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MNN. Nov. 7, 2009. Have we Mohawks become an unwitting pawn in a power struggle between some thugs? We are the Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island. Agents are hanging around us trying to gather information and destabilize us.

Kanehsatake is a model on how to attempt to destroy a community, push a false leader and confuse everyone. Soon the band council will be declared as having mismanaged their funds. Tyendinaga will be put under third party management. Pro bono ambulance chasers will arrive to start class actions suits with nothing in it for us.

The few Mohawks who vote in the colonial elections generally work for the band council. To control the outcome, Indian Affairs might place hundreds of names of strangers onto the list to vote by proxy.

The story goes Cathie Duchene, a non-native, lived in British Columbia. She befriended some Indigenous and then left. Then the local businesses were raided by the RCMP. Somebody had provided intel.

About 3 years ago she showed up at Sharbot Lake, just north of Kingston Ontario. A controversy was raging over some fake Algonquins trying to fraudulently settle a Haudenosaunee land claim. She tried to pass herself off as a Mohawk from Kanehsatake. She claimed to be speaking on behalf of the Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy. it looked like the OPP were protecting her. She lives well though she has no job that we know of.

About a year ago Duchene moved to Tyendinaga, a Mohawk community on Lake Ontario. She is apparently running for band council chief, which the colonial Indian Act allows. She’s decked out in denims covered with warrior and confederacy emblems. She lies that she is a friend of the MNN editor, who is on record as calling her a Space Cadet and Cathie Lost-in-the-Woods.

Dissension follows her. Recently the longhouse mysteriously burnt to the ground. Community members were quickly blamed.

The current chief is here one minute and gone the next, zooming constantly between Indian Affairs and the Blue Heron casino off Highway 401. Cathie could step out of the race at the last minute to guarantee his victory.

What is the end game?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to beef up Canada’s military and create a large inland base and port near the Canada-US border. Trenton Air Base is near Tyendinaga. The St. Lawrence-Great Lakes watershed is on unsurrendered sovereign Haudenosaunee Territory on which we have original title and autonomy.

What if the US decides to take over Canada? An invasion is usually to take over political and economic power in order to steal oil, gas, minerals, water, lands, people, currency and whatever else they can get their hands on.

The main cities of Canada are on Mohawk land – Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Our communities are strategically located. Kahnawake is on the south shore across from Montreal. Kanehsatake is where the Ottawa River drains into the St. Lawrence. Akwesasne is just north of huge Fort Drum army base near Watertown NY.

The US army could roll northward through Akwesasne near Cornwall, then move eastward to Montreal, northward to Ottawa and westward to Tyendinaga to take over Trenton base. Further west is Toronto and the Six Nations Mohawk community.

According to the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal, also known as the Nanfan Treaty, they would need the permission of the 40 Indigenous signatory nations and the Confederacy to invade this part of Great Turtle Island.

War has to be declared to legitimately take over our sovereign territory. If the US made a truce with us, could the Mohawk Nation and its allies end up controlling the colony of Canada?

NYS already got their fingers burnt by trying to invade us in 1994. Some Iroquois tribal entities were making illegal agreements with NYS to collect taxes. They knew we would resist. NYS had a plan, Operation Gallant Piper. The National Guard was launching a surprise attack of the Seneca, Onondaga and Mohawks, who they thought presented the most resistance. The attack was to be secretly paid out of disaster relief funds. They knew the public would not approve. The Indigenous found out. The media publicized that public money was being used for war and stopped it.

They cannot legally undermine our independent international sovereignty without our knowledge or consent. The Kaianere’ko:wa and the Two Row Wampum Agreement stand. Their brown-faced band and tribal puppets cannot regulate our sovereignty on behalf of the corporations.

What is Operation Eastern Door? According to international law, only we can legitimately resolve issues relating to our inherent power on our territory and our relationships with other nations.

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