Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Reply On The Destruction of Mounds In Savannah

The port of Savannah has desecrated and is going to desecrate more of those mounds on the coast unless you join us in stopping them, please.
All we ask is that they expand the port, yes. But from now on avoid all mounds or they get no more federal money because if there is federal money section 106 of the Native American grave protection Act applies.
And so far the port expansion has notified no federally recognized tribes. This is illegal.
If you support us on this, we will retract the statement and print it publicly for all our members to see. That is all we and other Native Peoples ask. But if you support the expansion of this port without restrictions on the destruction of the rest of these mounds, then that is agreement with those who would destroy the Ancestors
burials and ancient heritage sites.
All we ask is that you help us to get them agree to put in some form that is permanent, that unless they agree they will touch no more mounds, they will get no more federal money for expansion. If you support us on this, we will bring all our friends and family on board with the expansion and help you to spread the word.
Please stand with us in saying yes to the expansion. But no more destruction of the Mounds/ burials to do it.
Please be a friend. Democrats have always been for those who don't have a voice. Please help be a voice for the federal tribes in Georgia because the Army Corps of Engineers here is not doing things properly or legally at this port. And the state tribes should have no say or power in federal matters or money. Those are for federally recognized tribes.
Thank you for being kind enough to respond,
Dave Kitchen
Co-Founder of Save The Sacred Sites Alliance
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Could you please show me where I support the desecration of burials and ancient mounds in my email?



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