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Center for Biological Diversity
Dear Sharon,
Staghorn coral
Elkhorn and staghorn corals were protected as threatened species in 2006 -- so a plan for their recovery is long overdue. A scientific team finished its work on the plan years ago, but it seems to be stuck in bureaucratic limbo.

There's little information on what's causing the holdup, but we suspect that the plan is on hold because it highlights that the key to saving our coral reefs is to curb climate change by drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The recovery plan for these two beautiful corals has been languishing in the circular file for far too long. It's time to dust it off and put it to work saving endangered corals.
Please take action now to send a message to the federal government: Show us the plan!  

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Photo of staghorn coral courtesy NOAA.

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Center for Biological Diversity
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Hey Cherokee voters, do your homework and get ready for this
Saturday's tribal electon! Sample ballots for studying are online here

The "Remember the Removal Bike Ride" participants are due to arrive
back in Tahlequah this Friday, June 21 about mid-morning. Follow their
progress over the last portion of their 950-mile journey on Facebook
 and join us in welcoming our riders home on Friday on the Courthouse
Square in downtown Tahlequah.

Monday we broke ground on an expansion of Redbird Smith Health Center
in Sallisaw. The expansion will nearly double the size of the facility
and allow us to serve thousands of more patients!

Coffeyville police officer awarded Cherokee Medal of Patriotism
 – 06/14/2013

The Cherokee Nation honored Coffeyville police officer and Cherokee
citizen Steve Gilfillan with the Cherokee Medal of Patriotism this
month for his heroic actions saving a man from a house fire.

Cherokee Nation honors artist, Iraq War veterans in June
 – 06/12/2013

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — The Cherokee Nation honored three veterans,
including renowned Indian artist Donald Vann and two Iraq War
veterans, with the Cherokee Medal of Patriotism at its June Tribal
Council meeting. Vann and Jake Andrew Stopp, 30, both of Tahlequah,
and Steven Morales, 28, of Dermott, Ark., received a medal and plaque
from Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Deputy Chief Joe Crittenden
June 10, acknowledging their service to the country. “I did
insignias on helicopters and insignia

Cherokee Nation pursues 50 million federal lawsuit for IHS payments
 – 06/11/2013

The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council passed a resolution Monday to file
a lawsuit against the federal government for nearly $50 million, the
amount of funds the tribe should’ve received for health services.

Make the RSPCA accountable and answerable for their actions


Campaign for America's Future
Dear David,
Thousands of homebound seniors will not get a hot meal tonight because Congress has cut funding for Meals on Wheels as part of the sequester.
For millions of seniors, Social Security isn't enough to lift them out of poverty and hunger. In the past decade, there was a 78 percent increase in senior hunger.


    Tell Congress to Protect Organic Farmers and Honey Bees in the Farm Bill!

    Tell Congress to support amendments to the House Farm Bill that will protect farmers from GMO contamination, protect pollinators from pesticides, and restore funding to vital organic programs.

    This week the House of Representatives will begin debate on its Farm Bill and there are a number of possible amendments we have our eye on this year pertaining to genetically engineered crops, the protection of pollinators, and supporting organic farming.

    Stop GE Crop Contamination
    Just recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that unapproved, genetically engineered (GE) wheat was found to have contaminated an Oregon farmer’s field.  The GE wheat, known as Roundup Ready, was developed by the Monsanto Company to withstand direct application of Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide.

    The Oregon wheat incident was not the first time a GE field trial has had serious consequences for farmers, and unless Congress does something about it, it won’t be the last.  This incident underscores why stronger regulation is long overdue.

    Center for Food Safety is calling on Congress to use the Farm Bill as an opportunity to improve the oversight of GE field trials and protect farmers and the environment from future contamination incidents.

    Protect Pollinators
    Over the past decade, honey bees and other pollinators have been suffering record-high population losses. Given that one in every three bites of food is reliant on bees and other species for pollination, the decline of pollinators demands swift action; our agricultural economy, food supply and environment depend on their well-being.

    Support Organic
    Center for Food Safety is a strong supporter of organic agriculture.  Unfortunately, a number of vital organic programs that received full funding in the Senate Farm Bill are currently not funded in the House Farm Bill.  We urge you to tell your Representatives that now is the time to advocate for sustainable, organic farming!

    The challenges we face will not be resolved unless we invest in agriculture that protects and enhances our future – not destroy it.

    Amendments to the House Farm Bill are being discussed now, so please take action today!


    Navajo Code Talker Milton Gishal Passes – Second Code Talker during this Past Week




    Police Officer Awarded Cherokee Medal of Patriotism for Heroic Actions


    Stop Discriminating Against Pit Bulls through BSL Laws

    Posted by Rebecca Corry (campaign leader)
    Add your voice
    Five years ago an Angel came into my life in the form of a Pit Bull Terrior from the South Central Los Angeles Shelter.  Her ears cut with scissors, battery acid burns all over her back, broken tail, part of her tongue missing, had been bred several times and used as a bait dog but still had a smile on her face and nothing but love to give.  Angel has educated and enlightened people around the country by simply being an example of what this breed truly is, magical.  For 20 years I thought entertaining people was enough until Angel came into  my life and showed me that standing up for pits through entertainment is my true calling and has given my life a greater sense of purpose.  
    To ban a race, religion or breed is immoral, prejudice and ignorant. There is a national war against Pit Bull Terriors going on and the time is now to stop it. Fact-there is no such thing as a vicious breed of dog.  The way a dog looks also does not determine it's actions.  So, to deem an entire breed "dangerous" or "vicious" and make it law to remove this breed from loving homes or prevent them a chance at life is ludacris.  
    The way we treat our animals is a direct reflection of our society and what humans are doing to Pit Bull Terriors is proof that ours is broken.  Example-33 cities in Prince George County Maryland find logic in banning Pit Bull Terriors and continue to turn a blind eye about the people abusing, torturing, fighting and mutilating them.  It is OBVIOUS that what should be feared and what is in fact "vicious" are the humans doing this daily in our own backyards.   BSL laws continue to fail time and time again, costing tax payers more money trying to enforce this ridiculousness.
    I'm not asking anyone to own a Pit Bull Terrior or even suggesting that people who don't like dogs change their minds and like them.  It's everyone's right to own or not own whatever kind of dog they choose.  What I am asking is that you understand that there is a national war against this breed and humans are committing heinous acts against Pit Bull Terriors now more than every before and that is ALL OF OUR problem as a society.  Our FBI and government have spent millions on studied that prove that the people committing these acts on dogs/animals will likely and most often times do go on to commit crimes against humans and are involved in other illegal activities.  It is VITAL that you join me in signing this petition to stop BSL laws, and challenge our law makers to stop banning the victims of abuse and BSL as a way solve a social problem but instead educate themselves, understand this epidemic and create intelligent solutions that will save animals and humans alike.  Please sign now and share!  #wewillmarch

    "When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. 
    When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. 
    When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. 
    Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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