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Indigenous News

Indigenous News

Bernardo Gallegos

12:41pm Jan 16 

The now banned reading list of the Tucson schools' Mexican American Studies includes two books by Native American author Sherman Alexie and a book of poetry by O'odham poet Ofelia Zepeda.

Tucson schools bans books by Chicano and Native American authors | the narcosphere

TUCSON -- Outrage was the response to the news that Tucson schools has banned books, including "Reth...


From the Eagle Watch #203

Google, Facebook,Censorship and Surveillance
January 13, 2012

Knowledge is Power, especially when factual and insightful. We canuse Information to defend ourselves and to attack others in various formsof psychological warfare. It is the trend of the times.

We all know how Google censorship in China works. If a Chineseperson googles the word "democracy", they are blocked and comeunder surveillance as possible insurgents. China doesn't pretend tobe a democracy so their censorship is blatant and unapologetic.

What about here on Turtle Island?? How does censorship work? Canada and the USA feed us the lie that they are democracies. As aresult, censorship must be applied surreptiously and/or using spuriousarguments about "natsec".

In an article about Blackwater, the mega private security firm thatkilled Iraqi civilians, now Xe Services, we learned that they are nowemployed by Monsanto, the seed cartel that promotes GMO.

"...Cofer Black, known for his brutality as one of the directorsof the CIA, was the one who made contact with Monsanto in 2008 asdirector of Total Intelligence (an affiliate of Blackwater), enteringinto the contract with the company to spy on and infiltrate organizationsof animal rights activists, anti-GM and other dirty activities of thebiotech giant ...according to Monsanto only to keep track of “publicdisclosure” of its opponents....Total Intelligence had become “Monsanto’sintelligence arm,” spying on activists and other actions, including “ourpeople to legally integrate these groups.”"

Corporate espionage is a real and pervasive factor. It allowsthe Government/Oligarchy to deny, deny, deny. 

In another article at The Nation, "former CIA paramilitary officerEnrique "Ric" Prado" is quoted as saying to a potentialclient, ""deniability is built in and should be a bigplus."" 

But how do they actually do what they do?? They want to be sneakybut effective. Here's how we see it.

By targeting carefully selected individuals who are having an impact,they seek to censor debate and resolution of issues in ways contrary tothe elitist agenda. Two examples are within our personalexpertience. One is Rick Rozoff publisher of the StopNATO list onyahoo. Rick diligently reports on the activities of NATO, thuspainting a very sinister picture of the motives of that militaryorganization. 

The other is the Eagle Watch newsletter. 

By attacking these two lists, the oligarchs can inhibit our work withoutmost people knowing. They can distract our energies into endlessbattles to keep our lists up and running.

Here's what has happened to us in the past week.

We do a lot of research for some of our reports. The internetfacilitates our ability to "connect the dots". We useTHEIR documents to build our case against THEM. They try to stop usat every turn. They want to prevent us from getting and publishingthe facts. They also want to discredit us when they cannot ignoreus any more.

If you do searches at Google, they keep a record of all the searchesoriginating from your location. Google ranks hits in such a waythat the ones you may be after are way down the list. How manyhundreds of hits can any of us peruse in a day?? This effectivelyblocks important information. We push ahead regardless.

In a recent google search on a company called Quantum Rare EarthDevelopment Inc., the first several pages of hits were all coming up inGerman. How is this possible? We cannot use google dot combut are always redirected to google dot ca because google knows ourlocation. Yet when we attempt to research a Canadian company we gethits in Germany. 

When we try another search engine, we get a different set of hits butthey are still dominated by google hits because other search engines usegoogle.

When we searched our name "kittoh", we found there are manyother kittohs out there. We chose an Ojibwe word for our pen nameand then found out it's also a word in Korean!! Now, there's akittoh on Facebook. Let us assure you, that is NOT us, notme.

We don't use Facebook though we have received many invitations to joinfriends and family on Facebook. We are convinced that the CIA isdocumenting everyone's social networks. Why do they want to knowall this information on us? There's no escape if they know who allyour friends and family are and where everyone is. 

