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Issues & News From STSSA Friends 10/05/2010

Issues & News From STSSA Friends & Family 10/05/2010
Snowbowl cleared to build new ski trail and lift
KOLD News 13 Tuscon Fri, 01 Oct 2010 17:13 PM PDT
Associated Press - October 1, 2010 12:44 PM ET FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - Changes are coming to the Arizona Snowbowl. The ArizonaDaily Sun reports the resort has received permission to add a...

Changes Coming To Arizona Snowbowl
CBS 5 Phoenix Fri, 01 Oct 2010 11:23 AM PDT
The Arizona Snowbowl will experience changes that will provide convenience and cool times for its visitors.

Marcie Lane
Committee Member
Protect Sacred Sites " Indigenous People,One Nation"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 4:07 AM

The Blackwater/Xe tentacles slither far and wide..including Netherlands and Canada.Understand that this company is a CIA front. BB

Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups
By Stephanie Dearing

Documents reveal that Blackwater has been busy expanding its corporate reach by providing intelligence services for agencies such as the Canadian Military, Netherlands Police and corporations like Monsanto.

Blackwater is a private, mercenary army. They've been called the 'shadow army,' and most notoriously worked for the United States in Iraq, where the company courted controversy. Journalist Jeremy Scahill, who wrote a book about Blackwater, wrote an exclusive for The Nation, revealing general details of the extent of the Blackwater business operations. Scahill managed to obtain documents that, according to Scahill, show

"... entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The Nation. Blackwater's work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned by Blackwater's owner and founder, Erik Prince: Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC). Prince is listed as the chairman of both companies in internal company documents, which show how the web of companies functions as a highly coordinated operation."

A spokesperson for Monsanto, reached by Scahill, first denied the relationship with Blackwater, but then admitted that Monsanto had paid Total Intelligence for intelligence reoprts

"... about the activities of groups or individuals that could pose a risk to company personnel or operations around the world which were developed by monitoring local media reports and other publicly available information. The subject matter ranged from information regarding terrorist incidents in Asia or kidnappings in Central America to scanning the content of activist blogs and websites."
The spokesperson told Scahill he was told Total Intelligence was completely separate from Blackwater.

The news that Monsanto hired a Blackwater company for intelligence reports is rocketing around the world via anti-GMO activists. Blogger Rady Ananda summed up the relationship between Monsanto and Blackwater as "... A death-tech firm weds a hit squad."

Citing the growing movement to destroy GMO crops, Ananda thought Monsanto was hoping to be able to quell dissent through infiltrating actvist groups that take direct action. Ananda concluded his article saying

"... Monsanto, by hiring a mercenary army and former CIA field agents, is deadly serious about protecting its deadly products. Yet, this contract further discredits the company. The public can now paint an even bleaker picture of the firm that brought us Agent Orange, PCBs, rBST, DDT, aspartame and, now, hitmen."

Writing on Above Top Secret, Airspoon commented on Monsanto's hiring of Blackwater, saying (sic)

"The above quote is pretty scary and indicative of how corporate interests are acting against our own, though most of us already knew that. For any of the deniars who tried to refute that such tactics were used, one need only look at the plethora of information coming out about Xe and Blackwater due to the scandal in Iraq.

I think that the best thing that could be done, is to boycott these companies as much as possible. Monsanto might be a little hard to boycott for some folks, though the other companies shouldn't be. In fact, Monsanto shouldn't be either for most folks.

Blackwater (Xe) is one of the most dangerous entities facing the American people. It's like the enforcement arm of corporate interests that does not have to operate under the same "restrictions" that government enforcers have to operate under under. It's like a private army for TPTB.

Americans and citizens of the world should be irate ove the very existence of a company such as Blackwater and we should all stand together against the Nazi-like tactics and the anti-freedom angenda of such an evil organization."

The documents obtained by Scahill show that Monsanto paid Blackwater's subsidiary, Total Intelligence a total of $232,000 for intelligence services provided in 2008 and 2009.

