Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hopes 4 Planing Ahead... Re: Glen Cove Burial Site/ Vallejo, Ca

Hopes 4 Planing Ahead... Re: Glen Cove Burial Site/ Vallejo, Ca
To all who wish to continue even when the odds are against us... (please read)

I as well as many other D-Q U supporters were greatful to have traveled to the Glenn Cove Shellmound Spiritual Walk this past Sept. 30th. I wish I was closer and more financially sound to do all I could do to help keep Glenn Cove Safe.

One thing that we noticed is that our numbers, though strong individually, need to have a greater turn out representation. Our indigenous peoples are too scattered and over preoccupied to the point that our unity is not up to a strong potential so that we can act in these times of need. We have become very complacent to the point we’re our cultures, traditions and sacred land are being handed over to the colonizer, somewhat willingly as a collective, because we do not collectively take a stand or put up too largely a resistance.

We have the same problem at D-Q U, for going on 5 years; we have had the Board of trustees do absolutely nothing positive for the campus to revive, let alone our people… where is the support?

Though out the states, collectively, we collectively accept tribal dis-enrollment, we accept discrimination, we accept segregational boarders – Physical and Spiritual. We allowed the colonizer to divide and very close to concur us. Why, by being complacent, manipulated by Greed and Fear among many other reasons.

If we are to have any form of future before our people fade into the concrete jungle ways, we need to come together, willingly, and unite our leaders who actually care for our brothers and sisters to revitalize this Pan – Indian movement (Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Movement - No Boarders).

Each of us and our ancestors has more in common with each other than we do with the oppressor, but yet we fall victim to colonization and assume we cannot have anything to do with each other’s ways, but we can par take in drugs and alcoholism or live a completely western way? And for some reason, we just cave in.

Resistance aint easy and I am not saying that I’m any some courageous leader, but what I am trying to say, is it is far past time for us to organize many leaders before all is lost.

D-Q U could be this space to do so. It was founded for all the indigenous peoples of the Americas,

“In any case, the originators of the D-Q U concept were extremely aware of the need to do two things: (1) to empower and strengthen the traditionalist intelligentsia already existing at the grassroots level, and (2)to train younger people in such a way so that they would be able to return to their communities and lead the intellectual and creative struggle for liberation, always in conjunction with the traditional elders.” – Prof. Jack D. Forbes (Founder of D-Q U) See attached

Whether or not we choose to unite at D-Q U or elsewhere, we need to unite our people. The Current D-Q U Board was illegally seated, and has had plenty of time to do at least one thing for the campus in the last 5 years, but now it is condemned.

We are calling “for a free community election” for new leadership and who ever runs D-Q U has to be aware of that it is there for the community’s needs, not for their own. This Space can once again be the opportunity we need for a massive collective of organizers and leaders and families to deliver the results that we can make a strong difference. That we can have enough numbers to protect our sacred sites, that we can keep our traditions and cultures alive and well. It is 643 acres of Indigenous LAND and a living example of YES WE DID! And YES WE CAN!

We meet this November 23rd at the International House, 10 College Park, in Davis @ 6pm so that we can have the beginning steps to find accountable and reliable people to take a leadership role for the D-Q Movement. People just need to be reminded that we are all accountable in the struggle so we can progress and we can share resources etc. (Flyer Attached)

The only thing I can suggest for our sacred sites is that we find and make strong a movement to take on these struggles cuz who knows what the future has in store for us and if we have no plan, we plan to fail.

In Hopes that we can gather in a good way to solve these issues, thank you for your time.

What is Education without utilizing it wisely…?

In Solidarity,

Steven Payan

(530) 402-6416

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