Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Peace

Just Peace
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This Monday on Just Peace, we will talk with Atlanta urban farmer K. Rashid Nuri and continue in our discussion about urban agriculture and growing food naturally.

K. Rashid Nuri is the founder of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture in Atlanta (TLW).

After 40 years of learning how food is produced and distributed in more than 35 countries, Rashid’s thinking came full circle with the founding of TLW. He has identified three high priority needs:

A return to natural and sustainable production methods that deliver higher quality food, enhance the environment and improve human health.
A return of food as a central focus in family and community life. For most of human history, food was produced within walking distance of where it was consumed, resulting in a direct connection between man, land and his food.
Development of infrastructure to support the growth of local food production and distribution.

TLW now has a 4 acre garden in the heart of the City of Atlanta in the historic Sweet Auburn Avenue district, which is a community steeped in Black history locally, nationally and internationally.

For more information about Truly Living Well, please go to

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