Some people say it doesn't matter. They figure they are protectedby the huge numbers of people using social networks. How couldanyone possibly monitor us all? The answer is they can't. Sothey use methods whereby specific individuals and groups are targetedbased on their effectiveness.

Indigenous are at the top of THEIR list because we are perceived as theirbiggest threat.

The various incidents in our life since the publication of "ImperialMinions" tells us that we are hitting our mark. Somebody ispretty pissed off about what we have written.

Since Tuesday's publication of our report, we have also had weird phonecalls and missing emails. 

We all get a certain amount of unwanted telemarketing calls but how oftendo you get calls where nobody, real or machine, says anything when youpick up the phone?? We got 3 such calls on Wednesday morningpast. Why does this always happen right after publication of aparticularly damning report??

We had one call this week, where a machine screamed, "This is anational emergency..." No word of a lie, that is exactly whatit said in a most urgent tone. It was something about TAXES, wesoon hung up.

Now to the missing emails. When we post to the Eagle Watch list, wealso receive the posting as subscribers to the list. When we didnot receive Tuesday's report, we resent it as you may know. When westill did not receive it, we contacted our ISP. They told us themessages were in the "rescue queue" and that they would sendthem to us. Curious as ever, we asked what is the rescuequeue. Turns out with our spamguard set at high, some emails aregetting stopped in the rescue queue as suspected spam while other veryannoying crap is still getting through.

We looked at our "rescue queue" and found over 30 emails fromknown individuals, most at 6Nations as well as Rick Rozoff. We haveno idea how long this has been going on except to say, we were wonderingwhy some people had not written to us for some time. We managed torescue and download those 30 emails. 

The tech guy at our ISP advised that we check our rescue queue moreoften. The following day we did that and found another batch ofemails, mostly from 6nations that were "suspected spam". When we attempted to rescue those emails, they got lost in space. The techie was not able to retrieve them, he said he could not SEEthem.

We're still trying to track down those important messages. 

Meanwhile, we felt compelled to write on this topic. Our otherreports are still in the works. Our reports will continue as longas we have breath, eyes and mind to do it. If you have similarexperiences, we'd like to hear from you.


We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing foryour cyberphobic friends and relatives.

The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, bothIndigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and anassortment of English language media.

Notes and Sources
Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates
Silvia Ribeiro
La Jornada
Blackwater's Black Ops
Jeremy Scahill September 15, 2010
"deniability is built in and should be a big plus."
Governmental recipients of intelligence services and counterterrorismtraining from Prince's companies include the Kingdom of Jordan, theCanadian military and the Netherlands police, as well as several USmilitary bases, including Fort Bragg, home of the elite Joint SpecialOperations Command (JSOC), and Fort Huachuca, where militaryinterrogators are trained, according to the documents. In addition,Blackwater worked through the companies for the Defense IntelligenceAgency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the US EuropeanCommand.


Some of the training Blackwater provided to Canadian military forces wasin Blackwater/TRC's "Mirror Image" course, where trainees liveas a mock Al Qaeda cell in an effort to understand the mindset andculture of insurgents. Company literature describes it as "aclassroom and field training program designed to simulate terroristrecruitment, training, techniques and operational tactics."Documents show that in March 2009 Blackwater/TRC spent $6,500 purchasinglocal tribal clothing in Afghanistan as well as assorted "propagandamaterials—posters, Pakistan Urdu maps, etc." for Mirror Image, andanother $9,500 on similar materials this past January in Pakistan andAfghanistan.

According to internal documents, in 2009 alone the Canadian military paidBlackwater more than $1.6 million through TRC. A Canadian militaryofficial praised the program in a letter to the center, saying itprovided "unique and valid cultural awareness and mission specificdeployment training for our soldiers in Afghanistan," adding that itwas "a very effective and operationally current training programthat is beneficial to our mission."

======================= DISCUSSION PAPER AVAILABLE in Print Format Only!!=======================
"A Calamity Threatens Your Happiness" by J."Kittoh" Stanley, 2010,
self-published, 260p. with maps, perfect bound.
Copies are still available.
This work, distributed by "gift or barter", is timely andcontroversial. It came about as a result of the phoney police-ledanti uranium mining protests at Sharbot Lake in 2007 and covers relatedincidents in nearby Ongwehonweh and Anishnaabek communities. There's loads of info on the nuclear industry, Canadian militarization,water diversion and much more.
If you would like to receive a copy, send an email including your mailingaddress.