Aside from the brief statement provided to Scahill, Monsanto is keeping quiet on the matter, as is Blackwater and the other organizations cited in Scahill's article.

Scahill said the Canadian Military paid Blackwater over $1.6 million for training, which was provided through Blackwater's subsidiary, the Terrorism Research Center.

Blackwater violated some US export control laws, reported Yahoo News this past August, violations which included the provision of training to the Canadian Military.

While the list of violations the US Department of State found Blackwater guilty of is extensive, the company was only fined $42 million.

The company name 'Blackwater' was changed to Xe (pronounced 'zee') in 2009, which Source Watch called a 'rebranding effort.'

The company is now up for sale.

AFP reported Blackwater operatives were accused of killing 17 Iraqis, wounding a further 22 in what was said to be an unprovoked attack in 2007. The company was later cleared of all wrongdoing. Blackwater was ordered out of Iraq earlier this year because of that violent incident said CBS News.

Scahill is a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at The Nation Institute. He recently wrote the book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army. Scahill is also an award-winning investigative journalist and in addition to writing for The Nation, he is a correspondent with Democracy Now!.

Scahill's article on Blackwater will be available in the October 4, 2010 print edition of The Nation.

Read more:

Your Weekly Address: Solar Power and a Clean Energy Economy

The President points to a revolutionary new solar plant that will employ 1,000 people and power 140,000 homes. The plant is possible because of the President’s investments in the clean energy economy, which Congressional Republicans want to eliminate.Watch the video.
Delicious Benefits of Beans for Diabetes
Posted by: "" shirl4116
Fri Oct 1, 2010 1:01 pm (PDT)

Delicious Benefits of Beans for Diabetes

Beans are a wonderful choice for people with diabetes. Here are some
delicious ways to work them into your summer menus.

Beans are a healthy choice for anyone--they'Beans are a healthy choice for
anyone--they're low in fat, and offer protein and a variety of
vitamins and minerals. But they may have extra benefits for people wit

Soluble fiber binds to carbohydrates and slows their digestion and
absorption all the way from belly to bloodstream, says Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN,
a nutrition adviser to the American Institute for Cancer Research, in
Washington, DC. This slow rise helps prevent wide swings in blood glucose
levels. Soluble fiber also helps lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels,
which are risk factors for heart disease--a concern for folks with diabetes,
who are at increased risk.

Keep in mind that beans are still carbohydrates, so you'll need to factor
them into your daily meal planning and carb counting, advises Ann Albright,
PhD, RD, president-elect of health care and education for the American
Diabetes Association. And when using canned beans, rinse and drain them to
remove some of the sodium.

Get Cooking
The MyPyramid Food Guidance System (www.mypyramid.The MyPyramid Food
Guidance System ( includes eating five 1/2-cup servings a
week for sedentary adults and up to six servings a week for more active
adults. But if you're not used to eating that many beans, you may want a
little inspiration in the kitchen. Browse the cookbook section of your local
library or favorite bookstore. Focus on Italian, Greek, Indian, Caribbean,
Mexican, and Middle Eastern cuisines, which tend to feature beans, says
Collins. And che

* Slip into a salad. Toss some garbanzo, Great Northern, or kidney beans,
or any favorite cooked legumes into a green leafy salad.

* Capture the flavors of summer. Serve up some summer succotash with fresh
baby lima beans and corn shaved straight off the cob.

* Perk up pasta. Marinate some mixed beans overnight in Italian salad
dressing with pasta, tomatoes, red bell peppers, cucumbers, and other fresh
veggies. Serve cold.

* Take a dip. Treat carrots, broccoli, green bell peppers, cucumbers, and
whole wheat pita bread to hummus, which is made from pureed garbanzo beans.

* Go tropical. Make a fruity salad with black beans, chunks of pineapple
or mango, red bell peppers, olive oil, and a squeeze of lime juice.

* Create a classic. Spice up beans and rice with chili powder, and top
with a dollop of low-fat plain yogurt.

