Thursday, July 9, 2009

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

The system of mind control that was introduced by Nimrod (Annunaki) in Babylon, is alive and well. When Champlain coerced the return of war, by getting the Huron and Algonquin to lead him to Ticonderoga and break the peace, he was following the Babylonian bloodline oath to divide the people. Historically they have always became the rulers of those that engage in war, as they are the masters of war. Nimrod was the first freemason, the main secret of freemasonry is mind control technology.

After 3000 years of peace between the nations of Turtle Island the war was brought back by agents of this dialectic. Their strategy is to create a problem that will get a reaction from the people, when the people demand a solution to the problem, they will give “their” solution, which is always reducing the people to slavery. In their oath; “So grand will the illusion of freedom be, they will not even know they are our slaves” .

Our war between France and her allies lasted 92 years until June 25, 1701 with the “Great Peace of Montreal” In that peace agreement France agreed to have no claim to any of the lands surrounding the Great Lakes. We offered to share Ontario with the British under the authority of Gushwenta. Their first settlement was a fort at Kingston and by 1710 we sent 5 emissaries to meet with Queen Anne, regarding their breaks in the agreement of Gushwenta. The Dialectic was well underway for the bloodline but our chief’s noticed their weaknesses, they relied on the written word, they had male hierarchy.

When Joseph Brant was invited into freemasonry’s 33rd Illuminized degree he took an oath to become one with the dialectic. He was formally removed from the confederacy in 1805 and his words shall never be heard by the people again according to kayanerakowa, the law of the land. Freemasonry is on it’s dying legs in the longhouse as the power of unity through kayanerakowa is alive and well too.

On this planet all living things have the same mother, she is the earth. The father is source energy and that makes us all one. In their oath; We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know! When we base our thoughts on the Good Message of oneness, the true power of the mind will come into being. The internet is just scratching the surface of what the mind can do, when we remember the oneness.

The Peace is based on the consensus process. The most important aspect is the council of women as they are in charge of the children and the land they bring them into. This would make municipal government the most authoritative. The “Babylonian” system in place now makes the federal system the most important with the municipal as the least important. When the women reconnect with their birthright, the consensus process will be corrected and the peace will return to the people.

There truly is no division, we are all one.

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