Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ocean Resources Care and Awareness - California

Ocean Resources Care and Awareness - California

Osiyo, If you have the time or concern, please read about some of the problems facing the California coastal areas. This was sent to me and I would like to pass it on to you.
My name is Tomas DiFiore
Astral Arts Mendocino
Caught your mention of Seaweed, John Lewallen (and Babs) and Jim Marten.
John I've known for years. Met Jim recently. I harvested with John 25 years ago...
Anyways great article. So I am involved also with the North Coast of Calif living and harvesting seaweed commercially for Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Co. and oh yes, an activist at heart.
Please visit
and click on the MLPA link at the top. On the next page is a link to a 9 page pdf (1.2MB) of the Seaweed Rebellion. Interesting story and conundrum for the MLPA I-Team and the CA Fish & Game Commission.
The whole North Coast form Harbor Districts to Governments, businesses and individuals are up in arms.
What is needed most at this time is Native American input. As subsistence and as commercial Seaweed harvesters!
Can you help get the word out of this need.
Oct 2 2008 in Santa Rosa - The MLPA Process was halted by the Sonoma Native American Seaweed Harve4sters and the Seaweed Stewardship Alliance (Commercial Seaweed Harvesters of the Mendocino Coast.
Tomas DiFiore
Ocean Resources Care and Awareness

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