Friday, January 7, 2011

Old River Road Marker

Old River Road Marker

Many years ago Sharon Kitchen, founder of Save The Sacred Sites Alliance, brought this issue forward to receive the attention that it finally received. It finally was accomplished, Dec. 28, 2010.
She was not notified for the relocation ceremony. But was none the less happy that it occurred.
The history mentioned in the article only gives a slight indication in one sentence concerning Native Americans. THIS WAS THEIR PATH! The Yamasee had their villages and burial sites all over McIntosh County. Many other Nations traveled back and forth as well. And the Old River Road new River Road is loaded with historic sites and burials of Indigenous origin.

For a long time, many in McIntosh County, Ga. have denied, ignored, and hoped would people would be ignorant of the immense Native American Nations history and historic sites in McIntosh County. Their own McIntosh County log book gives historic descriptions. the 1976 map is from the Fort King George historic site. "This was originally an (Indigenous Village) site."

I am not surprised that the Indigenous History was not included since in 1895 when Clarence B. Moore, documented all the sites that he could find, no one was interested in coming to talk to him except from Brunswick, Ga.

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