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Biowarfare or Fear Mongering?

Biowarfare or Fear Mongering?
from the Eagle Watch
July 15, 2009
The stage is set. A new flu virus has traveled the globe since April this
year. Few fatalities have been confirmed. The World Health Organization
(WHO)has recently upgraded the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic to highest alert level,
"Pandemic 6". This permits martial law anywhere in the world along with
mandatory vaccination and deaths.
Why is an emergency being created? Few people have died from this strain. No
such fuss is made while thousands die every year from seasonal flu
We suspect it may be a necessary prelude to bringing in martial law which could
include mandatory vaccination, quarantine and even imprisonment. The vaccine
could kill masses of people! Those who refuse could be locked up and their
children taken away from them.
Over the past two weeks, an article out of Austria has been circulating the
internet. With unidentified backers, someone claims the US population is the
target of biowarfare through a new vaccine for H1N1 swine flu. Why would an
Austrian be so concerned about the people in the US?
The reason stated for this alleged attack targeting Turtle Island is that "by
eliminating the population of North America, the international elite gain
access to the region’s natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil
The "international elite" or multinational corporations are already plundering
our land and resources. We Indigenous, as custodians of the land, are the
biggest obstacle. The docile colonists usually welcome development with open
arms. Why is someone trying to cause complete panic in America? Factual
information is being twisted and misrepresented.
We then received another forwarded message originating with a retired US Major
General on this same topic. He too provides information on the proposed
mandatory swine flu vaccination and urges readers to contact the US Congress.
He warns that children will be first, starting with infants and toddlers.
The Major General says that the White House spent $714million on GPS (Global
Positioning Satellite) to mark every door in the US. Some people have
allegedly received phone calls asking how many unvaccinated children are in
their homes. He is concerned about "patriotic Americans" being targeted.
Any talk about taking away our children can cause widespread panic and
confusion. We don't like fear mongering but we do consider it important to
warn of serious well documented danger. Part of the danger may be all the wild
stories flying around the internet! How are we to know fact from fiction?
Many invasive changes in legislation have been made since 9/11, giving
dictatorial powers to the President of the US. Canada has similar legislation
under its AntiTerrorism Act. The ongoing blending of military and law
enforcement in North America, under NorthCom and the Pentagon are sure
indications that something is up.
We hear over and over that the New World Order NWO wants to decimate the
planet's human population from currently over 6 billion to about 1/2 billion
people. So far, all their bloody wars have not done the job.
Injecting deadly poisons and diseases into every man, woman and child could
kill millions. Authorities are well aware of the potential resistance. Public
Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) figures that if people are scared enough of the
disease, they will gladly line up for vaccination. So far, this swine flu
epidemic has been a dud.
There are historical precedents. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 killed
millions around the world and decimated Indigenous populations. It was
PRECEDED by a Rockefeller financed vaccination program, now believed by many to
be the cause.
Vaccines already contain a number of poisons and toxic chemicals that can and
do cause allergic reactions, autism, arthritis, brain damage and immune
dysfunction. You really don't know what is in that syringe when you allow
someone to inject your little babies. Strong evidence indicates that AIDS was
delivered to African people via smallpox vaccination.
The avian and swine flus are likely made in high security biolabs. Diseases do
not naturally jump species. Why are many other deadly diseases like bubonic
plague, smallpox and ebola, kept in these labs in cities like Winnipeg and
Mexico City where large Indigenous populations live? Biowarfare is illegal.
According to the New York state pandemic plan and the Canadian Pandemic
Influenza Plan, "special populations" are identified. Indigenous communities,
religious groups, the disabled and the homeless are targeted.
On Monday, July 13, a woman at Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC)Influenza
Hotline said that no one in Canada has died from the H1N1 flu and no one has
yet been vaccinated.
The following day, July 14, we looked at Manitoba's Ministry of Health web site
and found that six people had died in that province. We called the PHAC
Influenza Hotline again and asked about deaths. The answer this time was 39.
No explanation could be given as to why we were told zero the day before.
"Deaths associated with H1N1 Flu" means the people had tested positive for this
flu strain but had underlying medical conditions. It is often difficult for
doctors to pinpoint the exact cause of death.
The breakdown of figures as of this week is: 14 deaths each in Ontario and
Quebec, 5 in Manitoba and 3 each in Saskatchewan and Alberta. PHAC did not yet
have the updated figure of 6 for Manitoba, making a total of 40 known deaths
associated with H1N1 flu. We don't know if these people were being treated
with Tamiflu at the time of their deaths.
The total of infected persons across Canada is 9,855 cases with 902
hospitalized as of July 13. Figures are updated weekly. Since June 24, the
cases in Manitoba have doubled with most being in Winnipeg and Churchill. Most
people recover.
Manitoba is distributing chemical hand sanitizers to Native communities that
have little or no running water. Apparently, we don't wash our hands enough.
Manitoba is also distributing Tamiflu to Indigenous who caught the flu.
Tamiflu is a potentially dangerous drug because it lowers body temperature,
allowing the virus to multiply. Fever kills the virus. A doctor Nguyen Tuong
Van, MD in Hanoi, Vietnam found Tamiflu useless for treating avian flu and
doesn' know if it will be helpful for the swine flu. Pharma corporations
Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter International are the manufacturers
of this drug. Governments around the world have spent $$billions stockpiling
The H1N1 swine flu vaccine will become available to all Canadians in late
November on a voluntary basis just like the seasonal flu vaccine. There is
increasing pressure to get the shots. No one at PHAC could tell us anything
about mandatory vaccination.
Pharmaceutical companies who have already made $$billions to develop the
vaccine, stand to make a killing. They will NOT be liable for any damages
caused by the vaccine.
Many nagging questions persist. Where is the real emergency? Why is someone
trying to perpetuate panic and chaos in America?
BEEN THERE DONE THAT - We've gotten through many crises before. We'll get
through this one too whatever it is. We must remain calm and use our minds to
carefully examine all this information.
Notes and Sources
"Bioterrorism Evidence"
section 6: Special Populations
In a state as large and diverse as New York State, there exist numerous groups
that may present challenges to providing access to appropriate medical care and
vaccine during a pandemic. LHDs must make an effort to identify those groups
within their communities and to work with the NYSDOH to create plans to reach
these populations. Examples of special population groups may include:
• Tribal communities;
• Religious groups;
• Individuals that primarily speak a language other than English;
• Individuals in home care and hospice;
• Homebound individuals;
• Disabled individuals; and
• Homeless individuals.
PHAC Public Health Agency Canada
Influenza Hotline 1 800 454-8302
Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan
Security and Prosperity Partnership

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