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Indigenous News 12/6/2011

Indigenous News 12/6/2011 Aim Santa BarbaraDecember 3rd 4th Mission Santa Barbara is Celebrating its 225 year of abuse Its time for a Silent Protest for the Chumash and all California Tribes affected by the Missions that Raped, Murdered and Enslaved our Ancestors. Saturday December 3rd, Mission Lawn, 5 pm to 9pm Please dress in all black, bring a candle, and sign. Please remember that this is a silent and peaceful protest.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Bernardo GallegosGómez-Quiñones argues for readers to connect to the intellectual traditions of an ever-present American Indigenous civilization. With this new consciousness of lndigeneity, readers can better understand the intellectual and cultural heritage of all peoples in the Western hemisphere as a continuation of millennia of history and civilization.Indigenous Quotient/Stalking Words: American Indian Heritage as Future - Juan Gomez-Quinones : Small Indigenous Quotient/Stalking Words: American Indian Heritage as Future@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@M.s. Johnna Deadline to File a Claim in Keepseagle Approaching Fast | Indian Land Tenure Foundation ~all native american farmers and ranchers ~ If you are a Native American farmer or rancher, you may be eligible to file a claim for up to $50,000 in the $760 million Keepseagle Settlement reached with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).Deadline to File a Claim in Keepseagle Approaching Fast | Indian Land Tenure Foundation www.iltf.orgIf you are a Native American farmer or rancher, you may be eligible to file a claim for up to $50,000 in the $760 million Keepseagle Settlement reached with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Settlement is a result of the Keepseagle v. Vilsack class action lawsuit which claimed ... posted in Tsalagi United. Rama StrongBear 8:34pm Dec 3 Osiyo Friends and Family: Today is a different day for me for I was sharing what my Grandmother use to tell me as a child growing. Now with respect to Brother Bear and everyone here I would like to share something most Cherokee People do not talk about... So I found myself looking and praying about it and then my spirit felt to share it with you here... With respects: CHEROKEE LEGENDS OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE The Cherokee, like other Native American tribes and indigenous people around the world have many legends going back centuries about how the world was formed and how the world works. It is my hope here to share a tradition which not to many people know about or talk about. These Cherokee stories which are ancient tell of the nature of the animals, plants, trees, mountains, streams and rivers of the land in the Smokey Mountains and the Appalachian Mountain region. One of the Old story from the Cherokee Nation is tales which include accounts of “the little people,” the “Yunwi Tsunsdi.” These beings are sometimes described as being spirits, and other times as small human-like people, about two feet to four feet tall. These little people who the Cherokee nation calls ‘Yunwi Tsunsdi’ may have different appearances and yet according to legend, they may be of three or four different types. They are well shaped and handsome, and their hair so long it almost touches the ground. Little people can be kind and helpful, especially to children, great wonder workers, and can also play tricks on people. They love music and spend most of their time drumming, singing, and dancing. Sometimes their drums are heard in lonely places in the mountains, but it is not safe to follow it, for they do not like to be disturbed at home, and they will throw a spell over the stranger so that he is bewildered and loses his way, and even if he does at last get back to the settlement he is like one dazed ever after. They can also be dangerous if a human intrudes on them, and they have the power to confuse the mind of a human. The little people have the ability to remain unseen and invisible if they choose and generally avoid being detected by humans. But, at times, they will reveal themselves. They live close to nature, in the forests and mountains. They have a spiritual aspect to them and they try to teach humans about kindness, joy and respect. Some Little People are black, some are white and some are golden like the Cherokee. Sometimes they speak in Cherokee As we try to understand our world, nature and the universe, we collectively use a wide range of investigative methods: Science, observation of and interaction with nature, direct experiences of many kinds, spiritual teachings, history, human legends, art, music and other paths. Below is one human legend shared by people liken to my Grandmother and other Elders who have or know of such people. The Laurel, Rock and Dogwood Nation (People) Over the years we use our Grandfathers’ the Great Rocks but as time moves forward, the Rock People became mean ones who was known to practice the actions of ‘getting even.’ They would be know later in the stories as the ones who would steal children who where themselves mean. This is what happens when their space is being invaded. Of course there are those who are good in nature and even are known to take care of people in general. They are known as the Dogwood Nation (People). Dogwood People share their nature by fast growing and when they are in bloom; will be full of flowers. It is the nature of the Dogwood People that helped bring the love and peace to the forest people, as well as the Cherokee People. We know that everything that has to do with the medicine of the Cherokee People is for learning and teaching. Liken to the Little People these lesson was past down to us. 1. The Rock People teaches us that what ever you do you will get the Karma back. Always we must respect all limits and boundaries of everything around us. 2. The Dogwood people teaches us, when we do anything to anyone make sure it is done in goodness of our own heart. Do not make people obligated to anyone or yourself for personal gain. 3. The Laurel People teaches not to take to the world too seriously. Be in joy and we must learn to share the joy with others. Remember, the Laurel People like to play tricks and at times may be mischievous in nature but never mean. Because the Laurel People have a humorous nature and love to share the joy with others. Do Hi Yi Ga Do Ga Awi StrongBear@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@M.s. Johnna Where is one more Fake Cherokee Organization: Wannabes are systematically destroying Cherokee history, culture, language and sovereignty and some of our own people are helping them either by collaborating with them or remaining silent. