nuestras voces a las de la comunidad internacional demandando la inmediata liberación de Rodas y el regreso del Presidente Zelaya a su país para que continúe con sus funciones presidenciales.

Así también nos solidarizamos con el pueblo hondureño en sus justas demandas.


Teresa Gutiérrez y Sara Flounders,
Co-Coordinadoras del Centro de Acción Internacional,
Oficina Nacional

Berta Joubert-Ceci,
Directora, Capítulo de Filadelfia del Centro de Acción Internacional


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The U.S.-based International Action Center, founded by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, condemns in the strongest terms the Armed Forces of Honduras’ criminal coup d'état against the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya and the Honduran people.

The incident occurred today, Sunday, June 28 at dawn, on the date when a referendum was scheduled so that the people could freely decide if the question of calling for a Constituent Assembly would be included during the upcoming November elections. This Assembly would draft a new constitution in accordance with the current needs and aspirations of the Honduran people.

Today’s referendum represented a threat to the oligarchy and its corporate partners, who after several days of threats used the heavily armed military to cowardly invade the Presidential Residence and kidnap President Zelaya, taking him to Costa Rica by force.

We also repudiate the kidnapping of Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas and the abuse against the ambassadors of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela when they went in an act of solidarity to assist Rodas.

We join the voices of the international community in demanding the immediate liberation of Rodas and the safe return of President Zelaya to his country so that he continues to carry out his presidential functions.

We in addition want to express our solidarity with the Honduran people’s just demands.


Teresa Gutierrez and Sara Flounders,
Co-Coordinator of the International Action Center
National Office

Berta Joubert-Ceci,
Director, Philadelphia Chapter of the International Action Center

Sign the Petition Online


Anyone can subscribe.
Send an email request to

Monday on Just Peace: The growing urban farm movement & WRFG radio

Just Peace
Mondays, 6pm - 7pm EST ----- WRFG 89.3 FM

This Monday, July 27 we on Just Peace will begin our WRFG Summer Marathon with a bang!!! We will be talking with two local urban farmers who are making a difference in our community. Rashid Nuri of “Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms” and Judith Winfrey of “Love is Love Farms” are both not only producing vegetables and fruits on their farms as well as selling their produce in urban markets, they are educating the public about the importance of growing, supporting and eating locally grown food.
We will talk with Rashid and Judith about their important contributions and also offer you, our listeners and supporters, special premiums, including gift certificates, that will provide you with access to these farms and the locally grown produce.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about and participate in the growing urban farm movement in America right here in Atlanta while supporting your community radio at the same time.

Tune in and join the conversation! You can also listen on the web by going to our home page ( and clicking on the "Listen Live" icon on the righthand side of the page. For more information about Just Peace, check out

Heather Gray & Nadia Ali, Ph.D.
Co-producers, Just Peace
WRFG 89.3 FM