* Make a perfect puree. Use bean puree to thicken soups or as a base for
dips and spreads.

* Keep it simple. Set out a bowl of fresh edamame soybeans still in the
pods and let your family have a go at this nutty-tasting treat. The edible
portion is inside. Just squeeze out the bean using your thumb and forefinger.
Pods should be completely green, so avoid those that are starting to
From the Eagle Watch #77

Trees are the Lungs of the Earth
October 2, 2010

One of our regular readers sent the following very clear and concise description of what is happening to the Earth as more and more trees are cut down to make room for some form of "development". It's not about numbers of people; it's about a destructive lifestyle that is nearing collapse. Thanks to John Lupson for his thoughtful comments.


John Lupson wrote:

In case you didn't read this, see article below about James Cameron in the Star. Obviously, it appears Cameron feels all he has to do is to show up and draw attention to a place like the oil sands or some place in Brazil that will be flooded over for a dam project. Possibly he feels he is contributing by drawing world attention to places like the tar sands.

One can only ask, how many scientists are currently studying the carryover effects of the microparticulites coming from the burning processes involved in melting down the tar sands. Carried on the westward prevailing winds across Canada, those microparticulites are coming across the cities and towns in Ontario and the Maritimes.

I studied Geography in 1968 at the university of Waterloo, Ontario. My professor, the head prof was from the Chicago area, probably a draft dodger and probably eager to pick up a full professorship with all the perks and tenure at Waterloo.

That prof told our large Arts class that at that time, 1968, scientists were already aware of world-wide pollution. Scientists were already tracking by radar the 24/7 continuous columns of smog and filth coming out of various factories in many countries around the world.

In 1968, we all gasped when the prof told us that the plumes of polluted smoke were so large that the clouds of smoke extended all the way around the world, endlessly circling the world day after day with no end in sight 24/7. It was only getting worse each day as more and more columns of more and more smoke circled the world, all being tracked by radar by scientists at that time, 1968.

And here it is 2010 and look at how many scientists completely ignore that data. So many scientists have that same data at their fingertips but their jobs come first and to heck with the public.

In 1992 I attended a lecture given by a scientist who said he was from the University of Western Ontario. He said he was once the close friend of President Richard Nixon's personal science advisor. That gives you the man's credentials. The man was then about 82 years old.

He was traveling the world flying helicopters over mountain tops where logging was being done. He said clear-cut logging was the standard practice being done yet clear-cut logging was against the law in most countries. He said that from the roadside you would think there was no clear cut logging being done in Brazil or even Canada. But if you flew over the mountaintop by helicopter you would see clear cut logging.

The scientist/prof then showed us the slide photographs he had personally taken in places like Brazil. Images of clear cut, land stripped of all trees.

The danger in clear cut logging is this and most people do not know this. This is what the professor told us that day.

Once you remove the root system of the tree from the mountain side or mountaintop, you have removed the sponge effect That sponge effect soaks up surplus water and holds it and slowly releases it. This makes a trickle of water non stop for Nature to nourish itself constantly and slowly and evenly.

Once the tree and tree roots are removed from a mountain top, when it rains, there is no sponge to soak up the water. The rain washes away the top 4 feet of precious soil that took millions of years to form over the top of worthless clay ground. The top soil washes away and is gone for another few million years. We will never replace that soil in our lifetime.

Over time, as the rains continue to fall heavily, the top of the earth which is then clay, is loosened and breaks off and slides downhill in huge mudslides. Nothing can stop the mudslides. You see this on tv every day now. It is the result of poor logging practices and clear cut logging and the loss of the sponge effect given by nature through the growth of trees over thousands and millions of years.

Secondly, the scientist talked about the oxygen given off by the trees. The scientists said at that time, that if there were never another tree cut down from that day forward, and if the human population continued to increase at the rate it was increasing at that time in 1992, then the earth's ability to provide oxygen for the living creatures on earth, the oxygen production would then become neutral. The humans would begin to use up more oxygen each day than what the trees were producing each day.

