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Indigenous Issues & News

Indigenous Issues & News

I apologize for not getting much out lately. Much is going on. Sharon is still sick and they are trying to make it very difficult for her to stay at her job.
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From: John Steinbach
To: John Steinbach
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 10:55:24 -0400
Subject: Dacajeweiah Memorial May 19
Dear Friends,

Our friend and brother Dacajeweiah joined the ancestors earlier this spring. Dac was a leader in the struggle for justice & peace and a major figure in the struggle for Native American self-determination.

His friends and family are planning a memorial program.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, May 19th, 2:30pm, at Plymouth Congregational Church in Washington, DC. The address is 5301 North Capitol St NE  Washington, DC 20011 9corner of North Capitol & Riggs Rd).

Speakers at the memorial will include Dac's family members, friends, fellow revolutionaries and lawyers . We have invited Dac's fellow Attica survivors.

Please forward this announcement widely. Contact John Steinbach at 703-822-3485.

In Struggle,

John Steinbach
Penny Williams
Gabrielle Tayac

Dacajeweiah (Splitting the Sky) John Boncore 1952 - 2013

International human rights activist and former political prisoner Dacajeweiah (Splitting the Sky) John Boncore, 61, died Wednesday, March 12, 2013 on the Adams Lake Indian Reserve near Chase, BC Canada.

Dacajewiah was one of the 60+ inmates indicted on charges stemming from the Attica prison uprising in 1971. As a young man, he became an outspoken organizer for the defendents. He was the only person to ever serve time as a result of the uprising, serving 5 years before having his sentence commuted and being freed in 1979. Following his release from prison, Dacajeweiah became an important organizer in the American Indian Movement. Among his major accomplishments were arranging for the testimony of Hopi elders against nuclear weapons at the United Nations in 1982; organizing a mass protest against the forced relocation of over 10,000 traditional Navajo (Dine) sheepherders in 1986 that brought over 5,000 to Washington DC; and spearheading the 1992 Columbas Day rally at the U.N.,  the largest protest in history in support of Native American rights.

Dacajeweaih was the primary moving force behind the establishment of the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Hemisphere (LISN). His vision was the establishment of a Pan-American Indian organization comprised of Native American nations from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Circle, and dedicated to indigenous sovereignty. The first LISN conference on Piscataway Land in 1990, with dozens of Indian nations represented, was followed by five other conferences in the U.S. and Canada. Fundamental to LISN principles was the idea that nations which have perpetrated genocide against Indian people have no moral or ethical right to determine their destiny, or represent them in the United Nations; Indian people should have their own sovereignty and voting seat at the UN. According to many activists, LISN was Dacajeweiah’s single greatest political achievement.

In early 1993, Dacajeweiah was invited to a conference in Edmonton, Alberta to speak about Native American sovereignty where he met his wife Sandra Bruderer (She Keeps the Door). They moved to Hinton Alberta where Dacajeweiah played a central role in the Gustafson Lake sundance standoff.  An experienced sundancer, Dacajeweiah was asked to be the 1995 Sundance Chief. The Shuswap Sundance had been held for years at Gustafsen Lake without serious incident, but in 1995 an explosion of violence was impending. The sundance was held under duress, and afterwards a small contingent of dancers and supporters remained on site for security. A seige by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) ensued involving helicopters and armored personel carriers.  Thousands of rounds of live ammunition were fired. The RCMP operation would end up being the largest of its kind in Canadian history having involved 400 police officers and support from the Canadian Military. Dacajeweiah and William Jones Ignace (Wolverine), with help from attorney Bruce Clark, coordinated the resistance and negotiated the end of the standoff. Following the standoff, native people were indicted and tried on numerous charges. Dacajeweiah coordinated the sundancer’s defense team and forced their early release from prison.

