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NAGPRA: Writing and Managing a Successful Grant

NAGPRA: Writing and Managing a Successful Grant

Seattle, Washington

May 20-21, 2009

Purpose of the Seminar:
National NAGPRA Program offers grants to assist museums, Indian tribes,
Native Hawaiian organizations and Alaska Native villages and
corporations with the NAGPRA process. Review practical tools and case
studies of successful grant applications and projects. Learn how to
assess the needs of a NAGPRA program, identify fundable projects, and
write and manage a successful grant.

seminar instructors are Sangita Chari, Grants Coordinator, National
NAGPRA Program, and Jan I. Bernstein, Director, Bernstein &

Who May Attend:
seminar is open to participants from Native American tribes, Alaska
Native villages and corporations, Native Hawaiian organizations,
museums, and individuals interested in NAGPRA grants.

How to Register:
Download and complete the registration form available at

Cost and Funding Sources:
The cost of registration for the seminar is $375 before April 8, $425 regular rate, $175 student.

· If
you are a representative of a Native American tribe, Alaska Native
village or corporation, or Native Hawaiian organization, the National
NAGPRA Program has scholarships available for registration. The
scholarship application form is available at

· NEW GRANTS for accommodations, travel and per diem!!!
If you are affiliated with a tribe, Native Hawaiian organization, or Alaska Native village or corporation and
you are committed to attending the entire seminar, the National Museum
of the American Indian is offering a $1,000 grant per applicant for the
first 15 people who qualify. The grant is payable upon completion of
the seminar to offset the costs for accommodations, travel and per diem
to attend the workshop. No application necessary. Please contact the
National Preservation Institute at or 703.765.0100.

· Additional funding opportunities are available at

For more information contact:

National Preservation Institute

P.O Box 1702

Alexandria, VA 22313-1702


training is offered through a partnership of the National NAGPRA
Program, the National Preservation Institute and the National Museum of
the American Indian.

From: Lesa Koscielski, National NAGPRA Contractor


Teresa Anahuy

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