Friday, November 5, 2010



(Note: This Guy has stood for Native Rights on his show. Please copy and paste the links to go to the petition. Dave)

BREAKING: MSNBC has suspended star anchor Keith Olbermann following the news that he donated to three Democratic candidates this election cycle.

Sign our emergency petition to MSNBC. Tell them to put Olbermann back on the air NOW!
Then, pass this to your progressive friends.

Media are writing about this breaking story right now, and our growing petition will display the public outrage. Sign here.

NBC policy does not prohibit employees from donating to political candidates. But MSNBC president Phil Griffin is miffed that Keith didn't get "prior approval" first. Seriously. His feelings are hurt.

Meanwhile, Republicans Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan also gave political contributions -- but are not suspended. It must only be ok for MSNBC employees to give to Republicans, not Democrats.

The Democratic Party sadly saw this week what happens when you alienate your base. Tell MSNBC that if they want to keep their viewers, they must put Keith back on the air NOW!

Then tell your friends. Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Julia Rosen, PCCC

P.S. It's worth noting that Olbermann donated to 2 PCCC-endorsed candidates: House Progressive Caucus Chair Raul Grijalva (who was just declared the winner, after lots of PCCC help!) and Jack Conway in Kentucky (who sends his immense thanks to PCCC members). Good for Keith.

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