Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Warning to businesses and home owners

Warning to businesses and home owners
If you are thinking of locating a business or buying a new home in McIntosh County, Ga. I would advise against it for the following reasons. Unless you are part the "in crowd" here or related to one of them, you might "offend" one or more of the "in crowd" here. Even then, you don't have a guarantee that you will be okay.

If you are not part of the "in crowd" there will be no law enforcement protection under the current administration. Your business will have the things you need to operate stolen until you can't operate. Your property will be vandalized, Your animals poisoned, shots fired at times close by, planes buzzing your property, their friends in the military buzzing your property, in other words they will do everything in their power to drive you out and make you lose your investment. They will monitor your internet and have spies on your Facebook page. So they can get their toadies to do their dirty work if you "offend" them online. 

And it don't take much to "offend" these folks. You might "offend" if you sing a Christian song that "offends" them. You might read scripture on your porch that "offends" them. You might play a Native Flute that "offends" them. You might be from a racial group that "offends" them just because of who you are. They might be "offended" if you don't like their rebel flag. Or they might be "offended by some flag you have up. They might be "offended" by your bumper sticker You might not look they way they do and that might "offend" them. If you don't like drugs and alcohol that might "offend" some here. Or some idiot will go do something stupid to someone else and blame you for. And naturally they believe him over you because you are not part of the "in crowd." Just about any little thing can "offend" some and set them off on you, even if you didn't do it. And they will spread rumors to try and ruin your reputation so that no one believes a thing you say.

Myself, I will never move from here because my animals are buried here that I loved. And they will just dig up graves of any kind here human or otherwise. They could care less because they have no respect for anyone or anything. And the law means nothing to these arrogant criminal types. 

There are good people here. But the bad ones make the whole county bad until we get new leadership and law enforcement leadership that is real.

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