Sunday, November 21, 2010

Policy Change For STSSA (Please Read)

Policy Change For STSSA (Please Read before you delete)

I am sending this out to everyone on our lists and websites from the Sacred Sites email because this is a policy change statement. I am sending a copy of this to the person that was offended also. And then we will bother him no more.

We recently had one of our female friends send me some racist material. She did not have a disclaimer on it. But I read it and knew that she was just trying to inform me of the garbage that some of these folks put out because I know her and I know that she is not a racist. I thought that everyone on our list knew that neither Sharon the founder nor I were racist and that we were just passing this along. Apparently one of our friends does not know that we are not racist, because I was pretty sick this weekend and when he attacked me and called me a racist, I responded like an ex Marine under attack would the second and third time, because this person was pretty harsh to me. I thought that he knew me better than that. But apparently he doesn't. One day I will learn not to even turn on the computer when I am sick, because I always get attacked when I am sick and never when I am well and can deal with stuff. I don't think either this guy or me will ever associate again because too much was said from both parties. I think we both would not usually be like that. But non the less, to avoid times in the future for stuff like this to happen, I will not come on line when I am sick, because the old Marine comes out when I am attacked and not the peaceful guy I want to be. So if you don't hear from me in the future when you demand an immediate response, I'm offline and will respond later. And please excuse the poor grammar in the other email that I sent. I was very sick at the time that I was typing.

So If I offended anyone else, I apologize. We never were like that. Sharon is the boss in this sacred site stuff. I just help her because she is not internet savvy. She has done this for 40+ years. I had nothing to do with it until I met her.

Anyway, the new policy from us as approved by Sharon, the founder, is, if we are passing something along that is not what we believe, we will tell you this is not what we believe. And unless it is making a larger point, we probably won't repost it. I get so much racist hate speech, harassment and destruction to our property from the locals, we really don't need our cup any fuller.
Take care and have a good week,
(The website guy only)

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