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy of PA - Earth Band secherokee-confederacypa.orgCheck out My dear friends, I am in need of your help for a very important program! The Extreme History Project is competing to win film making equipment and support for a documentary project. We REALLY need people to simply click on the link below and play the video. Each play of the video counts towards our winning this much needed equipment for a fabulous organization. Will you please help and forward this out to all your contacts and ask for their support? THANKS everyone, I know I can always count on you!Shelley Bluejay Pierce From the Extreme History Project-We have submitted a video pitch to the Montana Film Office “Pitch the 406 contest” where we can win the use of $20,000 worth of film equipment and support to make our Fort Parker Documentary. There are only 27 video’s competing, so we really have a shot at this! All you have to do is watch! Every view is a vote, so watch the short video and share the link with your friends!! Thanks!!Here’s the link: Extreme History Project has been researching the history of Fort Parker, the First Crow Indian Agency and has been working with PBS Montana to create a documentary detailing the reservation period of the Crow Nation. The Extreme History Project has recieved a grant to film oral history interviews on the Crow reservation as a the foundation of the documentary. These interviews will interweave with the history of Fort Parker and the second agency near Absarokee Montana. This story is an important part of Montana history, but is generally unknown and untold. Its expression has enormous potential for awareness, understanding and healing. America's Indigenous peoples have suffered the historical trauma of this period for seven generations. It is time for this story to be told. Learn more about the Extreme History Project at CherokeeLink Newsletter ************************** OsiyoWith the arrival of the Christmas season, the annual Cherokee Nation Angel Tree is here as well! Located in the main lobby of the W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex near Tahlequah, our tree has gift information for nearly 1,500 men, women and children who might otherwise go without this Christmas. Won't you please be an "Angel"? Drop by the tribal complex and choose one or more persons to provide for this year. Wado! Wado! (Thank you) Cherokee Nation P.O.Box 948 Tahlequah, OK 74465918************************** ***Cherokee Nation News***** **************************Baker nominates BIA regional leader for Secretary of State:11/29/2011 2:42:24 PM© Cherokee NationCherokee Principal Chief Bill John Baker has tapped a regional Bureau of Indian Affairs Director as the tribe’s new Secretary of State. Nation requests Public Comment:11/29/2011 8:43:00 AM© Cherokee NationOkla. — A public comment period will open in December so that Cherokee Nation citizens and other residents can make their voices heard about the tribe’s intentions to apply for a 2012 Community Development Block Grant through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Nation Registration to visit Delaware County:11/29/2011 8:40:12 AM© Cherokee NationThe Cherokee Nation is offering assistance with applications to obtain Cherokee Nation citizenship and Certificate Degree of Indian Blood cards in Delaware County on Monday, Dec. 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Sam Hider Health Center in Jay, 1015 Washbourne St. Arts Center Now Open:11/29/2011 8:13:09 AM© Cherokee NationThe Cherokee Arts Center is now fully operational, giving the Nation’s artists a place to teach, learn, create, exhibit and sell their work. The CAC is in downtown Tahlequah at 212 S. Water St. Nation Registration to visit Sequoyah County:11/30/2011 1:32:17 PM© Cherokee NationThe Cherokee Nation is offering assistance with applications to obtain citizenship within Cherokee Nation and a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood card in Sequoyah County on Friday, Dec. 9, at the Sallisaw Sub-Office, 110 N. Elm and again on Wednesday, Dec. 14, at the Cherokee Community Center in Muldrow, 607 N. Main. Nation Angel Tree gives children a Brighter Christmas:11/29/2011 11:30:54 AM© Cherokee NationYou can make a child’s Christmas brighter this year by adopting an angel from the Cherokee Nation Angel Tree. Angels are available to adopt from trees located at the Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex and at W.W. Hastings Hospital in Tahlequah through Monday, Dec. 12. Chief Baker nominates Rogers State official to Newspaper board :11/30/2011 2:00:23 PM© Cherokee NationPrincipal Chief Bill John Baker has nominated Claremore resident Clarice Doyle to the editorial board of the Cherokee Phoenix. Tobacco Prevention program reaches 5,000th Student:11/29/2011 11:42:13 AM© Cherokee NationThe Cherokee Nation set a milestone by reaching the 5,000th area student to take part in the tribe’s school-based tobacco prevention program. It happened during a tobacco prevention presentation held recently at Dewey Middle School. order set for Tribal Council election:12/1/2011 4:37:09 PM© Cherokee NationThe ballot order is now in place for January’s special election to fill a vacant Tribal Council seat. Seat 1 for District 1, which includes Cherokee County and eastern Wagoner County, was vacated earlier this year when incumbent Bill John Baker was elected principal chief.