If you have promised to send a "gift or trade", please do so atyour earliest convenience. ;-)


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My how time flies! Tomorrow is January 14, 2012, and voting for District 1 Elections for tribal council has arrived. Polling places will be open from 7 am to 7 pm. For more information go to

Once again, the Office of Veterans Affairs will kick off their annual “Valentines for Vets” campaign. They are asking individuals, departments, schools, classes, churches, youth groups and civic organizations to let our veterans know how much we appreciate them by gathering valentines for our vets. The deadline for the Valentines will be February 10, 2012. If you have any questions, please call Office of Veterans Affairs at (918) 453-5695 or e-mail

See you at the polls!

Wado! (Thank you)
Cherokee Nation
P.O.Box 948
Tahlequah, OK 74465
918 453-5000

***Cherokee Nation News*****
Cherokee Nation taking Applications for Tahlequah, Pryor Apartments:1/12/2012 3:35:15 PM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation is taking applications to fill tribally managed three-bedroom apartments in Tahlequah and Pryor.

Cherokee Nation Foundation selects Recipients for Innovative Scholarship Program:1/12/2012 3:29:39 PM
© Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation Foundation, in partnership with Cherokee Nation Businesses, has selected 28 students to pioneer a new program focusing on the importance of an education in science, technology, engineering and math.

iPads Coming to W.W. Hastings Hospital Care Team:1/11/2012 9:35:43 AM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation recently received an award from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine South Central Region allowing them to buy 30 iPads for health care professionals at the tribe’s hospital in Tahlequah.

Silversmithing Class enrolling at Cherokee Arts Center:1/10/2012 10:11:47 AM
© Cherokee Nation
Enrollment is open for silversmithing classes at the Cherokee Arts Center, 212 S. Water St., in downtown Tahlequah. Classes are on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. beginning Jan. 26 and will run through March 15. Course instructor is Steve Mashburn.

Cherokee Nation Awarded Suicide Prevention Grant:1/10/2012 10:02:02 AM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation was recently awarded a grant that will help fund suicide prevention efforts. The tribe is the recipient of a Garrett Lee Smith State/Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention Grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


From the Eagle Watch
January 17, 2012

These two articles provide a context for how widespread this radiationhas now spread. What else are we not being told???

Like many articles, this first one tries to make it sound like things arebetter in the USA. Give me a break!!


Radioactive iodine inrainwater:
Public was in thedark

by Alex Roslin, The (Montreal) Gazette, January 14, 2012

After the Fukushima nuclear accident, Canadian health officials
assured a nervous public that virtually no radioactive fallout had
drifted to Canada.

But last March, a Health Canadamonitoring station in Calgary

detected an average of 8.18 becquerels per litre of radioactive

iodine (an isotope released by the nuclear accident) in rainwater,

the data shows.

The level easily exceeded the Canadian guideline of six becquerels

of iodine per litre for drinking water, acknowledged Eric Pellerin,

chief of Health Canada's radiation-surveillance division.

"It's above the recommended level (for drinking water)," hesaid in

an interview. "At any time you sample it, it should not exceed the


Canadian authorities didn't disclose the high radiation reading at

the time.

In contrast, the state of Virginia issued a don't-drink-rainwater

advisory in late March after iodine levels in rain in a nearby city

spiked to 3.4 becquerels per litre on a single day. That was less

than half of the level seen in Calgary during the entire month of


Radioactive iodine also appeared in smaller amounts in March

in Vancouver (which saw an average of 0.69 becquerels per litre

in rainwater, up from zero before Fukushima), Winnipeg (which

got 0.64 becquerels per litre) and Ottawa (which had 1.67

becquerels per litre), the data shows.

These other levels didn't exceed the Canadian limit for drinking

water. But the level in Ottawa did surpass the more stringent

ceiling for drinking water used by the U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency.

The data still isn't posted on Health Canada's web page devoted

to the impacts of Fukushima.

Pellerin said he doesn't know why Health Canada didn't make the

data public. "I can't answer that. The communication aspect could

be improved."

