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TheLongest Walk 3 –Reversing Diabetes 2011 Georgia Thank you, List

TheLongest Walk 3 –Reversing Diabetes 2011

The Georgia Thank You List

From: Dave & Sharon Kitchen

To all the walkers/runners/support people and DennisBanks,

Our state ofGeorgia thanks you. Our county of McIntosh thanks you. You will never know howmuch

We appreciate all you have done. Have a safe journey therest of the way to D.C. As the Ga. Coordinators

We could not have done all we wanted to do without the GREAThelp of some fantastic people I will attempt to list. I may leave out someone,so please know it is not Intentional. First , the Ga.,State Patrol

Under Captain Phillips & his assistant , JeniferPendarvis managed all the counties andphone calls with

Professionalism unmatched. Sgt. Bruce Deloach andTroop I also were great. In Camden County P. Frost did a great job. This wasput to the test when the walkers and runners came over the Fl/Ga. Line in the incorrectarea. But after a quick turn, all met up and the walkers/runners crossed overinto Camden, where Kevin Blue ,chairman of the Democratic Party of Camden County all other members werewaiting. Dave and I were there with them. Earlier the Judah Riders were therein numbers, but due to the wait, they had to go on. But they did turn out in alarge number. Thank you Judah riders. The walker/runners and support team allproceeded from Kingsland, Ga. to Woodbine, Ga. for the night at the SatillaRiver Park. Many photos were taken. This was day one Sunday 6-12-11.

On Monday 6-13-11 the LW3 left Woodbine, Ga on their way toDarien, Ga. They passed through Brunswick, Ga. and walked from the park area bythe St. Simmons causeway to the other side of Brunswick on St. Route 17 to Darien,Ga. After a brief stop for lunch and much needed water, on to Darien, Ga. Theythen entered Darien, Ga crossing over the Darien River. Darien News was on the Darien side to capturethe moment, along with our GREAT supporter Darlene Kruse . The LW3 continued onthrough Darien to the Glory Worship Center on St. Hwy. 99 in Darien, Ga. Thereall were treated to an unforgettable Low-Country Boil cooked by none- otherthan Darlene Kruse. Music provided by Dave Kitchen on guitar and Sharon Kitchenon Native drum. One of the LW3 walkers, Yamada also played his instrument. Fredand Darlene Kruse did a FANTASTIC job. They also provided the GREAT deserts.Martha Wright had the fruit bowl and vegetable plates that were awesome. Ienjoyed the vegetables as well as those walkers that are vegetarian. Everyoneate well. The air condition felt great. Butch Ginn of the Glory Worship Centergot everyone settled. He did a wonderful job. Bill Lewis assisted Darlene inthe cooking of the Low-Country Boil. Smith & Sons Seafood provided all theshrimp and the cooker. Piggly Wiggley grocery provided all the milk,tea,fruitand vegtables.Thank you Mr. Burgess and Linda Tennett. Some of the walkersnoticed a thrift store in Darien as they passed it and wanted to go check itout. The owners of the Rummage Room, Earl and Brandie Tennett, kept it open andmany found brand new items to wear. This was very generous of them. After suchgood food, a long rest was in order. Thenext day would start early. A big thank you to pastor Lee Brandt for lettingthe LW3 stay at his church.

Tuesday 6-14-11 All the LW3 up and going very early. Theusual were up at 3 am, ready at 4 am, and off at 5 am. This was to avoid theextreme heat of the day. All walkers walked 25 miles a day. All runners ran 50miles a day. The support team followed all. On this day they were on their way to Midway, Ga., on St. Hwy. 17 north.They went through Eulonia, Ga., got off at Pine Harbor, Ga. for a rest andlunch at Dave & Sharon’s horse farm. The R.V. was being decorated and alsoneeded a little attention in the wiring department. While this was being done,clothes were washed, showers taken, and a special trip was taken to LauraBailey’s vet clinic for a meet and great time with photos with her Appaloosastallion “Feather”. Laura’s practice is called Pine Harbor Animal Clinic. AlsoJim McMahon also took Dennis Banks on a very important side trip to a Federallyprotected ancient site at Harris Neck Wildlife Preserve.