********************************* **** Other Links of Interest *********** ********************************* Games - Community Calendar - RSS Feed - Podcasts - E-Cards - RubioThe first and most important value change to be made is in the heart. The heart where love resides has different values. Only when we all love each other as one human race, seeing the planet as one common homeland, caring for and cooperating with one another as one loving family, will we find ideal, real, solutions for the problems we are facing.Oren Lyons: Value Change for Survival ECU#574 Oren Lyons: Value Change for Survival Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan, Onondaga Nation who for decades has been a visionary voice, active in international ind... From the Eagle Watch December 5, 2011This article is important and interesting in its own right for theGitxsan people. It is also more widely interesting and importantbecause it is a scenario being repeated all over Indian country fromNunavut to James Bay to Gitxsan territory in the west. It's part ofthe colonial strategy of divide and conquer in its modernvariation. With first nations being corporations, these people areplaying a dangerous game with their own. All power to theTraditional people and original ways of knowing.Kittoh<> ---------- Forwarded message----------From: Rafe Mair<>Date: Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 4:12 PMSubject: Gitxsan sign with EnbridgeTo: rafe@rafeonline.comSubject: Gitxsan sign withEnbridgeRAFE HERE … I was at the NewsConference where 130 First Nations signed the Fraser Covenant whichopposed the proposed Enbridge pipeline from the Tar Sands to Kitimat andopposed shipping to Vancouver via the Kinder Morgan line.. I was shocked this morning to read that the Gitxsan Tribehad signed a deal with Enbridge.So, it seems, were the Gitxsan people as witness thepress release below. Please pass this along The Gitxsan people are outraged… IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASEDecember 2, 2011Gitanmaax, B.C.… …“The Gitxsan people are outraged with the Enbridge Northern GatewayPipeline Agreement”…Contrary to the announcement of Elmer Derrick of today’s date, therepresentatives of the Plaintiffs to the British Columbia Supreme CourtAction No. 15150, cited as Spookw v. Gitxsan Treaty Society, oppose theAgreement. The Gitxsan plaintiffs include Hereditary Chiefs and fourGitxsan bands with a population of over 6,000 Gitxsan people; themajority of whom are House members in the Gitxsan traditional systemrepresented by Hereditary Chief, Spookw, in the court action.The representatives do not support Enbridge Northern GatewayPipeline agreement entered into by Elmer Derrick and state “Elmer Derrickand the Gitxsan Treaty Society/Gitxsan Economic Development Corp. doesnot speak for all Gitxsan. The Gitxsan people had no knowledge of theproposed Agreement nor were they consulted”. The Plaintiffs contend thatthe Gitxsan Treaty Society, or the Gitxsan Development Corporation, doesnot have the authority to enter into such Agreements without consultingor being authorized by the Gitxsan people.Knowledge of the signed Agreement was only obtained throughmedia, much like the Gitxsan Alternative Governance Model of May 2008,the subject matter of litigation in Spookw v. Gitxsan TreatySociety.The representatives say that not only were the communitiesnot consulted, but importantly, the Environmental Review Process is notyet complete with community hearings being scheduled for January 2012;therefore, a decision to support it is, at best, premature. Until theEnvironmental assessment is complete there is no basis for saying thisproject is safe to build.The Representatives say the 7 Million dollars is a pittancein comparison to the potential environmental impacts which will becatastrophic. The GTS/GED is willing to jeopardize the sustenance of theFirst Nations people for a few million dollars is reprehensible and isnot supported by the Gitxsan people.Mr. Derrick espouses the importance of Gitxsan Law; however,breached such law by announcing and celebrating the Agreement on the dayof the funeral of an elder matriarch and Hereditary Chief. This type ofconduct brings shame and is disrespectful to the grieving family and thetraditional system.The representatives say that Mr. Derrick has embarrassed andshamed the Gitxsan people by undermining the 61 First Nations who areopposed to the project. The representatives say “We stand in solidarityto those opposing it.”@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Billie Fidlin ‎"Lozen was a Chihenne-Chiricahua Apache born around 1840 (as, I believe, was Dahteste). Lozen was admired by her brother, Victorio. He thought and spoke of her as a brave, protective and strategic warrior for himself as well as their tribe. At the age of 7 Lozen began to display horse riding ability, so she was guided and encouraged to ride a horse and became an excellent horsewoman. Lozen was also a prophet who could “see” where the enemy was coming from..." Read more by clicking on WnT link Apache Warrior Women below. Apache Warrior Women whispernthunder.orgCheck out !@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Aim Santa BarbaraFamily comes first no matter what, you can not be any sort of activist if you can not take care of/or support your children. Activism starts at home. These so called "warriors" don't do shit for thier own families- that right there will tell you who you are dealing with- and who you are dealing with is a fucking hypocrite and some one that is perpetuating the oppression of our people- perpetuating violence against our people. They are perpetuating sickness in our communities....they are parasites = leeches-- "When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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