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Race is a Construct

 Race is a Construct
From the Eagle Watch
January 30, 2014

Commentary from Kittoh Nokomis

Race is a Construct

We are All Human Beings

It's a fact!  Any fertile human being can produce fertile offspring with
any other fertile human being of the opposite sex.  We are not separate
species like lion & tiger, donkey & horse or gorilla & human.

Women cannot make babies with women nor can men make babies with men.
Regardless of our cultural proclivities, this is a fact.

So then, what about race?  It's easy to put labels on things but are they
accurate?  What does race really describe?  Is it a shade of skin colour?
Or is it a place of origin?

It looks to us that we are all shades of brown, some very pinkish and some
purplish.  We all shed the same red blood when cut.  We share over 95% of
our DNA, not only with each other but also with our humble relatives, the

A social system of racism and hierarchy has been established, based
entirely on a fraud of racial difference.   Many lies follow out of the
original lie of race.

When newcomers came to these shores, they were welcomed as brothers until
they attacked like enemies.  The Crown sought to keep Indigenous apart
from settlers because the Crown wanted to cash in.  The settlers were
wanting to become "Indians" in droves because they saw a better way of
life.  This was not permitted.  It's still an issue.  Being a Wannabee
isn't such a bad thing as long as you're prepared to pay your dues.

Today, it appears the only choice for Indigenous is to join in the frenzy
to dig up the earth.  Is this the only way we can survive??  I thought
Indigenous ties to the land were an essential ingredient in being
Indigenous.  If you're out to dig it all up, can you really call yourself
Indigenous?  When you can no longer hear the cries of the Earth through
the voices of all her Children, how dare you call yourself Indigenous??

Assimilation is real.  Your identity is much more than your Face.  Your
name is something you hide behind.

For many years, mainstream archeologists have claimed that human life
began in Africa based on the findings of one Louis Leakey.  Our legends
have always indicated otherwise.  A growing body of archeological evidence
also reveals human origins on Turtle Island.  People like Jeff Goodman
have dedicated their lives to bringing out the truth.  This is not
politically expedient so these teachings have been suppressed.

Instead of claiming to be "First Nations" who got here after the last ice
age about 12,000 to 10,000 years ago, we assert that we have been here for
"time immemorial".  This is based on 125,000 years to 250,000 years which
is a really long time, forever if you only live for 100 years. It could be
even longer.

Yes, we went south for awhile. We also traveled all around the world
exchanging dna with people wherever we went.

The discussion continues on forums like this one:

It appears that people cling to what they already know even when the
contrary evidence stares them in the face.  How do any of us really know
where and when human life began on earth??  Isn't it rather arrogant to
think we KNOW.  While some Biblical scholars claim it is a historical
record, our legends are stories that we tell to comfort ourselves.  Do you
want to hear the story of why dogs sniff butt??  We got answers for
everything but not everyone takes these stories seriously.

Scientists take themselves way too seriously.  They just hate to admit
they are wrong and have to change their theories.  When the first
newcomers came here, our ancestors told them about tigers and elephants.
The  newcomers said, no, you don't know what you're talking about.  We
know better than you that tigers and elephants could not possibly have
lived here.

Then their scientists found the bones of saber toothed tigers and woolly
mammoths.  They forgot how we had told them this in the first place.  Some
people like to think they know it all and everyone else is ignorant.

We live in an age when science is like religion.  Watch out, you don't
utter some "blasphemy" against science.  Look at how scientist
whistleblowers are suppressed.  We just read a piece about
microbiologists.  What secrets did they take to their graves?, we shudder
to ask.

We like the legend about how the first humans fell to earth like stars,
each starting up a family, then clan, then tribe.  As David Michael Wolfe
said, "Tribes and nations come and go; clans and families are forever".

We are told today that less than 20% of humans are Indigenous.  Just what
does this mean?  That everyone else is from some other planet?  Or that
80% of people are not living in a place to which they are Indigenous.  Or
does it mean 80% have lost Indigenous ties to the land, including

How does it work for all the people like me and mine who are of "mixed
racial ancestry"?  We're not "mixed blood" anymore than anyone else.  We
are all a mixture of our two parents.

There's a thing called recessive gene which brings up a lot of unhealthy
traits.  It looks like a good shot of outside blood rejuvenates a tribe.
Humans are highly promiscuous creatures as well as tending to migrate.  We
adopt traits and practices that appear to help us survive in some way.

Today, everybody is in a big identity crisis.  Here, on Turtle Island we
are caught up in a struggle where ethnic identity is of paramount
importance.  It's about Indigenous title and who are the rightful owners
of the land.

Many questions arise like "what happened?"  My elders taught that the land
owns us.  What a piece of arrogance to claim "ownership" of the land.

Yes, we have our ancestral territories which we can mark out but it's not
the same as ownership.  The word "my" has many meanings.  There's a big
difference between saying, "my car" and "my mother".  Describing
relationships with the word "my" is completely different from claiming
property.  WTF.

The English language is greatly lacking in nuance of meaning.

We anticipate someone getting ticked off here.  We have to ask, "What
about the descendants of Joseph Brant and family??  The Turtle Clan people
whose mothers are Ongwehonweh and whose fathers are Masons, sons of Robert
Kerr etc.??"

What about the descendants of the fur traders who made babies with
Indigenous women, guys like George Simpson of HBC.  After turning out
their "country wives", all these colonial men now have a stake through
their offspring with Indigenous women.

Nowadays everyone is becoming more territorial and warlike.  Is it because
of overpopulation?  Or is it because of lifestyle that requires so much
digging up of minerals and elements that also destroys the water and air
as well as the face of the land where animals and plants, All Our
Relations, can thrive in harmony?

Racial hatred is based on a lie.  We had to say this finally.  It is just
self evident to us.  Racial hatred is not going away but only seems to be
getting worse these days.

Many questions must be addressed.  The historical record desperately needs
to be corrected.

We can now kill each other in droves or we can find a way to overcome our
hatred and fear and make peace.  We each have a choice.  What is yours??


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