Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicago's Staff Infection: NEW SITES

Chicago's Staff Infection: NEW SITES
From: Jennafer Yellowhorse

Chicago Says Rescue Responders are protected by 1st Amendment on facebook
for discussing a deceased Native American who was a homeless patient in
their care. The City also claims that in no way were the employees racist
in their discussion of Christopher Cornstalk in the group.
"Did You Know This Alcoholic Indian?"
The City also denies use of Fire Station resources even though one
firefighter is quoted and documented as using Mr. Cornstalk's photo (with
medical leads on his chest and a santa hat put on him by a nurse) as a joke
screensaver at the department.

Natives Against Racism: Chicago Staff Infection Evidence Site
Discussion Board for the Christopher Cornstalk issue as well as the Campaign
Against the Redbull Advertising.
Please join these brand new groups and help start the discussion rolling on
the right track.

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