Dacajeweiah continued to speak out against injustice and in support of Native American rights.. After he & his family narrowly escaped death in the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, he became a vocal critic of the official explanation of the 9-11 atrocity, On March 19, 2009, Dacajeweiah attempted to make a nonviolent citizen’s arrest of former President George W. Bush in Calgary, Alberta for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was arrested and severly beaten by the Calgary police. Most recently, Dacajeweiah had organized resistance in northern B.C. to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline to bring Alberta tar sands oil to the west coast.

In addition to his legacy as an internationally known human rights activist and political organizer, Dacajeweiah enjoyed a career acting in movies and television, including the TV shows DaVinci’s City Hall and Men in Trees, and films including The Last Rites of Ransom Pride and Deepwater.

In the people’s movement for Justice and Peace, the figure of Dacajeweiah (Splitting-the-Sky) John Boncore stands tall. In the words of Chief Billy Redwing Tayac, “Dacajeweiah was one of the most dynamic people I ever met. Not only was he a brilliant speaker, but he had a unique gift of being able to translate his ideas into action.”

Dacajewiah is survived by his wife, Sandra Bruderer, six children (John, Ora Star, Angela, Dylan, Rainbow Rose & Che Thunder), five grandchildren, his former wife Sandie Henderson-Boncore and an extended family. His son Nicosa preceded him in death.

Here is a copy of the 2013 Jim Thorpe 5K run registration form.  You can also register on Active by following the link to our new web site: (Please forward on to those whom you feel may be interested)
Tlhis year we will honor/recognize the following individuals: 
Anne Wheelock Gonzales of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin
Steve Gachupin, of the Jemez Pueblo Tribe, New Mexico
Shane Cleveland: USATFNM President and coach of Cougar Track Club (Albuquerque, NM)
The event once again serves as the Native American 5K National Championships as well as the USATF New Mexico 5k road State Championships.  All age groups time are eligible for state records.
There will also be a friendly team competition between the Sports Warriors Track Club and the WINGS Of American runners.
All individuals involved with WINGS OF AMERICA are invited to attend for a reunion and celebration of 25 years of service to Native communities nation wide.
Hope to see all of you at the event again this year.   Please forward to those who may be interested.
Sports Warriors Track Club


Mohawk Nation News


South Dakota Aims To Change 'Negro' And 'Squaw' Geographic Location Names


Cherokee Nation Newsletters
Reminder, Tonight is the general session of the Tribal Council. If you
can't be here in person, join us online for live viewing: <>
 (click on the Webcast button)

The 2nd Annual National Prevention Week “Rock the Block 2013” is
also scheduled for tonight! 7-9:30PM at Norris Park, Tahlequah. It is
an Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Free event to raise awareness of the
prevention of risky behaviors.

The Fall 2013 Scholarship deadline, June 14, is right around the
corner. As always, students are more than welcome to come in to the
College Resource Center, located at the tribal complex near Tahlequah
for assistance. For More Information Please email>
 or call 918-316-4865.

2nd Annual National Prevention Week “Rock the Block 2013” tonight!
Monday May 13 7-9:30PM at Norris Park, Tahlequah, OK
An Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Free event to raise awareness of the
prevention of risky behaviors

There will be a South Tulsa Cherokee Meeting. featuring Cherokee
At-Large staff and Cotta representatives. It is scheduled for May 23,
2013 7:00 Pm, in the Pelican room of Hardesty Regional Library, 8316 E
93rd, Tulsa.

Chief Baker Named Inter-Tribal Council President
 – 05/13/2013

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker has been elected
president of the Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes at
the organization’s quarterly meeting at the Hard Rock Hotel and
Casino Tulsa.

Cherokee Nation Child Development Center nearly complete
 – 05/13/2013

The new $4.3 million Cherokee Nation Child Development Center in
Stilwell is in its final construction stages and expected to be
complete by mid-June.

Cherokee Nation Partners to bring manufacturing to Stilwell
 – 05/13/2013

Cherokee Nation Industries is partnering with an Arkansas company to
bring manufacturing and production work back to the U.S. and create
jobs within the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Immersion school graduates more fluent speakers
– 05/09/2013

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