He was probably referring to the years 2060 or thereabouts when we would be lacking oxygen production to keep pace with the mammal need for oxygen on earth --that is if no other trees were ever cut down and no other trees were ever planted after 1992.

You can do the math for whatever has happened since that date in terms of tree loss and oxygen loss as we look forward to the next 20 or 30 or 40 years of economic development.

If the planet earth is to survive, and people with the planet, trees will have to be planted everywhere around the globe. Trees to soak up the carbon dioxide from the air we breathe out and to release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere around the globe itself. Trees to hold back the ice and snow from winters, to hold the ice and snow inside the forests until the middle of June so that the slow melting ice and snow produces trickle streams and brooks like long ago. When I was a small boy, there were trees and forests where all summer long, small animals and people could once walk cooled under the mighty trees in the heat of summer. All creatures could bend down and drink or scoop up pure, clear, clean, cool fresh water filtered clean by the plants and roots of the forest and held back by the mighty sponge roots of trees and plants. Beyond the forest grew row upon row of wild bushes of raspberries and black and eldeberries and apples and pears and cherries and peaches.

We all had water all year round. People and animals alike could walk through the hillside fields of hay and red clover. The fields were filled with butterflies and crickets and honey bees and raccoons and foxes and rabbits. The occasional deer would be looking at us. Overhead in the fall, sometimes the sky was dark as birds by the thousands flew over for days upon days without end as they headed to different places for food and heat. All of us could feel the slow rhythmn of the sun moving slowly across the sky making all things jump and grow. Nature would bring life to all creatures. It was nature at its best: water and shade.

We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing for your cyberphobic friends and relatives.
The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, both Indigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and an assortment of English language media


Native leader asks James Cameron to back fight against oilsands

Bob Weber The Canadian Press

After a closed-door meeting Tuesday, Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation said famed film director James Cameron has promised to do what he can to keep helping their cause.

FORT CHIPEWYAN, ALTA.—The people of Fort Chipewyan have a titanic new ally in their fight to keep their lands and waters clean in the face of growing oilsands development upstream from their community.

After a closed-door meeting Tuesday, Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation said famed film director James Cameron has promised to do what he can to keep helping their cause.

“It’s going to be a beautiful relationship,” said Adam.

“I’m here to help,” agreed Cameron, though he didn’t specify what form his support would take.

The Hollywood heavyweight arrived in Fort McMurray on Monday and almost immediately departed on an aerial tour of the oilsands with native leaders who have complained that oilsands pollution is ruining fish stocks and giving them cancer.

Cameron spoke briefly to reporters about the inspiration for his visit — his belief that places such as the oilsands are very much like the fictional planet Pandora in his movie “Avatar,” where mining expansion threatened the indigenous population.

Cameron spent Tuesday morning touring oilsands operations south of Fort Chipewyan with Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner and industry representatives. They visited Syncrude’s Bill’s Lake, an area the company has turned back to wilderness after mining the oily bitumen below the surface.

But he said it was the afternoon meeting with Adam and other community leaders that most impressed him.

“When you come here, the appeal is so passionate and so deeply concerned and you can really feel these people are worried for their kids,” said the director, who was born and raised in Ontario.

“When you can’t trust the water it’s a terrifying thing.”

Cameron said he was also encouraged by what he heard in his morning meeting with politicians and oilsands officials.

“Nobody’s talking about stopping this development,” he stressed. “This is too important an energy source for all of North America. I think it’s just a question of creating accountability in government and industry to the public good.”

Native leaders had issued an invitation to Cameron to visit after hearing him call the oilsands a “black eye” to Canada’s reputation earlier this year. On Tuesday, however, he insisted that his mind is open.

“I’m still taking it in,” he said. “I am still in sponge mode, just sort of finding out how all this works and getting my arms around it conceptually.”

He said he didn’t want all the media attention, but it “snowballed” into a fact-finding expedition.

