Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update On Lab Rats

Must have upset the thugs when I posted the blog below. The had to reply with gunfire. But that's what thugs do. They only know violence. And it only proves they monitor my internet posts and our telephones.
Thank you thugs. You proved you are monitoring me.
Lab Rats


Many years ago I began to understand the meaning of freedom.
I love my country. But I don't love the power hungry people that control it.
Chuck Hagel once inferred that if you don't care enough to criticize your government when it's wrong, you really don't love your country when he was opposing Bush's debacle in Iraq.

I have always worked to help Indigenous People move forward in this country and anywhere else I could, because there are those who want them to be kept helpless and hopeless.

I worked always within legal bounds to accomplish this. Even our protests were legally done.
I have worked with, but not been a member, of many Indigenous groups working to better Indigenous People, or protect their rights, including the American Indian Movement. Never at any time did I use violence or underhanded ways to accomplish my goals.

I never joined these organizations nor did I try to become federally recognized even though I am more than half Cherokee with a little Creek and Yamasee and have a distant relation to some of the Canadian Indigenous People, because, as child or man, I never lived on a Reservation. My family (father's and mother's) all chose to depart from their people and join United States society to get jobs and blend in. My wife has done my genealogy and I would be glad to let anyone look at. If it has any flaws, I will admit them publicly for all to see. One example is my father's mother is Minnie Boggs who is the Granddaughter of John O. Boggs of the Cherokee. She is the only one who had any "well known" Cherokees, and Creeks in her family, that I know of so far.

But I do not try to "Play Indian" like some do, because I was not raised traditionally, and I have seen many who look very bad at what they are doing and they portray Indigenous beliefs, life, language, spirituality, etc incorrectly. Oh I used to when I was younger try to live the life and spirituality. But I really felt stupid when I messed up. And loved Indigenous People so much that I did not want to hurt them in any way.

So basically, I am just a support type person who do nice things like the diabetes run that Dennis Banks did a year or so ago. I really enjoyed that. It was good to see people from all over the world and many Indigenous People there, because no matter how I try, I can not totally think like a the typical USA society. It must be my DNA or something. :)

Anyway, In the 1990s my wife and I got an Indigenous Radio program in Atlanta, Ga.(She was born on the Qualla Boundary. And her story of how she was kidnapped as a child from her real Cherokee family by the US government in the 1950s has been posted online before)

We made several great friends including Joseph Lowery. But we also made powerful enemies and some were in government offices. (Zell Miller for one). My wife's big thing is to stop people from desecrating graves and ancient village sites, with a focus on Indigenous graves. And sometimes very wealthy/ powerful people want to build things in places where Indigenous People (or other people) are buried and no one is supposed to get in the way.

Well after a little while I began to have rapid heart beats and hot feelings in my body. So I went to a doctor who said it was all in my head and gave me a psychiatric med that wiped out my brain chemistry and nearly killed me. Then a series of other doctors gave me other meds that took me further and further down hill. Then we moved to McIntosh County, Georgia.

I've told the story before how I was following Indigenous ways but saw the real Jesus in a vision and was healed.
And I have also told how mentally and physically ill I was. Sharon got a small horse farm with a very little inheritance and used her inheritance all up by people conning her out of her money here.

So after a few unfortunate run ins with the local thugs and Sharon getting involved with grave protection again and ticking off some powerful people, harassment began here. It began as simple vandalism and shots fired all around us to murdering our animals.

Then I began to get hot flashes again and mental confusion. But it was different this time because it was temporary and would pass when I left home. I also noticed strange inference lines on the outdoor cameras that we bought.
Also I felt irritable here and had some unusual thought patterns that I had never had before.

This time I began doing searches on the internet. I came of with a man who specializes in people being bombarded with high intensity EMF Waves. Before you say I am nuts, the technology does exist. Look it up.

He told me that folks in our own government have been testing this technology on folks without their consent or knowledge for many years. Basically it can be be focused microwaves or other high intensity EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) waves that can change people's personalities, damage body parts (including the brain), cause illness and kill you or your animals.

Indigenous People have been their targets for many years. But white, African Americans, any race can get in their program if you tick off the right powerful person.
Well guess what folks, I am in the program. Yep, those nice hot flashes are the EMF waves cooking my insides and my health, which was great is deteriorating. And many times I have to think through my thoughts, which had become fine, being dazed and confused and angry.

How are they doing it? Well I suspect one has been planted next door on the vacant property under the mound with the dog house on it. And some are coming from houses close by to us. Why do my neighbors not like us?
Number one, I am not all Lilly white. But also I was singing Christian songs outside when my mother died to comfort me because that is the way I follow now. And I read scripture out loud. I asked to village idiot who runs the ambulance service when my wife was sick with leukemia and trying to rest to stop banging away one day. He was very hostile. Then I asked the guy two houses down across the street to turn down his music when my wife was sick. Another guy just liked to kill our animals and vandalize our place and shoot all around us and hung out right across the street. Pick a reason.

According to the professional these EMF weapons have advanced enough that they can sometimes be DNA specific. So you get only the target person. But the flaw in that is if you send those EMF waves out there, others are going to get some. Or they might have DNA close to mine.

The problem is many people and animals are getting sick here and dying, as have several of our animals. So these folks that are being used to house these weapons are getting bad info. Many people who have tried to hurt us have died here, not by my hand, by God/ the Creator.

But whenever any comes to check it out they cease activity because they have our phones tapped, our internet monitored, and we are watched and followed constantly. We even have people who tailgate us to harass us.

What we have here is a melding of powerful/ evil people using ignorant/ arrogant people to their own demise to get us.

And many of our "friends" talk nice. But so far we have no help here. I just wanted to put this out in case I don't make it.
Sharon and the animals will be on their own. I hope people won't just talk when she needs help because from what I have seen, many except, my "Cuz" who tries on the Internet to help, don't give a tinkers dam. They have big talk. And want to use Indigenous People. But when the rubber meets the road, forget it. People tell us to leave here even though we can't afford that.

If I don't make it through this I want everyone to know, I loved my God/ Creator, my wife and my animals forever and beyond.

Oh well at least now some people know about this. if you think I am crazy or paranoid, give me any test for mental health you want and see if I don't pass and then try living like this and see how you do at it.
Have a nice life from the lab rats.

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