Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sacred Sites Issue

From Marcie Lane
A new issue has come up in Townsend ,Ga over an existing bombing range that is wanted to be turned into an airforce base, 51,000+ acres involved are of federally documented Muskogee Creek land.The land in question is listed in Clarence B Moore's book 1869,Louis Larsen, and present archeologist Patrick Garrow of Ga.The comment period is open right now and I will post this to the group also by email. Here are my comments:

The entire 51,000 acres of the bombing range is registered on the federal list of Sacred Places. It is Muskogee Creek land with old village sites and burial mounds and has been documented in a public book by Clarence B Moore 1869 and later on by Louis Larsen and Patrick Garrow all archeologists. NAGPRA law section 106 applies here. Has anyone even bothered to obey the law and go through the proper procedure for this land? I being of Muskogee descent object strongly against the plans for this land of my ancestors that does not belong to you but to my people whom you stole it from. I would like a report on how you have complied with section 106 Of the NAGPRA LAWS.
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