“But that’s great, too, because it’s actually providing a forum for everyone to get their views heard on the media stage.

“Ultimately, it’s the public will, which the government must represent, that’s going to determine the outcome of all this,” Cameron said.

He was to meet with Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach in Edmonton on Wednesday.

“I think it is impossible to expect what is going on out here,” Cameron said.

“You can look at pictures of it, but until you have flown over it and you see the scope and scale of it, you don’t really realize what an enormous undertaking this is.”

Cameron travelled to Brazil twice earlier this year and joined an environmental group called Amazon Watch to try to stop the construction of a massive dam.

The dam project is still going ahead, but environmentalists say Cameron’s visits to remote villages brought the issue worldwide attention.

Several scientific studies have suggested that toxic heavy metals and hydrocarbons in the soil and water are linked to industrial emissions.

Last week, the Alberta government announced it would create an independent panel of scientists to try to determine the source of the contamination.
From the Eagle Watch #78

This is a complete sellout. Is there no one who can stop it??

Metis Northerners Sign MOU with Cameco and Areva
Friday, 01 October 2010

An agreement that is the first of its kind was signed today (Fri) between four Metis Northern Regions, Cameco and Areva.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the mining companies and the 4 MN-S Regions establishes a working group that will focus on workforce development, business development, community engagement, community investment and, regulatory and government relations.

Metis Northern Regions I, II, III, and Eastern Region I of Metis Nation - Saskatchewan are within the boundaries of the Northern Administrative District in Northern Saskatchewan.

>>>>No other details available at this time.

Metis Nation Saskatchewan

MN-S Front and Centre at Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The Métis Nation –Saskatchewan was front and centre during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Visitors to the Saskatchewan Pavilion were treated to many sites and sounds of Saskatchewan, including a video of Back to Batoche. Andrea Menard took to the stage during "Métis Nation - Saskatchewan Day".

March 25, 2010
Métis Nation – Saskatchewan benefits from Province’s Budget

March 25, 2010 (Saskatoon, SK) – The Métis Nation – Saskatchewan is pleased overall with yesterday’s Provincial Budget. Saskatchewan’s Finance Minister Rod Gantefoer delivered what he called a “ balanced budget” by reducing overall government spending by $121.3 million or 1.2 per cent from last year’s budget, a cut that will not affect the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan’s Mandate.

In fact, MN-S affiliates will benefit greatly from the budget as The Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF) will receive 1.4 million dollars to help provide financial assistance for economic development where currently there is a void for Métis clients. Another benefactor from this year’s budget is The Gabriel Dumont Institute which will see a 4.5% increase in funding to provide Post Secondary Training and Education to Métis citizens.

MN-S President Robert Doucette summed up his view on the budget by using a baseball analogy, “Although it’s not a homerun, it’s a solid double down middle field. This allows the MN-S to get our issues around the bases and hopefully help get them home.” He adds, “In a year of financial restraints, such a commitment is refreshing to see.”

This positive move forward shows good faith in the Province’s continued efforts to build relationships with its Métis citizens. It also enforces the dedication of 2010 being “The Year of the Métis” as not just a title, but a movement towards a stronger Province for all citizens, both Métis and non-aboriginal.

For more detailed information on the Province’s 2010/11 Budget, go to

For more information Contact:
Gaylene Poulin Manager of Communications
Métis Nation – Saskatchewan
406 Jessop Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7N 2S5
(306) 667-0428 (direct)
(306) 343-8285

Métis Nation - Saskatchewan
406 Jessop Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 2S5
Phone: 306.343.8285
Toll Free: 888.343.6667
Fax: 306.343.0171
Email: reception(at)

Please read the message below.....I appreciate all of you and hope that you can take a minute and pray for this little girl and her family. However you pray, whatever you sing, however you dance. Please give some time during your prayer for this young one that appears to also be a child that did not get the care she needed in time. I am tired of hearing about children and their parents not being heard.

