Monday, July 22, 2013

Cherokee Nation Newsletter


Please show your support for Cherokee citizen Dusten Brown to keep his
biological daughter, *#‎BabyVeronica,. If you are unfamiliar with
the case, there are two news releases in the bottom section of this
newsletter as well as several more in our news story archives on <>
. It's quite possible the South Carolina Supreme Court could order her
sent to SC next week, despite not holding a proper hearing on her best
interests. Sign the White House petition
 and share!

Each week the 61st annual Cherokee National Holiday grows closer! This
Labor Day weekend, Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, we are expecting over 100,000 of
our family and friends to come to Tahlequah, Oklahoma to help us
celebrate! If you haven't already, please visit the Cherokee National
Holiday web page
 for information and entry forms for all the events going on during
the holiday! If you use Facebook, visit our Facebook page
 and like us!

We're down to the last few days of our school clothing voucher program
for Cherokee Nation kids. Check out this news story
 for details!

Principal Chief Baker's video brief this week is about the new online
pharmacy service for Cherokee citizens~check it out on YouTube

Cherokee Nation honors two Army veterans
 – 07/22/2013

The Cherokee Nation honored two U.S. Army veterans with the Cherokee
Medal of Patriotism at its July Tribal Council meeting.

Cherokee Nation making it faster for Cherokees to buy new home
 – 07/19/2013

Cherokee citizens will be able to buy a home more quickly and have
more help with the down payment now that the Cherokee Nation increased
from $15,000 to $25,000 its Mortgage Assistance Program dollars.

Cherokee Nation celebrates Charles L. Head Day
 – 07/19/2013

The Cherokee Nation celebrated the inaugural Charles L. Head Day on
July 18, which is dedicated to honoring the memory of the late
Secretary of State.

Brown family reaction to South Carolina Supreme Court order
 – 07/18/2013

The Brown family has issued a statement in response to South Carolina
Supreme Court order.

Cherokee Nation statement re: Baby Veronica
 – 07/17/2013

Cherokee Nation Tribal Council increases Head Start teacher pay
– 07/16/2013

The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council approved legislation Monday to
increase the tribe’s Head Start teacher pay to more closely follow
the state scale.

Cherokee citizens get visit, help from 400 Missouri volunteers
 – 07/16/2013

Dozens of Cherokee citizens in Sequoyah County now have wheelchair
accessible homes, new roofs and spruced up yards thanks to some caring
volunteers from 450 miles away.

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