Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Matter where you live you can help with this please.

No Matter where you live you can help with this please.Okay several people have asked what they can do to help with all the criminal activity in McIntosh.Here it is. We have an experienced honorable man running for sheriff.Pass the word on. Friend him on Facebook. If you see anyone on Facebook from McIntosh tell them to friend him and support him.If they want to know his qualifications or donate go here>> don't have to be a resident of the USA or McIntosh County, Ga. to spread the word about him or donate to his campaign.The criminals need to know that REAL law enforcement is coming.Pass the word. Also we need help with watchdog groups for voter suppression because he is African American and they will try to suppress the vote.Spread the word all over the internet.Let's bring law an order to McIntosh. Please send donations to:Charles JonesP.O. Box 2142 Darien, Georgia. 31305 Dave

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