Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scott Brown's Part of the Death Of Millions Of Americans.

Scott Brown's Part of the Death Of Millions Of Americans

10-31-12 NECC update time: See the Fox News report dated 10-29-12. Another pharmacy shut down in Mass..seems the manager of record was a past employee of Ameridose-related to NECC. Also the State board of Pharmacy has asked Sophia Pasedis to step down..she is a pharmacy manager for Ameridose. She does not want to. Then see the report from Forbes by Peter cohan on 10-13-12 titled: Did Mass. Sen. C
 andidate Trade $10,000 to Protect Meningitis Pharmacy. The candidate he is referring to is Sen. Scott Brown. He received this $10,000 at the home of Gregory Conigliaro-co-owner of NECC.. The.. Sen Markey's request to the DOJ on 10-16-12 for a complete investigation. Then...the Board of Registration in Pharmacy Report dated 10-23-12by the Executive Office of the Health and Human Services of the Common wealth of Mass. Then...the 10-27-12 update concerning attorney Fred Pritzker who is representing 40 patients in several states who were injected by the meds in the outbreak. It is a lot to read but very needed.
I tried to post very important info on the NECC upate but my site would not let here I go again: 10-25-12 3 pharmacies now implicated in Federal Investigation due to the meningitis cases over the U.S./ 3 fungi now and all 3 related to black mold. 1,200 hospitals and clinics had recieved drugs from these who knows how many more cases will be added.operation lic have been pulled and Ph
 armacist lic. have been pulled by the NABP for the 3 pharmiscist involved. More meds have been added to the list. The 3 buisnesses closed down/meds removed. I sent a letter for a full investigation to Henry Waxman as well as NABP on Oct 11,2012. As a concerned citizen. I will try latter to get out the addresses and phone numbers for all. I have them and tried to post them but was not allowed by FB.These 3 companies have been involved in congressional hearings in the past and were warned in 2003 of something just like this happening,due to the unsterile invironment at the NECC.
It all comes down to GREED. They wanted to make money. They did. People sufered and died.
More info to come later........................Please stay safe.

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