The rainwater data also raises questions about how Ottawa

monitors radiation after a nuclear crisis:

Some of Health Canada's numbers are much lower than

those reported by other radiation researchers. Simon

Fraser University nuclear chemist Krzysztof Starosta found

iodine levels in rainwater in Burnaby, B.C., spiked to 13

becquerels per litre in March -- many times higher than the

levels Health Canada detected in nearby Vancouver.

Rain was tested only at the end of each month, after a

network of monitoring stations sent samples to Ottawa. This

meant the radiation spikes last March were only discovered

in early April, after rainwater samples were sent to Ottawa

for testing -- too late to alert the public, including thosewho

collect rain for drinking and gardening.

In contrast, the EPA tested the rain for radiation every day

and immediately reported the data on its website.

© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

CBS: Texas Water Radiation Cover-Up

An investigative report by a Houston, Texas TVnews
station revealed a shocking "conspiracy of the highest
order" by the Texas State Government in their blatant
cover-up of radiation poisoning in the public water supply.


P.S. Please share Forbidden Knowledge TV e-mails
and videos with your friends and colleagues.

That's how we grow. Thanks.

Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV
Daily Videos from the Edges of Science


MNN website: Erland Campbell of Native Web Markets, 6275 Place Northcrest, Montreal, Quebec, H3S 2N3, 514-400-3112.

He received $1,500 in advance to make minor changes. The original remained online. The site he produced is a mere shell of the original. Before launching it, Campbell demanded $500 in cash immediately. He refused to complete the job.

Campbell then sent threatening emails [copies have been kept] trying to extort money, which caused me anxiety and fear.

Then the original site online disappeared.

The host in Norway said that the 'owner' [not me] had changed the original MNN password and requested that the site be suspended. I convinced the server to reinstall a new password.

The RCMP Anti-Fraud Centre advised me to go to the local police, make a report and insist on a follow up with the web master. Since he was paid and kept the product, it could constitute theft.

The host in Norway worked very hard to restore the old website which reappeared on the morning of January 17, 2012.

As Chief Seattle said: "Man did not weave the web of life. He is but a mere strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself".


Food aid sent to Mexico Indians

Mexico mobilises aid for Tarahumara indigenous communities suffering a food crisis amid a drought in...


John Ivison: Pragmatic motives behind Stephen Harper’s meeting with First Nations

Spread the word. Every invitation counts:

Invite Friends

Sir John A. Macdonald “thumped no tubs, he banged no pulpits,” according to biographer Donald Creighton. Even when debating as ambitious a project as Confederation, he refused to pander to romanticism. “I am satisfied not to have a reputation for indulging in imaginary schemes and harbouring visionary ideas … always utopian and never practical,” he said.

That passage came to mind while watching Stephen Harper’s new interview with Peter Mansbridge on CBC. The Prime Minister was asked whether he hopes significant changes will result from his first meeting with the collective native leadership at a Crown-First Nations gathering next week in Ottawa.

“The obvious answer is yes. Significant change needs to happen. Aboriginal people are not anywhere near where we want them, or need, those communities to be. That said, my own experience is that it will not be grand visions and declarations that achieve these things – it will be moving forward, one step at a time in areas like water and investment in education,” he said.

Like The Man Who Made Us, to pilfer the title of Richard Gwyn’s excellent Macdonald biography, Mr. Harper is never utopian and always practical.

But while the rhetoric may be less grandiloquent than that used by Shawn Atleo, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, who talks of “resetting the relationship” between the Crown and First Nations, the very fact that Mr. Harper has agreed to the meeting indicates the seriousness with which he is treating the issue. While no “big bang” deal is likely to emerge, neither is this a merely symbolic meeting.

The reason is not benevolence – hardly one of Mr. Harper’s stronger suits – but necessity. As he pointed out, Canada needs its First Nations to be net contributors to the economy in the coming years, rather than a drain on the national treasury. The Prime Minister noted in his interview that we are staring at an ageing workforce and labour shortages in the decades to come. As it stands, the native population is not well-placed to take advantage of these opportunities – more than half First Nations people are younger than 25 but less than half graduate from high school.

