Sunday, December 6, 2015

Justice For Boo Boo's Murder

Boo Boo was a 6 year old healthy German Shepard mix. He was a sweet very gentle dog who never left his pen except to play with the other dogs. in his fenced in yard. On or around November the 18th, 2015 Boo Boo got very sick, could not stand or eat. The next day he seemed better. Then on November 20th, 2015, Boo Boo got worse and could not stand. I took him tot the vet. And he checked out as perfectly healthy except that he was getting weaker and weaker. Then the symptoms became more noticeable that he had been poisoned by someone. Boo Boo died horribly in convulsions as I held him and loved him. How do I know it was poison? The symptoms were exactly the same as 5 other animals that have been poisoned here. 

Someone out there in McIntosh County, Ga. is very sick to do this. The main reason that this person has not been caught, were are told by Sheriff's deputies is that were do not have proper detection and equipment.

In order to take care of all this and set up proper perimeter of safety for all our animals were are going to have to spend a lot that we as two grandparents in our sixties don't have. And then we may have to hire private investigation to get all the details since we are meeting some resistance from local law enforcement since the guilty party is probably one of this very clannish counties born and bred folks.

Why this person is doing this we have a clue on our car. We are Cherokee and have a picture of a Native American male on a sticker on our windshield that they cut the face out of. We have had much vandalism and several murdered animals.

Also it is going to cost money to sue these folks if we catch them.

We are asking for the amount we are asking in order to pursue this for however many years it might take.

The love of animals crosses all political and racial boundaries. And animals can not help who they end up with. So to murder an animal because you hate its owner is despicable.

Please help us catch and prosecute this evil person or these evil persons.

Thank you for your love.

Justice For Boo Boo's Murder

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