Then it was time to go forward to Midway. At Midway therewas a welcome by the Mayor of Midway, Dr. Clemontine F. Washington and herassistant mayor as well as the county commissioner who gave a very goodintroduction explaining the diabetic problems that face the communities. Theyhad an EMT there to take blood checks for levels. The newspaper, The CoastalCourier was also there .Denise Etheridge did a nice article on the LW3. You cansee the article that was posted on 6-17-11 at The Midway P.D. also needs a thank you forthe around the clock checks assuring all vehicles where safe. Also food anddrinks were provided.

On Wednesday, 6-15-11 the LW3 got up early to start thewalk/run to Port Wentworth, Ga. WTOC channel 11 met them at their stoppingpoint for a snack and recorded a live interview that played on Wednesday. TimGraham was the camera man. The LW3 then proceeded onto Port Wentworth, Ga.

This was a long walk. Miles were accomplished this day. Allarrived at the P.B. Edwards Jr. Gym around 4 pm. Mrs. Growe, the ExecutiveDirector of the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce met the LW3.

As there was a laundry near- by, a much needed wash and drytime happened. While at the gym area the walkers and runners continued to gettheir miles in each day. They also passed out flyers explaining the walkthroughout the neighborhoods.

On Thursday, 6-16-11 Dennis Banks went to speak to theRotary Club of Effingham County. Three of our ladies dressed in their regaliaand Dennis was introduced by the President Mark Winters. Dennis gave awonderful speech and the ladies talked about where they were from and their regalia.All had a lunch.

On Friday, 6-17-11 more miles logged around Port Wentworth,Ga. Later in the evening we learned of a change of plans for Saturday, 6-18-11.So Dave contacted a distant relative and plans were made for the move to afriends’ organic farm about 15 minutes away. The walkers wanted to go into Savannah, Ga on Saturday late to keepspreading the message about reversing diabetes. Thank you Suzanne Aiken andNick Mueller.

On Saturday,6-18-11 we were to arrive at the all organicfarm. It is owned by Mike Maddox and is called Green Bridge Farm on 1302Zittrouer Rd. in Guyton, Ga. email:

So we all loaded up and the caravan left Port Wentworth, 8:45am to the new Saturday night stay location Green Bridge Farm. We arrivedthere around 9:40am. Wow…..what a place. As we had many who were vegetarianwith us this was a place to dream about. Walk out and pick your vegetables andfruit. Could not get any better. Mike was a great host. Many found the saunaand hot tub, so many a sore foot and back were eased. Food was prepared and allwere fed. Yes!!!!

On Sunday, 6-19-11 time to get up and going again. So backto the route from Port Wentworth, Ga. to St. route 25, to St. Hwy.170E whichbecomes Hwy. 17 again. In S.C, also known as “Alligator Alley”, Someone fromthe S.C. side was to be there to welcome the LW3 into S.C. No one from S.C. wasthere so Dave and I went with them all the way into Hardeeville, S.C. to therestaurant called the Crippled Crab restaurant. Inside was the welcoming group.Outside , after the walkers arrived a prayer was said by Sharon, introductionsby Dennis. A police officer met our vehicles; Mr. Benton was present and ChiefBuster Hatcher and his wife. The mayor of Hardeeville, S.C. was there also. Weall went in and had a breakfast. Later Dave played 3 songs for the LW3 and weall said heartfelt good byes. I thinkthis was the roughest part for me. Such good people. Walking and running in agood way. For a good cause.

Yes, I will truly miss each and every one. Did I takepictures???? You bet. 12 rolls. I should also mention that our dog ,”star” wasthe Ga. LW3 mascot. She loved every minute. Since they have been gone, she has beenpouting. She misses them. She had adopted them as her family.

I should make a special note here: Ga. has been in a severedrought. Since the LW3 entered Georgia we have had rain every night they were inthe state. The night they were in S.C. the rain stopped. 7 nights of rain. Iwill let the readers of this be the person who figures this out.

For me, the Creator is with this great group of people. Asthey walk they drum and sing and pray.

Several are from many other countries and faiths. But allare walking and running for one reason,

To REVERSE DIABETES. July 8th is the day for the arrival of both the North and theSouth routes at the D.C. mall. I will be with all in spirit.

P.S. : as soon as possible I will get all the pictures up.

Sharon L. Kitchen

Co-founder of Save the Sacred Sites Alliance and for a shorttime co-Ga. state coordinator for LW 3.

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