The demographics suggest native Canadians could either contribute to the solution or exacerbate the problem, depending on policy decisions being made now. In the decade between 1996 and 2006, the aboriginal population grew 45%, compared to 8% for non-aboriginals. The registered Indian population alone is projected to grow a further 40% to more than one million people by 2029. Reserves that are struggling to house and educate the current population are expected to grow by a further 250,000 people in the next two decades. The threat to the Canadian standard of living, not to mention public safety, is high, if this young, booming population grows up to become angry, under-educated, unskilled and unemployed.

This explains why the Prime Minister wrapped the aboriginal issue in with other challenges to Canada’s long-term fiscal well-being in his CBC interview. “We have immediate challenges because of the global economic situation but the other things we are turning our mind to are the challenges that will confront us very soon after we resolve our immediate problems – an ageing workforce, where more and more people are retired and fewer and fewer people are working,” he said.

Seen through this prism, aboriginal policy is as much about economics, not unlike another issue Mr. Harper said is being reviewed: the sustainability of public service pensions.

It is for utilitarian, rather than altruistic, reasons that First Nations can finally have confidence that the government is serious about alleviating poverty on reserves. They will have to give some ground on the transparency that the Tories are demanding but, for the first time, they have the undivided attention of the whole government to make their case on land issues, health, housing, education and economic development.

It is the latter two areas that are of real interest to the government. The national panel charged by the Conservatives and the AFN to look at long-term solutions will not have reported by next Tuesday’s meeting, but it would be a major surprise if it was at odds with a Senate report released in November that recommended Ottawa introduce legislation that sets up First Nations school boards and increases funding per student to provincial levels.

The Tories are also keen on bringing in a First Nations Property Ownership Act, which would widen private property ownership on reserves.

If both sides can resist their tendency to tub-thump, the Crown-First Nation gathering may at least build a degree of trust that would allow more transformative change to happen further on down the road.

National Post

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From the Eagle Watch #206

One Simple Fact
January 20, 2012

Just hours after publishing "Imperial Minions", we were readinga paper by University of Regina political science professor, JoyceGreen. She points out an important fact: the Indigenouspopulation in Saskatchewan now equals or exceeds the nonNativepopulation.

Instead of being assimilated, we are a growing population of distinctlyIndigenous people all across the land. We survive against allodds.

No wonder then, the vociferous rise in antiNative sentiments, press andbehaviour especially in the West. Organizations like the FCPPFrontier Centre for Public Policy and the CTF Canadian TaxpayersFederation play on the fear and anger among Canadians. AsIndigenous become more visible by our very numbers, we are being used asscapegoats for all their problems.

In many Indigenous communities, half of the people are under the age of25. There are few old people and fewer Elders. These youngIndigenous people face many obstacles and distractions. Who isthere to guide them?

Green also writes about urban Native street gangs whose alleged rallyingcry is hatred of "Whites". The reality is that manystreet Youth have no one but each other in a predatory world where theyare victim and villified.

The other day, a flyer arrived in the mail from local MP ScottReid. It was all about guess what?? The big glaring headlinewas pointed, "First Nations chiefs should revealspending".

Slippery Scott includes a questionnaire, "What do youthink?". You can either agree, "Yes, AboriginalCanadians deserve accountable government" or you can disagree,"No, First Nations government shouldn't be moreaccountable."

What a twisted presumptuous choice he lays out! It's sort oflike inviting a vegetarian to a banquet and telling him, he has achoice: roast pork or roast beef! The one doing the invitingisn't even the host but someone passing through. Either way, Scottprefers you don't do any thinking.

Speaking of parties, Scott "Who Doesn't Speak to Anyone WhoDisagrees with Him" Reid sent out another flyer a few days laterinviting everyone to his New Years celebrations in Perth and Napanee thisweekend. See endnotes for details in case you want to go. Guess what or who they'll be talking about?

Imperial minions like Scott Reid remain blind to Original Peoples' trueNature through decrepit concepts like "civilization","savages" and their sense of "inherentsuperiority". They will continue to fear us and hate us andseek to destroy us. That they have already FAILED should be evidentbut they are stubborn and very very afraid.


We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing foryour cyberphobic friends and relatives.