Peace to all
Dear Ones I come to you this afternoon to ask for immediate prayers for a precious little girl, Michal Garza, she is Mandy Callaway's neice and Odilia's and Alfredo's granddaughter. She has had major gastointestinal problems for years with little help from doctors. She is nearly a teenager and continues to go down hill. They have made several trips to Ft. Worth's Cooks and have been turned away, telling them they were over reacting, well yesterday they returned and would not take no for an answer and admitted her and asked for a new Dr to see her. She now is on life support and monitors and is said to be in grave condition. Not expected to live. This family has had to bury a Son, Matthew several years ago from a brain bleed and they are really struggling with this situation. Mother and Father, Sherrell and John Garza are at her side, Grandparents, Odilia and Alfredo are in Stephenville with the other grandchildren and the parents don't want the other children to know it is so bad. Aunt Mandy is at home and praying non stop for a miracle. Please pray for this precious girl and her entire family and please pray for them to have to strength to lay her in God's hands, no matter the outcome. Thank you for your prayers and Mandy promised to keep me updated and I will forward word as I get it. Thank you again, from the boottom of my heart for your help in prayers. Love you guys! LaFreda
Please Light a candle in memory of my precious son, Scotty:
CherokeeLink Newsletter
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AOL - 10/4/2010 Newsletter

The Cherokee Nation recently distributed over $300,000 to nearly 130 rural volunteer fire departments throughout eastern Oklahoma at a recent appreciation dinner held at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa. See the video news story in the "Check It Out" box on the Cherokee Nation homepage:

Have you registered to vote in Cherokee elections? It is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Learn more here:

Fall is here and The Cherokee Challenge encouraging a healthy lifestyle continues. Find more information here:

The project to construct a veteran’s center at the W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex in Tahlequah, OK continues to look for volunteer to help make this dream a reality. Learn more by visiting our website:

Wado! (Thank you)
Cherokee Nation
P.O.Box 948
Tahlequah, OK 74465
918 453-5000

***Cherokee Nation News***
Cherokee Nation Contributes More Than $305K to Rural Fire Departments: 9/30/2010
(C) Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation contributed more than $305,000 to 127 rural northeastern Oklahoma fire departments at an awards banquet at the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa on Tuesday, Sept. 28. This additional funding will allow for volunteer firefighters to better serve their communities and purchase newer equipment as needed.

Cherokee Nation Offers Fall Community Language Classes: 9/30/2010
(C) Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation will be offering Cherokee language classes in several area communities within the tribe’s 14-county jurisdictional area this fall. Cherokee Nation’s Cultural Resource Center is sponsoring the free 10-week community language classes, which begin in October and run through December.

Sequoyah to Host Fast-Pitch Regional : 9/28/2010 3:42:00 PM
(C) Cherokee Nation
Sequoyah Schools will host the Class 3A fast-pitch softball regional tournament on Thursday, September 30.

Cherokee Youth Leadership Council Accepting Applications: 9/28/2010 8:31:00 AM
(C) Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation is seeking young men and women to represent their generation, their home communities and their Nation over the next year. The Cherokee Nation Youth Leadership Council is a group of 16 young Cherokee Nation citizens who hail from across the tribe’s jurisdiction. Involvement in the group provides council members an opportunity for hands-on government and leadership experience through participation in community meetings, service projects and developing ways to involve the youth in their communities in the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Elder Care Participant Likes Being First Involved: 9/27/2010 2:37:00 PM
(C) Cherokee Nation
For many years, Cherokee Nation citizen Faye Richardson of Locust Grove has enjoyed being involved in new programs. She was one of the first employees hired by the Cherokee Nation as a community health nurse where she served Cherokees and other Native Americans for more than three decades.

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**** Cultural Tidbits ****

The Treaty of Hopewell stated that any white person who entered into Cherokee territory forfeited their protection from the United States. This agreement initialized the government-to-government relationship between the United States and Cherokee Nation.
**Urgent Help Needed**
Friday, October 1 at 8:00am - October 6 at 4:00pm
Anywhere in Ottawa
I have been working on this for 7 months and it all comes down to A City Council Vote on October 6th - PLEASE READ, I NEED YOUR HELP.

