Saturday, November 10, 2012

How I feel About Voting

How I feel About Voting
I was convert to Jesus by a vision of Jesus and not by a humans.
So feel that the Creator led me this way for a reason. Maybe it's because so many folks who call themselves Christian
follow another human beings false version of Jesus instead of finding the real Jesus for themselves.

As a follower of who I feel is the real Jesus, I have prayed and tried very hard to listen to God/ the Creator.
And the words below are just part of what God has shown me.

Abortion and homosexuality is a sin according to scripture and so is adultery, greed, murder, hatred, etc that many Christians commit. God did however cause the baby of King David and Bathsheba to die when he committed adultery and murdered a man. But that is God. And each person must have a personal walk with God and pray for HIS guidance. Too many people now days rely on others to show them what scripture means instead of
asking for the Holy Spirit to guide them. And when they do this, they can be manipulated. Your walk is between you and God. And no man or woman, should be between you and God

What I won't do is carry my beliefs to the extreme so that people in powerful 
positions with wealth and power use my beliefs to manipulate me into voting for people who are
going to harm the poor and cut people off from needed programs that save lives. I feel there are just as important issues
of allowing these heartless folks to cut off aid to folks who are handicapped or in other need. Yes there is abuse. But not enough to warrant cutting out whole programs.

In cases of rape and incest that is prayerfully between the woman and God not the government. 
I pray all the time for women and men about the gay and abortion issues.   Others may not agree with me. But God tells me to pray and listen to HIM not man.

I also don't like the attitude of some who feel that is is okay to do anything to people who do not agree with your political position whether those folks are on the left or right. I have three dead animals and torn up feeder pens because of people who think like that.

Also I can never in my good Christian conscience vote for a Mormon because they have a Bible that is edited
to l;eave out parts of scripture that prove them wrong. And they have a Book Of Mormon that is totally forbidden in the Bible.
They believe that Jesus is satan's brother and several other erroneous ideas that are opposite of scripture. They call their Bible
"properly translated." What they mean is edited. And the Bible forbids that. They think that Native Americans are Lamanites
that went astray from supposed Jews that lived here. That Native Americans are a "dark race" that is lesser than their lighter skin race. That is not true by all history and archaeology. They believe God is only one god among many. And that they will evolve into gods and goddesses on other planets. They are a cult. A very wealthy cult. But still a cult. And God will not honor cults. No matter how the wealthy want to spin it or use their wealth and power to control our churches and voting.

And if Pastor tries to tell me that I should not consider "all" issues and focus on just two or I won't be pleasing to God, I walk out and don't return to his church because he is trying to replace my walk with God with politics.

And I want no part of the Manifest Destiny that was brought here under the false disguise of being ordained by the Christian God.


"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. 
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. 
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. 
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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