Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Foreign Language

A Foreign Language

I very seldom say anything like this but..............
I am sick of the right and left dividing this country. We are all residents of Turtle Island AKA U.S.A. I am a Native American Veteran. And I have seen the internet flooded with these messages about our troops. Then they throw in a whole other issue to make it seem like the two are linked like the speaking English issue.
What I am about to say isn't a condemnation of anyone.
I care about most everyone. I may not agree with what you say. But I will die fighting for your right to say it.

Life is a learning experience. And what I am about to say should be paid close attention to because the future is still coming even if we want to live in the past.

Now being an Ex- Marine (Although I wonder if their is anything called EX Marine L0L)
I get all teary eyed about our troops, especially the Native Americans who have died protecting a country they love that is sometimes run by bureaucrats who won't allow them basic freedoms.

Native Americans don't ask for hand outs. We ask for the treaties and promises that were made to us to be honored. Many Native Americans don't speak English because that is a foreign language that came over with European Immigrants. (Illegal immigrants at that. We didn't ask them to be nor want them here. They just came gave out small pox blankets. Then when enough of us had died to impose their will. They forced their ways on us. Stole our children. Beat them if they did not speak the foreign English. Gave them to whites to raise so they would be a good assimilated "Indian." And took everything of value. Then they tell us to pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps. That's like Gengis Khan telling his victims to pick themselves up by their own bootstaps or Adolph Hitler telling the Jews to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps.)

No many of us don't speak English. But you won't hear our people complain until we are almost dead. What you will see is courageous Native American men and women willing to fight and die for Turtle Island (which is now called the USA), willing to throw themselves in front of bullets or bombs or land mines to save their buddies in combat, willing to give food and clothing to anyone even if they can't afford it themselves. All of us may not speak the foreign English language well. We are not screaming at meetings on TV. Nor do we have a huge platform to say things like Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh or any of the numerous commentators on FOX News that decry the English banner. But we, and African Americans, Asian Americans, whatever, brown, white, black from many peoples are dying for you also. And guess what, not all of these people are Christians. Some are actually, Native Spirituality people, and a whole list of others including the dreaded Muslims. yes, Muslims die for this country in battle. There is an old saying that this old man would like to share with all those who want America back that they used to know. Seperate we are weak. But together we are strong.

It's time to really wake up folks. America is not just white, english speaking people. It never was.
That is a false concept promoted to seperate us. Some say it's a wake up call for the "real" Americans and a call to action for people like the corporate funded "Tea Party" movement. It's a wake up call alright. It's time to leave the illusion that there is one type of "real" American and realize this country has dpended on ALL Americans for survival. Or not. You can grow or stay the same and get left behind. The choice is yours, because in the very near future people of color are going to be in the majority. And that scares the heck (I'll use a nice word. LOL) out of some of the white in power only folks. I will never forget ANY American who sacrificed for freedom, including the dreaded Hispanic Immigrants, some of who were escaping persecution and might have come here illegally. So, my advice, that might be a lesson. Stop letting the rightys and leftys seperate us. We are all stuck here together on this beautiful Turtle Island. Let's make the best of it, and work together for a better future instead of living in the foreign language of English only speaking illegal immigrants past. Remember English is a foreign language to the original inhabitants of this country.

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