The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, bothIndigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and anassortment of English language media.

Notes and Contact Info
1. "Imperial Minions, Transparent Rednecks and DirtyDrawers", January 11, 2012 by Kittoh
available in the Eagle Watch Archives at:

and at its "permanent home" at

2. "From Stonechild to Social Cohesion: Anti-Racist Challengesfor Saskatchewan"
Joyce Green
Department of Political Science and the Women’s Studies Program
University of Regina
Presentation to the Canadian Political Science Association
A9(b): Theory, Policy and Pedagogy of Decolonization
University of Western Ontario

3. Scott Reid MP Lanark--Frontenac--Lennox and Addington
New Years celebrations:
from 1 - 3 pm
January 21, 2012 Civitan Hall, 6787 County Road 43, Perth [on the road toSmiths Falls]
January 22, 2012 Strathcona Paper Centre, 16 MacPherson Drive, (offRichmond Blvd) Napanee.

Scott Reid MP
House of commons
Ottawa ON K1A0A6

Constituency Offices
Carleton Place
6 Lake Ave, W, Carleton Place, ON K7C 1L2
Tel: (613) 257-8130 Fax: (613) 257-4371
Toll-Free: 1-866-277-1577
4 Market Square Napanee, ON K7R 1J3
Tel: (613) 354-1948 Fax: (613) 354-0924
Toll-Free: 1-866-929-0092

Parliament Hill Office
Tel: (613) 947-2277 Fax: (613) 947-2278

Letters addressed to a Member of Parliament don't need a stamp.

REID, Scott, B.A., M.A.
Current Member of The House of Commons
Date of Birth ( 1964.01.25
Place of Birth: Hull, Quebec, Canada
Occupation: Author, journalist

Political Affiliation:
Conservative Party of Canada (2003)
(2003.12.23 - )
Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance
(2000.11.27 - 2003.12.22)

Constituency Date of Election ( Result
Lanark--Frontenac--Lennox and Addington, Ontario 2006.01.23 Elected
Lanark--Frontenac--Lennox and Addington, Ontario 2004.06.28 Elected
Lanark--Carleton, Ontario 2000.11.27 Elected


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Tip a Marshal night is Monday, January 23. Come to Del Rancho Restaurant here in Tahlequah and get ‘served’ by our Cherokee Nation Marshals from 5PM-11PM. That’s right. Let our Cherokee Nation Marshals be your waiters/waitresses for the evening. All tips go to the Marshal Services’ Fundraiser for the Special Olympics Oklahoma Polar Plunge.

Have you ever wanted to have a personal connection to your ancestor’s experience with a Journey of your own? If you are a Cherokee Nation citizen, enrolled in high school or college in good academic standing, at least 15 years old and in good physical shape to commit to a 950 mile journey, applications are being accepted for the 2012 Remember the Removal Ride commemorating the Cherokee Nation forced removal from its homelands during the winter of 1838-39, commonly known as the Trail of Tears. You can apply online at:

Wado! (Thank you)
Cherokee Nation
P.O.Box 948
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***Cherokee Nation News*****
Cherokee Nation Industries Honored with Prestigious Bell Premier Supplier Award:1/19/2012 3:30:10 PM
© Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation Industries, the manufacturing and distribution division of Cherokee Nation Businesses, has been recognized by Bell Helicopter as being in the top 10 percent of the company’s suppliers.

Cherokee Nation Honors Veterans at Tribal Council Meeting:1/19/2012 2:27:46 PM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation honored three Vietnam veterans, one who served in the Air Force and the other two in the Army, at this month’s Tribal Council meeting in Tahlequah.

Record Number of Children Receive Christmas Gifts from Cherokee Nation Angel Tree:1/19/2012 1:10:14 PM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation Angel Tree set a new record this Christmas season by ensuring that more than 1,700 needy children received Christmas presents.

Pottery class available at Cherokee Arts Center:1/18/2012 11:08:10 AM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Arts Center has a pottery class available in Tahlequah for adults who are interested in learning how to make traditional clay pottery.

Cherokee Nation Offers Classes for New Business Owners:1/17/2012 10:54:16 AM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation is hosting a series of business entrepreneurship classes in February that teach new business owners how to write a successful business plan.

