Monday, February 6, 2012

Strange Occurance

Strange Occurance I wanted to think this over long and hard before putting this out, because even as I'm typing thisI am thinking that I am going to appear nuts to some for even putting this stuff out.Let me assure all our friends this is not me going nuts, even if it looks that way.With that said, I will just state facts and not make any judgments.Yesterday afternoon (Sunday Feb. 5, 2012) between the hours of 3 to 6 pm I was hosing off dogmanure from our driveway. The traffic was unusually heavy on our road. And certain man across the street was doing his usual banging on his boat that he sometimes does (He does not appear to be friendly). Near the end of my work, a single engine propeller plane came from the direction of the Eagle Neck Air Strip (located near Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge. And it is privately owned by wealthy folks) and flew directly over the driveway where I was working. Within 10 minutes of the plane flying over, I became dizzy and disoriented and my heart began to missfire.I had no other occurance to cause this. I was not upset. I was focused on cleaning my driveway. So I could have cared less who flew over. It took a few hours for the effects to wear off. But I still took care of feeding us and the animals anyway. Thank God I know how to focus my mind and pray.But I am fine this morning. Strange just doesn't begin to describe this area.
Thanks friends and family,

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