Monday, July 6, 2009

Montana Tribal Elder To Go To Historic Meeting In Russia

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I am sharing this press release that just went out to all the media outlets about a truly amazing event. As you know, President Obama and Russian President Medvedev are having a meeting in Moscow in just a couple days. Along with that meeting about nuclear disarmement and other key issues, there is a special meeting happening with a small handful of experts from the USA and Russia that are gathering to discuss critical issues facing all of us on this planet. The elite group of people attending this Summit are some really heavy hitters in their particular fields.

Now, you can imagine my absolute JOY and excitement when I tell you that one of our OWN PEOPLE!! has been chosen to attend this Summit in Moscow!!!!!! Yes indeed, my dearest friend and teacher from here in Bozeman has been selected to speak to the two Presidents and all these big-wig participants about INDIGENOUS ISSUES and the care needed for our precious Earth that sustains us all.

Picture this will you!??? A Santee/Crow elder, will be in these meetings and speaking out about Indigenous issues, the environment, the needs and concerns of our People.... ALL of those things that he carries in his heart will be spread out before the Presidents of these two countries and all these "experts" attending the Summit!

I spoke to Scott as he was getting ready to board the plane headed for Russia this morning. We said our prayers together and all he asked for was that I please ask our relatives to lift prayers for him the next few days.... with all our prayers to lift and encourage him, he will have the opportunity to place OUR issues before the feet of some people who NEED to hear our point of view about all these things. Scott is truly an amazing human being.... so I ask you all, please lift the prayers and remember our brother as he carries these things before the leadership of these 2 countries. What an honor and a blessing for all our Indigenous relations in having one of our own People there to speak for us.

I thank you, and Scott thanks you all as well, for being part of this truly historic meeting. I will update all of you about what went on during this Russian Summit as soon as he returns next week.

Much love to you all,



"Montana Tribal Elder Travels to Historic Meetings in Russia”

Scott Frazier, a Santee and enrolled Crow tribal elder from Montana, will participate in the Civil Society Summit Environmental Panel in Moscow, July 6-7 at the Eurasia Foundation's Civil Society Summit. Coinciding with the historic meeting between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama, Mr. Frazier will be one of the representatives from the USA participating in summit meetings addressing environmental and human rights issues.

Mr. Frazier is one of more than 75 experts from the USA and Russia participating in the historical two-day summit aimed at developing recommendations for future collaboration between the two countries.

Discussion topics for the environmental portion of the Summit will include energy efficiency and Kyoto/post-Kyoto implementation, biodiversity, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, and environmental governance.

Scott Frazier is founder and CEO of the Montana-based firm, “Project Indigenous,” that provides educational programs addressing environmental issues and cultural diversity while teaching from an Indigenous perspective.

Mr. Frazier reacted to the invitation by saying, “When I first got notice that I was invited to attend the Summit, I was humbled at the thought of being included in such an important and historic gathering of leaders. I am most honored to have this opportunity to address topics that impact all Indigenous Peoples as well as the care for our environment. It is a historical event for the entire world as these two countries come together in unity to address issues that impact us all.”

Additionally, since 2001, Scott Frazier has led the efforts of “Native Waters,” a community education program supporting efforts by tribal leaders, educators and students at increasing awareness of Indigenous water resources worldwide. He also serves as the Project WET Foundation’s Tribal point-of-contact for diversity and cultural awareness issues related to water resources education.

While executive director of Native Waters, Scott has participated in several major water resources and education events, including the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico City, 2nd Indigenous Conference on Education in Atlanta, Georgia and the 4th World Conference on Indigenous Education in Hamilton, New Zealand.

As Mr. Frazier prepared to leave the USA and head to the Russian Summit, he explained the importance of the meetings between the two countries saying, “We are no longer isolated individual countries; we are truly an interconnected species with many of the same struggles.”

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