Tribal Council Confirms New Secretary of State, Five CNB Board Nominees :1/17/2012 9:33:51 AM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation now has a new Secretary of State. The Tribal Council confirmed Charles Head Monday night at its regular January meeting.

Students Compete to become Cherokee Language Bowl Champs:1/16/2012 2:42:01 PM
© Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation recently held the Cherokee Language Bowl, a competition promoting the study, use and retention of the Cherokee language.

Byrd wins Cherokee Tribal Council District 1 Seat:1/15/2012 10:56:04 AM
© Cherokee Nation
According to unofficial results, former chief Joe Byrd is elected to Cherokee Tribal Council District 1 seat.


Bear Gonzales

6:52pm Jan 20

The first treaty entered into by the Cherokees resulted in the cession of 2600 square miles in the area of what is present-day South Carolina. The treaty was between the Cherokee and England, who recognized Cherokee Nation as a world government before there was a United States. The year was 1721.


Aim Southern Cal

2:51am Jan 23,0,2930790.story

California OKs $6.5 million to plan Ballona Wetlands restoration

In a first step toward restoring one of Southern California's few remaining wetlands and opening it ...


Aim Southern Cal

3:27am Jan 23

We are so lucky to have warm weather all year round, but some of our relatives are not so lucky!~
Please take a moment to watch video then share & circulate! by donating you can save lives!


Emergency Relief Centers Of Turtle Island, promorional video featuring, Frances Picketpin Spotted El...



MNN Jan. 22,2012. Freedom requires responsibility [Kaianerehkowa]. The unsurrendered land, water, air and resources above, beneath and on Great Turtle Island is the birthright of the Indigenous peoples. The bankers and their agents want to steal it all. Our resistance to genocide is causing panic.

Here's their plan.

Lie about economic prosperity and ending mass unemployment. Increase military spending. Build more prisons.

Set up secret police outside of civil authority. Rescind habeas corpus and civil liberties. [US Defense Authorization Act; Canada Omnibus Crime Bill.] Bribe, destroy, kill, imprison opponents.

Remove citizenship rights [US Enemy Expatriation Act]. Wear non-person ID in public. Send resisters back to country of origin! [Bye!]

Special courts for death sentences. Execute soldiers for cowardice! [Or give them more meds.]

Centralize power under one leader. Assassinations to restore order. Swear oath to leader like Canada to the Queen.

Control courts and civic organizations. Disband state and local governments. Appoint governors, premiers, mayors.

Divide and rule. Rich fight the poor. Racial conflicts intensified. Religious-based parties control education and youth groups.

Promote Pan Americanism based on white culture, to defend western civilization from 'brown sub-humans'.

Criminalize the truth. Ban questioners. Indigenous continue to be hated and feared [for existing]. Book burnings [Stop Arizona brown market in Indian books]. Teach race superiority dogma. [Guess which is at the top of the totem pole?]. Fire teachers who oppose.

Control mainstream media [A done deal].

Kill the internet [SOPA]. Produce entertainment, films, mass rallies and rhetoric to push corporatist ideology down our throats.

Create economic depression. Then make up fantasies to restore fake national pride.

Unreasonable foreign policy. Demand surrender or threaten war. No compromise. No reparation to peoples or countries attacked.

Create enemies. Get another country to invade. Send ultimatums demanding all their power or face invasion. Step in. Bomb. Call for elections. Put in puppets. Set up quislings.

Form alliances with dictators or replace them. Set up spies and informers. Install tribal/band council-like entities to control masses and report on them.

Infiltrate and suppress labor unions and strikes.

[If we're lucky] The US might threaten to pull out of or destroy the UN if they can't own it.

Form secret and illegal alliances like the North American Union NAU. Annex Canada and Mexico. Suppress revolts. Businesses owned by western interests. Native land and resource owners do menial work.

Sign pacts to divide up world dominated by a small group of rulers.

Create fear of travel, such as airport TSA groping passengers and mysterious shipwreck in Italy.

Heavy fines or long prison terms for crimes like parking tickets, spitting on the sidewalk or free speech.

