Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Story (Short Version)

Our Story (Short Version)

We moved to McIntosh County Georgia in 1999. I was very sick and my mind was messed up because a doctor misdiagnosed my case and gave me meds that nearly killed me and messed up my brain chemistry.  The locals did not like us because my wife and I have Cherokee decent and were opposed to their racism. They began to tear up our property at night, poisoned our horses, stole one of our dogs, and were shooting at us while we worked. I have to admit, at the time I was till sick and fought back without thinking they could use it against me later. And they have spread many false rumors about us. The current sheriff is evil, and the local GBI and FBI are on his side. We are basically on our won, unless we get the new sheriff elected. While my wife was fighting leukemia they fired loud weapons when I politely asked them if they would not, just to make it rougher on her. They have torn up our horse feeder pens several times and put out things to harm our horses in feed. They were here last night with a sheriff's deputy vehicle as their back up. If we did not pray we probably would not be making it. They pick on us because we are in our 60s and basically no one in our neighborhood would care if we did not make it.
They even had planes diving over our property to cause our horses to panic and shot very loud weapons that caused our horses to panic. We are all alone. We have written the ACLU, Amnesty, and many other organizations. No one will help.

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