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Reskins Poll Turns Out to be phoney

Reskins Poll Turns Out to be phoney

Dave this is a scam for the other side we have discovered:0( We all need to e-mail into this station and complain look at the stat's below was the last I seen and this has went out to thousand's of Native's:0( We have been took by this radio station, Jet didn't know this she forwarded what someone sent to her. Let's complain now Brother! Please send this around as well, we all need to let this radio station know they are not getting away with this!



Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:
Yes 32%
No 68%

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From: Save The Sacred Sites Alliance
Date: 3/25/2010 9:10:03 PM
Subject: Issues & News 03/25/2010

Please vote to ban offensive mascot use
Posted by: "JET" woundeddove98
Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:08 pm (PDT)

Please take 5 seconds or less (literally) and VOTE YES on the first link
listed below ... The poll applys to ALL schools ALL over the country that
use the Reds**** name. The poll reads:
Is it offensive for schools to use Native American names, such as 'Redskins'
for a mascot? VOTE YES.

Is it offensive for Michigan schools to use Native American Mascots
?http://www.wtol. Com/Global/ story.asp? S=12156710# WNPoll93962

Just found this out on WTOL, they are taking a vote on the Redskin Issue.
We only have [12]% for change and 93% to keep the racist name REDSKINs.... .
...please vote. This is coming from WTOL in Toledo , Ohio.

WTOL has not fairly viewed this issue. They showed a one sided article with
video interviewing Superintendent David Pray and aired it twice now. They
claim they tried to contact protesters and left a message but noone returned
their phone calls. This is false noone, I repeat Noone, who was protesting
in Clinton received any such call.
The interview that was taken with the Geiger sisters is no where to be found

Lewanee County school district defends Redskins mascot
http://www.wtol. Com/Global/ story.asp? S=12156891&Call=Email&Format=HTML

This article is ran twice same article but under a other title "Michigan
school district defends Redskin Mascot:
http://www.wtol. Com/Global/ story.asp?

Yahoo sells Redskins Clinton
http://shopping. search;_ylc= X3oDMTIzaDRvMWRs BF9TAzc4NDcxNzI0
MARfcwMyMjcwODIy OARwcnRucl9pZAMy MTE4MTE4BHNlYwNh ZmZpbGlhdGUEc2xr
A2xhbmRpbmc- ?rd=1&p=Redskins%20Clinto
n&view=g&affiliate=rw&AID=10473284&PID=2118118&SID=ys12k22470- 41182

Target sells Clinton Redskins Items Com/s/191- 4936936-9107969? _encoding=
UTF8&CPNG=Sports&LID=83121507&search-alias= tgt-index&keywords=Clinton_
1038576&AFID=Google&searchPage=1&LNM=Clinton% 5Fredskins

Here is Kylista and Elspeth Geiger statement that never showed up on WTOL
and the other station that was suppose to meet with them never showed up.
they waitted along with Jim
Farrar and Gary Markowski for two hours, no phone call from them and no show

Over the past 7 years the Michigan Coalition Against Racism in Sports &
Media has tried to talk to the school board of Clinton MI schools concerning
the use of a Native American Spiritual Leader as there mascot.

The group has been denied there right to speak at board meetings and have
been told that no one is affined by the mascot.


Below gives a brief overview of what will be talked about at a Press
Conference this afternoon 4PM at Curtis Park Saline MI. (off US 12)

To confirm or ask for more information please call Kylista Geiger at

It is a common misconception that using “redskin” is honoring indigenous
people and that is not the case. The existence of this mascot for a school
system goes beyond being derogatory; it allows students in the school to
feel desensitized to symbols of shame and humiliation towards American
Indians. It produces derogatory images that are de-humanizing to entire
nations of peoples within this country. The “redskin” as a mascot is
celebrating the marginalization of American Indians and promoting the belief
that they are not real people, but characters for our amusement.

While we are graduates of Clinton schools, and four generations of our
family before that were, we also recognize that racism does not follow
county lines. Everyone that comes in contact with the Clinton school system
feels the affects of this mascot. It teaches the students stereotyping and
allows for the continuation of racism and misconceptions within the

Since this has begun we have been verbally abused, received hate mail, had
rocks and garbage thrown at us and our family members have been attacked; we
have been called outsiders and shunned. This is part of the reason why we
did not bring up the issue when we were students in Clinton schools. Our
family has always felt strongly that Clinton cannot continue using this
mascot and logo, but as students we did not feel that we were in a position
to make change and feared the retaliation that we knew would be inevitable.

The Michigan Coalition against Racism in Sports and Media has been all over
the state addressing mascots like the one in Clinton. This is not an
isolated event and schools across the state and the nation are making
changes to remove native mascots. While this is the first time the Michigan
Coalition has been in Clinton, the matter of changing the mascot has been
introduced to Clinton’s school board in the past by other community members.
The vocal majority of Clinton has made it clear that they do not intend for
the mascot to be offensive; but despite their intent, that does not change
the history this word represents and how it made us feel as students. When
it comes to issues involving race, you cannot use the majority decision.

For the past 17 months our civil rights have been violated. Our right to
discuss this issue on the Clinton school board agenda has been continually
denied and we have been silenced on an issue that is so important. We are
being forced to speak only when they do not have to listen and put ourselves
in an environment that has already proved hostile. Our only outlet is
through peaceful demonstrations before school board meetings. Every school
that plays Clinton and every person that drives by their sign is being
exposed to the racism, stereotyping and bigotry that the “redskins” mascot

Issues & News 03/25/2010

Please share this with eveyone you know, newspapers, TV stations, radio and
tribal newspapers and councils. Also any organization or association that
supports the change of Native American Masots, Logos and Nicknames etc.


Michigan Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media

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