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April 2011 Update
Kanekota April 23, 2011

The “Walk to stop the Quarry”!/event.php?eid=217379224946300 started yesterday at Queens Park and will continue for 5 days, to bring awareness to the “Highland Group” application to destroy 8,500 acres of prime farmland at the source of the Grand River. Up here all of the residents received a Highland Group propaganda package in the mail to try and explain how creating a hole that if it was in Toronto, would stretch from Yonge St. to Bathurst St. and from Bloor to the lake. No-one up here is buying there lies, as the people walking display. These are real people standing up to this criminal enterprise and they deserve the support and respect of the local people in the communities along the way.

I copy my letter sent to General Sir Peter Wall regarding this same Highland Group application;
April 15, 2011
General Sir Peter Wall KB, CBE, ADC ,
Chief of General Staff, Ministerial Core Unit,
4545 Zone A, M.O.D, Whithall, London
Dear General,
I am thahoketoteh of the Mohawk nation and I write to you today from Kanekota, Ontario, Canada. It is in regard to a Royal Proclamation one of your predecessors wrote in 1784, Captain General “Sir Frederick Haldimand”. He stated that the British military would protect land, 6 miles from either side of the Grand River, from Lake Erie to its headwaters. He stated “for them and their posterity forever.”
Being a direct descendant of one of the “Four Indian Kings” whom visited Queen Anne’s court in 1710 (picture attached) I ask that you accept your jurisdiction on this matter and come to resolve the situation in the Headwaters of this “British Protectorate”.
I have been serving all of the people whom are working for the crown, this proclamation for 10 years now and they all just keep pretending that they are not bound by empirical law. I have a complete list of the people whom are working for the crown in a municipal, provincial and federal level.
In our ancient customs and knowledge it is stated we shall have to move to the hilly country to heal before the return of the Peacemaker and all of our young people are getting ready to move up here to Kanekota this summer.
There has been a “hostile” corporate takeover of 8, 500 acres of prime farmland in the Headwaters of the Grand river protectorate (survey included) by a company known as “the Highland Group”. The shareholders of this group contain many former and current Ministers of the Canadian government. They are hiding behind pictures of her Majesty and ignoring the empirical law while continuing on their genocidal quest of our people to enrich themselves personally. The current Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has been trying to secure my claim for himself. So as you can see there is no-one we can trust here.
There will be court cases but Admiralty court (all courts in Canada) has no jurisdiction when a Royal proclamation is involved. Many of our young people will be moving to these exact farms that this corporation has slated for gravel extraction. They have a plan to ruin the headwaters forever. We want to live here forever.
The local people up here and in Toronto are standing up to this criminal enterprise and will fight this on behalf of the land.
I have been telling all of these “traitors” that they can explain it to the military tribunal that has jurisdiction. So I ask on behalf of myself, my two sons, daughters and grandson; Please accept your jurisdiction on this matter. So that we may continue on in peace.
I thank you for your time and I remain your faithful ally,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

We expect the Generals will accept their role in this matter as that is how the empire exists, legally. I invite any readers to send this General your letter of support, in his role to maintain the peace.

The process whereby we become of one mind on issues that affect us all, is called kayanerakowa or council of the great peace. The reason that war continues is because the representatives of the people stop at 51% instead of continuing until they have 100%. Here in Kanekota we plan to show Canada how a true peace is achieved and be a model for the world to follow after the arrival of the 5th sun. With unity of mind comes great strength and everlasting peace.

Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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