Monday, April 25, 2011

What If Jesus Came Back as an Indigenous Person?

There are folks out there telling people who do not know better that being poor, or sick or handicapped or a widow or another race except white, that there is something wrong with them,
because they are cutting social programs that have helped millions. They may not say it with words. But actions speak louder than words.
And these same people do not want to honor treaties with Indigenous People. They call Indigenous Treaties a handout.
To not honor those treaties would make any future treaty that the U.S. makes with any country suspect. And it would make the word of the USA mean nothing.
These corporate fat cats and their followers and cronies hate so many and want to dump on people
when the only thing wrong with them is they are unacceptable to the corporate wealthy fat cats and the church of the fake Jesus.
I read this article and I have read their Bible and I see that they do not even follow the Jesus in it. They follow a made up one.

I usually don't advocate anyone's work on one side or the other. And I am usually sort of a moderate type person.
But I get sick to death of these wealthy and power mongers making every evil thing they do look like it's right and proper.
And everything that is done to help Indigenous People or for that matter any people who by no want of their own have to depend on this government.
Believe me I am not advocating dependence on the U.S. government by Indigenous People or anyone if you can help it.
But what I do advocate is that circumstances happen and people need help. And the fat cats and their cronies and their fake church will not help enough to make a difference.

Sure they put out little offerings to make it look like they are at least doing something. But basically they could care less if humans, animals or the Earth suffers from the effects of their greed.
Look at the oil advocates coming back wanting to make more oil rigs with the same faulty drilling techniques that caused the worst disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
Look at the radiation poured all over the earth with the poor construction techniques for these nuclear plants like those in Japan.
And when they hurt the Earth it hurts us all

A few years back there was this story about the first time that the Lakotas got the Bible translated into their language.
It was said that one of the Lakota elders commented, "This Jesus seems like a good man. Too bad his followers don't live by what's in this book."
And, in this humble almost 64 year old's opinion, Indigenous already had a way of life that would have been better than most who cal themselves Christians,
but live nothing like the real Jesus' words told his followers to live.


So where am I going with this? (as an esteemed comrade pastor friend of mine would say. ( You know who you are Griffin :-)
My point is this. Those in power believe what they want to believe. And they make their philosophy and religion fit their wants for power and greed.
What you hear on TV news channels fits their need for greed also.
What you read in the paper fits their need for greed.
What you read in many books fits their need for greed.
What you see on the Internet fits their need for greed.
In the mix, they use people's fears and weaknesses against them to control them.
This is how they stay in power and keep people fighting among themselves. So that people never see that they are being manipulated, controlled, used, abused and following like good little sheeple to the slaughterhouse where they forfeit their human rights and will end up owning everything and owning nothing.
Now some will say that this is what these so called 'socialist" (which are not specifically socialist. They are programs that just help people.) programs will do for the U.S. But I disagree.
It is your greedy capitalists who will destroy the U.S.
I got no problem with compassionate capitalists.

If you go back to the original inhabitants of this country who still follow their traditions, you will find the truth about the way life should be lived without greed or the lust for power.

Some of the elders used to think that those who came from Europe were all "dead eyed" people. In other words they had no connection to the Spirit or this Earth and were filled with greed. And it showed in their eyes. But later they met some who had life in them.

And the real Jesus would probably come back as a Traditional Indigenous Person in order to be able to follow his original teachings.

You see the real Jesus had Spirit and Life in him and was connected to the Earth so much that he could talk to the storm wind and make it stop storming and blowing.

He healed people because he had the Spirit in him.

He was nothing like these fake followers. He actually cared about ALL people. How could he identify with these dead eyed people who have no Spirit or connection to the Earth?

I wonder what would happen if the real Jesus were born today? I have this funny feeling he would congratulate many Indigenous People.

There was an Atheist that recently wrote about his being a better person that most Christians living today.
And he is absolutely right. If the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles were really followed by so called "Christians" there would be no poor in this country or people without food, medical care, homes, greed would not be an issue. Then the world would be a much better place.

I have met many Atheists and other belief systems (especially Traditional Indigenous People) who are much more moral and caring people than many who wear the faux mantle of "Christian" and are heartless and cut all programs that aid the poor, handicapped, widows, orphans, .... you know all the people that Jesus helped and told Christians that they should help. I never read anywhere where Jesus told any person to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps. He always went after the wealthy powerful religious elite who put burdens on the common man and lived the good life while others suffered.

And the wealthy fat cats and pious hypocrite religious leaders had the Romans crucify him for calling them hypocrites.
And many of these wealthy and powerful elite and their churches are destroying his true teachings and replacing them with a gospel of greed and hate. And these so called "Christians" would try to kill him today if he made a big enough stink to disrupt their little game.

"When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane.
When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person.
When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful.
Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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