Friday, May 20, 2011

Memorial Day Plans For Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

6:28pm May 20

my plans for Memorial day are to develope a "white" cemetary into a park! first I will get rid of those pesky headstones, then dig up the bodies and put them on display in some museum. then I will cover over the graves and put in a parking lot and some bathrooms. I think people need something to eat so i'll put in a crappy fast food joint and maybe a souvenir shop that sells cheap imported crap! I will get rich indian casinos to payoff some old wino to be MLD (most likely descendent) to okay the project so it will all be "legal"! sound disrespectful? well now maybe you get a hint as to why Native people are protesting the desecration of Native sacred sites like Glen Cove and Bear Butte! why please tell me are "white" sacred sites MORE important than Native sacred sites...

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