Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Technology Gone Wrong

Since Sharon left home today our entire house has been blanketed with microwaves. The way I know is that I called California and had a guy who deals with this type of attack on innocent people, explain it to me. Though I can not pay for his services, he still gave me some advice. The microwaves show up on our video cameras as interference of a special type of wave that comes across the screen that I described to the professional and he told me what they were. Whoever is giving these microwave weapons to those who are doing this, is doing it illegally, because these are military grade weapons. They are attempting to make me ill so Sharon will have to deal with all the farm work here even though she is ill. How evil is that? Prayers are important at this time. By the way if you think I am nuts by talking about this, read here.

The weapons do exist.

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