On October 6, Ottawa City Council will vote on whether to save Ottawa’s Beaver Pond Forest from development. Amazingly, the unparalleled value of this City forest, believed to be one of the most biodiverse regions in Canada, is not in dispute. Ottawa is the only major city in the world to have an old-growth forest within an urban area and is one of only four Provincially Rated ANSI (Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest) with two or more ratings in all of Ontario (another is Algonquin Park), and home to nearly a dozen species at risk.

We have received support for this movement to save this forest from all over, including the David Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Club of Canada, Canadian Parks and Wilderness, Green Party of Canada, over a dozen Community-based organizations, including a 5,000-member grassroots Facebook group. Suburban Community and Aboriginal Leaders, in a rare show of solidarity, have stood hand-in hand and appealed for this land to be saved.

But it appears that developers, alone, get to make the decision to wipe this old-growth forest and its endangered species off the map, even though their decision will have profound environmental consequences for us all. Even though there are far more suitable places to build, the area’s protected status overturned in 1981, and we are expected to abide by this “development at all costs” decision. Despite years of community protest, we have been to date unable to have this unfortunate decision reversed.

It’s time for people like you and me to take back our right to have a voice in environmental decisions that affect us. These decisions cannot be left to financially- motivated developers politicians who favor development, no matter what the costs. Last year, of over 115 infrastructure development projects, not one was a green infrastructure project. We need to tell all Councillors and Mayor Larry O’Brien that the people of Ottawa want a say in this environmental decision, and that this forest must be preserved.

**City Council will vote on this motion to save the Beaver Pond Forest on Oct. 6. To politicians, silence = compliance, so please contact your Councilor and ask them to support the motion TODAY.**

And if you can, please FORWARD this message to five people you know
who are also tired of being “the silenced majority”. Once the forest is gone, it’s gone forever. Taking a minute of your time now will help us get our voices back—and allow us to save something very precious for future generations as well. Please send the following email to your City Councillor with a cc to the Mayor at Feel free to add your own comments too. Addresses for all Councillors:


Dear Councillor,

I live in your ward and I urge you to expropriate Ottawa’s Beaver Pond Forest. How you vote on this will influence who I vote for in the upcoming election.
- Expropriation is the right thing to do and the only way this City can correct the mistake made by the RMOC when it allowed the area to be included in the Campeau development plans back in the 1980s. Every politician of that day now recognizes that it was a mistake and, given what we know now, would never have allowed it to happen had they known more facts.
- The cost of expropriation is reasonable. The assessed value on the land is less than $55 K /acre. Staff valuation will certainly be generous and fair to the landowner. This is a value-added proposition as SMH is already a tourist destination and if properly managed will certainly bring revenues to The City long-term.
- The funds for expropriation are available. The City currently has a surplus of $31 M in unspent infrastructure funds. I’m tired of seeing my tax dollars being used to support only non-green development projects. Last year the City had over 115 infrastructure development projects and no green infrastructure at all.
- The electorate is increasingly attuned to green issues as a result of climate change, soaring energy costs, etc. A survey of Ottawa residents by the NCC found that Ottawa residents overwhelmingly place a high value on green space and want it expanded. Saving this forest will help Ottawa mitigate Climate Change and preserve an ancient and irreplaceable repository of climate change-threatened genetic material.
- Protecting the Beaver Pond and the South March Highlands creates immense value for the City that, properly managed, can be used to attract tourism. No other city in the world has an old-growth forest teeming with species-at-risk and other wildlife, stone-age archaeological sites, ancient vortexes/energy sites, and unique geological features that showcase how the Ice Age transformed Canada.

Therefore, I ask that you vote FOR Marianne Wilkinson and Clive Doucet’s motion to expropriate the Beaver Pond Forest in the South March Highlands of Kanata.

