Friday, June 7, 2013

Serious Stuff Happening These Days

Serious Stuff Happening These Days

San Onofre is Dead and So Is Nuclear Power

(From Bluejay)


"A Massive Surveillance State": Glenn Greenwald Exposes Covert NSA Pro

gram Collecting Calls, Emails



His Two Senators Support Him, Why is ICE Deporting Jose Maria?


Look what else S Dakota is doing. Demonizing sacred ceremonies with false devil worshiping accusations . Funny thing is the devil doesn't exist in native culture .
Someone is making these flyers and posting them all over rapid city . Cultural/spiritual genocide !!


A jury in Texas just acquitted a man who shot and killed a woman for refusing to have sex with him. 


Bay Area Indian Calendar June 6, 2013

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. 
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. 
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. 
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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