Thursday, July 30, 2009

About Sebastian

About Sebastian
About Sebastian
Siyu (Hello),
This is Dave of Save The Sacred Sites Alliance. Wow, so many of you had such and out pouring for Sebastian. It's just heart warming to see the care for Creators liitlle ones.
I just wanted to say that Sebastian is doing so much better. He had a transfusion, an antidote for the poison and he had several other complications wich our wonderful vet and her staff are taking care of. His life of having his jaws wired back so other dogs in training for fighting can rip him to pieces is over. We will give him love and care. It will cost hundreds of dollars. But, to us, we just can't ignore animals treated so badly. We are having to right now though because we just can't afford to take proper care of anymore. I will start forwarding more of what we get to you sll though perhaps some of you can help them.
Dogs alone are not the only things abused out here. We have seen them take wild hogs and stake them to a tree and have dogs tear them to pieces. The authorities here seem to, for the most part, look the other way.
The ones who said those evil folks who have poisoned Sebastian and hurt him and others will get repaid are correct. Nothing goes unnoticed in this universe.Wheter you believe Creator is God or a force, even if you beieve in nothing but the laws of what goes around comes around, we know that those who are cruel to any portion of Creator's creation will get a recompense.
Some of you have asked if you can donate to Sebastian's care. Sharon and I have not even thought about that. We have taken in abused dogs and horses for years just because we love them. We have tweleve dogs and about fourteen horses. I say about because two of the horse are awesome little mediterranean donkeys. Many of which had been abused or abandon. I know it seems foolish of us. And it does make it rough for us at times. But it is out of control with the heartlessness towards animals in this, so called, "Bible Belt" area which we live.
Cruelty to animals is just the tip of the iceberg. Abused women and humans for that matter are the norm of some. Don't get me wrong, there are good people here. They are not all bad. We do have the humane society and an organization run by our friend Hannah. But they are basically overwhelmed by the numbers and are beggin for help.
Honestly, we have never though about any kind of donations because we are just doing this as private citizens and not part of The Save The Sacred Sites Alliance. But, Sebastian had to have a transfusion and these animals here have all kinds of needs. The bad guys here even poisoned one of our sweetest horses, Patch. And he didn't make it. If anye wants to help, wow, that would be awesome. Our address is P.O. Box 324, Townsend, Ga. 31331. But we are definitely not requiring it. We know how everyone is very tight right now and we don't have any official capacity to ask for anything for these Creations that have suffered at evil human's hands. All we can give back is our appreciation, love and eternal gratitude.

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