Adam Caldwell
Treasured Landscapes Initiative [4 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from included below]

Hello everyone,

I believe I may have already sent this info regarding the Treasured Landscapes Initiative, there are several pdf files attached.

When the meeting was held last November, the original initiative from the Obama Admin was proposed for sacred lands, in which 20 locations were going to be eligible. I was asked to submit a position paper for Bear Butte, which I did (see attached). Then out of nowhere, the initiative completely changed to what it is now.

Take a look at the files to see if this initiative may qualify for any issues you, your organizations or Tribes maybe working on.

Deadline is November 11th.

In peace & solidarity,

Attachment(s) from
4 of 4 File(s)
Treasured Landscapes.pdf
Bear Butte Position Paper_pdf-file.pdf
New Feature Film On Indicting Cheney For Torture, And You Can Help Make It Happen
Dear Friends And Activists,

We are about to go into production of a new full length feature
motion picture, "The Last War Crime ", the story of war crimes
brought to justice in the United States. And to pique your interest,
on the page below is a link to the script for the opening sequence,
where we start tracing the trail from the 9/11 attacks, which leads
to a case for war based on false confessions obtained by torture.

The Last War Crime opening page:

When an U.S. Attorney with integrity accidentally uncovers evidence
of war crimes, he gets fired to try to shut down the investigation he
was duty bound to pursue. Then it is only the heroism of his
assistant in reviving the case, that culminates in a valiant mission
to serve the Vice President with his arrest warrant in public, before
evil administration operatives can bury the indictment forever.

And you can be part of helping to make this epic production a
reality, by making a donation of any amount, and we will send you one
of the new "Last War Crime" caps, or help yourself to any of our
other progressive policy gifts.

The Last War Crime caps:

The beautiful new cap features the name of the movie, so you can help
us spread the word about the project, together with a beautifully
embroidered and detailed white dove, long the emblem of the Peace
Team. This has to be the most beautiful cap we have ever created,
because it is all about peace.

All the other dramatic productions we have created over the last
couple years, like the radio play for peace last fall featuring Ed
Asner, were just a warm up for this spectacular new activist project.
We are intensively working on casting right now, all the production
equipment we will need is lined up, including the highest resolution
state of the art digital movie camera, and we anticipate commencing
principal photography before the end of the month. In short, we
expect a finished work ready for prime time on the big screen, and so
can you.

So please stay tuned, and we will share more and more details about
the story. We have posted the first act of the script on the page
above, and we will be putting up videos of segments of the actual
film as we are shooting it, so you can see what wonderful use we are
making of your donations that make this all possible.

And let us all envision the day of the last war crime.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at
Aim Santa BarbaraOctober 4, 2010 at 9:40pm
Subject: in support of La Raza Studies in AZ will be held at Cal State U at 10/14
In the Ventura County-Santa Barbara area, the event in support of La Raza
Studies in Tuscon AZ will be held at California State University at Channel
Islands OCT. 14TH, 6 p.m. Please get to the campus ahead of time so you can
find parking.

In addition to having our friends from Arizona present information about their
struggle, please know that we intend to ask for donations to support the
lawsuit that has been filed to stop this racist attack on our people.

Sean Arce. Director of Raza Studies at the high school district in Tuscon, AZ
and colleagues from that area will be at CSUCI on October 14th to present
about the struggle that is presently underway in their community to save Raza
Studies. The AZ State Board of Education has voted to abolish this important
discipline statewide. This particularly community has worked hard to build what
is perhaps the largest secondary school ethnic studies program in the nation.
You are invited to attend this important event. Presenters will share their
issues; they will share video footage on the struggle; and they will provide
for an educational experience and a wake up call for those who attend.

California State University at Channel Islands (CSUCI)
Aliso 150 Lecture H
October 14th @ 6 p.m.
Campus parking is $6

Here is a link to the campus maps:;

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane.
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person.
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful.
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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