Monday, March 30, 2009

For Everyone Who Lives In N.C. Or Close By: Meeting About Iotla Site

For Everyone Who Lives In N.C. Or Close By: Meeting About Iotla Site

Note: Friends and Family,
These local residents fighting with the Cherokee. I applaud their efforts.

Hi friends,

Quick reminder to all:

Airport Authority
Tuesday, March 31st, 4:00 to 6:00
PM Airport Terminal

I spoke to Boyce Deitz, Rep.
Shuler's staff person, this morning to ask him to attend the mtg. He's the
person who has attended the last 2 "secret" mtgs. He said he would make every
effort to come.

Rep. Haire excused himself thru assistant
for not being in town. Left message for Sen. Snow & haven't heard from

I have over 100 signatures on petition. Pls
remember to get yours to me by Monday noon (see previous email) so I can
make copies, if you aren't able to do so. If you don't turn them in to me, count
what you have so we can give a total figure at the mtg.

I'm letting press know abt mtg, another
reason why we need to have as many people there as possible.

We MUST PACK this mtg. Let's stand
together & show we mean to continue this struggle as long as necessary. Each
one bring one. Let's show we really mean to SAVE IOTLA VALLEY.

Call me if
needed. Home
369-2457 Cell
421-5835 ..

P.S.: Wear your Save Iotla Valley

Sharon Kitchen's , The Founder of Save The Sacred Sites, letter to Airport Authority:


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