US and Canada are conservative authoritarian corporations. Their citizens are property of the corporations, squatting on a land they don't own. The youth want their corporations to give them a piece of the Indigenous pie.

Over 100 million Indigenous were murdered in the attempt. They need to decolonize and respect the legal ownership of Great Turtle Island.

The white house or congress or parliament could be graffitied to signal a civil unrest over something that doesn't belong to them.

Look for more false flags such as the World Trade Center and laws without parliamentary or congressional debate.

Open attack on uncooperative Indigenous communities. Human rights violated. Deprivation of necessities of life.

Canada's Prime Minister Harper wants to revive the old ghetto policy to keep us in deplorable conditions to carry out the final solution. [Mother Earth segregated all of Great Turtle Island for us].

Death by warfare, genocide, reprisals, forced labor and starvation to carry out the Pan Americanisation of the western hemisphere.

Dictators studied these US strategies [Wasichu] of atrocities, mass murders, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing and theft on a grand scale.

The great natural power preserved us and continues to do so. We don't have a standing army. We have the dreaded truth.

As Oscar Wilde said: When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood, [and a forked tongue] it's hard to shake hands with her.


Sewage spill threatens First Nation’s health

Support the cause. Be counted:

I Read This

First Nations chiefs told the Prime Minister Tuesday their lives are constricted by “layer upon layer of bureaucracy.” In Kasabonika Lake First Nation, an overflowing sewage plant and limited electrical capacity are examples of that.

The First Nation, located 800 kilometres north of Thunder Bay in northwestern Ontario, estimates it’s missing out on more than $9 million worth of jobs and economic opportunities as Aboriginal Affairs delays funding for its sewage plant and diesel generator.

Waste water began spilling into the lake from the community’s sewage plant more than a decade ago. A series of letters provided to CBC by the First Nation show a cycle of Aboriginal Affairs funding studies to fix the problem. It then told the First Nation there is no money to pay for the fix.
'We just go ahead and do it'

Kasabonika Lake First Nation built an illegal trench, off-reserve, where it’s trucking some of its sewage to keep it out of the lake.

“We don’t have time to wait, we just go ahead and do it, otherwise we’d be killing our own people,” said Abe Wabasse, the administrator for the sewage plant.

Still, Wabasse worries about the overflow from the plant that runs into the lake where people get their drinking water.

The First Nation provided a similar series of letters from Aboriginal Affairs pertaining to its diesel generator. Diesel is used to make electricity in remote First Nations that are not connected to the hydro grid.

Aboriginal Affairs funded a $61,000 feasibility study in 2009 and $865,000 for design work in 2010. Kasabonika Lake First Nation went ahead and spent more than $1 million on the components for a new generator last year. They’re sitting in shipping containers on the reserve, after Aboriginal Affairs said the construction funds were no longer available.

On the Kasabonika First Nation, about 940 people live on reserve. Only 137 of the homes are deemed adequate.On the Kasabonika First Nation, about 940 people live on reserve. Only 137 of the homes are deemed adequate. (Jody Porter/CBC)
No infrastructure means no new homes

“So, right now, if we don’t get those dollars until 2013 or 2014, we won’t be doing any housing,” said band councillor Gordon Morris.

With no new electrical capacity and no sewage capacity, no new homes can be built in Kasabonika Lake.

But families keep expanding. About 940 people live on reserve, and only 137 of the homes are deemed adequate.

Elders Mina and Steven Anderson moved into the un-insulated shed in their yard so their children and grandchildren can have their house.

Water jugs at Steve and Mina Anderson's one-room shack, which has no running water.Water jugs at Steve and Mina Anderson's one-room shack, which has no running water. (Jody Porter/CBC)

It’s not just housing being restricted by the lack of infrastructure. A new business centre has been scrapped and the First Nation laments its inability to capitalize on a regional mining boom.

Hydro One wrote a letter supporting Kasabonika’s push for a new diesel generator and called the First Nation “well-managed and progressive.”

Morris said it’s difficult keeping that reputation without help for the capital projects from Aboriginal Affairs.

“It’s just going to get worse,” Morris said. “That’s all I can say, because we have no funding, even though our First Nation has been very innovative in accessing funds.”

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane.

When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person.

When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful.

Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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