Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caledonia Militia vs Mohawk Warriors *RPM Support Six Nations

Caledonia Militia vs Mohawk Warriors *RPM Support Six Nations
To all members of the Red Power Movement
July 20th 2009
Caledonia Militia vs Mohawk Warriors

My Personal thoughts as a Mohawk Warrior and a member of Six nations community about the Idea of the residents of Caledonia forming their own Militia to enforce the laws and shut down certain smoke shops that are Mohawk owned are as follows:
As history has shown Mohawk people and Other Native communities are not willing to be pushed around nor do we like the idea of such threats that your Militia have made towards my People or our community. We will defend what is ourselves, our families and our community.
We understand that there are still hard feelings about the Standoff that had occurred last year. Then we defended our rights , our families and our community and will do so again.
We are native people who have lost more than we ever should have to the Canadian Government.
None of our disputes have never been directed towards the residents themselves.
The Grand River land dispute in which Mohawk Protesters from the Six Nations of the Grand River began a demonstration were to raise awareness about First Nation land claims in Ontario, Canada, and particularly about their claim to a parcel of land in Caledonia, Ontario, a community within the single-tier municipality of Haldimand County.
The land at the centre of the dispute in Caledonia was over the development by Henco Industries Ltd. into a residential subdivision known as the Douglas Creek Estates. It is part of a 385,000-hectare plot of land known as the "Haldimand Tract", which was granted, in 1784, by the Crown to the Six Nations of the Grand River, for their use in settlement.
The British Crown awarded, as reward to the Six Nations for their loyal military service, and support of the Crown.
The Development of Douglas Creek Estates on our land was unacceptable.
Are grievances were with the government and not the residents.
The residents of Caledonia who choose to involve themselves had made that decision on their own.
Now once again we are being threatened by the Residents themselves and this time at this point it does not involve the Canadian government.
This will be a direct attack from your militia against the Mohawk community and all people of six nations.
This attitude and behavior of yours will make things personal.
There will be Violence that will make what happend in Oka back in 1990 incomparable.
(We ask that such a thing does not happen for the sake of all involved.)
Do not threaten us and do not attempt such outrageous behavior.
We are Mohawk People and will handle this situation the same way we have handle all other threats to us and other Mohawk Communities for hundreds of years:
*These are my thoughts on this situation and my words.
If you find that this a issue has offended you and wish to express yourself as I have then do it here on Facebook by writing a note as I have done.
But if feel the need to express yourself more in any other way I will gladly would be willing to meet with you in person.

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