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Sheryl Crow Joins Call for Immediate Moratorium

Sheryl Crow Joins Call for Immediate Moratorium
Sheryl Crow Joins Call for Immediate Moratorium
_Sheryl Crow Joins Fight for Wild Horses & Burros
_The following is a press release from The Cloud Foundation
Organizations, scientists and celebrities are still signing on in the call
for a moratorium on roundups before the proposed [1]Calico roundup of 2,500
wild horses in NW Nevada can begin.
Please come to the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting in Reno,
Nevada on December 7th- speak up for the horses and burros! [2]Details
1. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/action-alerts/195-comments-needed-to-stop-calico-roundup
2. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/events/details/7-blm-wild-horse-a-burro-advisory-board-meeting

___Individuals wishing to sign on to the moratorium, [3]please sign the
petition here
This effort has been only possible due to the efforts of so many! Please
keep calling and writing and demanding a stop to the mismanagement of our
wild horses and burros! [4]Contacts are here and more information about the
inhumane and __[5]massive Calico winter roundup is here__. __
3. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/STOP-THE-ROUNDUPS-SAVE-OUR-WILD-HORSES
4. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/action-alerts/198-government-contacts
5. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/action-alerts/195-comments-needed-to-stop-calico-roundup

__Sheryl Crow Asks President Obama & Secretary Salazar to Stop the Assault
on America’s Wild Horses and Burros___

_Actors Ed Harris, Wendie Malick, and Over 100 Organizations Demand Roundup
Moratorium, Protesting Nevada’s Calico Complex Roundup to begin December 1___

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. (November 20, 2009)—Sheryl Crow speaks out for the
wild horses and burros on America’s public lands in the west. The
multi-GRAMMY®-winning singer-songwriter and mustang owner joins The Cloud
Foundation, over 130 organizations, scientists, authors and celebrity
supporters calling on President Obama, Members of Congress and the
Department of Interior to place an immediate moratorium on all wild horse
and burro roundups until a long-term and humane policy to manage the animals
is developed.

_“With one voice we are insisting that our government stop managing these
beautiful and important animals to extinction”_ —Sheryl Crow

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) removal plan for Nevada’s Calico
Complex wild mustangs is fueling outrage across the country and
internationally. In a unified [6]sign-on letter (full text below), _[7]wild
horse supporters__ _outline their opposition to the Obama Administration's
October 7, 2009 [8]announcement regarding the management of wild horses and
burros. Groups oppose moving 26,000 wild horses to purchased lands in the
east and the current government practice of removing entire wild horse and
burros herds from public lands specifically designated for the animals by
Congress in 1971.
6. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/press-release/192-unified-letter-requesting-a-moratorium-on-roundups
7. http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Supporter-List.doc
8. http://www.doi.gov/news/09_News_Releases/100709.html

_“We ask that President Obama or Secretary Salazar cease all BLM roundups
as of this date to prevent further suffering. We request that the
government and BLM begin to work in good faith with wild horse advocates for
a sustainable solution. The Calico Roundup, scheduled to begin in December
and continue through the dead of winter, is inhumane and must be stopped!”_
—Sheryl Crow__

_ _Upon hearing about the BLM’s plans for the large-scale removal of 2,500
horses in northwest Nevada near the Black Rock Desert, more than seven
thousand citizens submitted public comments to the BLM opposing the Calico
Mountain Complex Round Up, scheduled to begin on December 1, 2009. Public
comment has been extended through November 22, 2009 according to the BLM.

Currently more than 33,000 wild horses are stockpiled in government holding
facilities at a cost to taxpayers of $100,000 a day. The scheduled removal
of 2,500 from Nevada will bring that total to more than 35,000.

_“We already have enough wild horses in pens. Adding more horses to those
already held in confinement, when they are much safer on the range is
shortsighted, inhumane and fiscally irresponsible.”—_Ginger Kathrens, Emmy
Award Filmmaker & Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation.

The BLM will pay the private contractor $610 per horse rounded up for an
estimated total of nearly $2 million for the Calico roundup alone according
to BLM spokesperson, Tom Gorey. Branding, vaccinating, sterilizing and
processing of horses to be placed in government holding will cost several
million more. The BLM hired the same contractor for the controversial
roundup of the famous stallion, Cloud, and his Pryor Mountain herd in
September, 2009. Bands including two-month-old foals were chased down off
the mountaintop by helicopter for 10-15 miles in more than 90 degree heat
resulting in trauma and [9]lameness.
9. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/youtube-videos/146-lamefoal

"_The government is acting in defiance of the spirit and intent of the
__[10]1971 Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act__ which Congress passed
unanimously_ —Julianne French, wild horse advocate.
10. http://www.wildhorseandburro.blm.gov/92-195.htm

The [11]1971 Act preserves wild horses and burros in over 300 areas of
publicly owned rangeland in the west, forbidding their exploitation,
harassment and removal. Regardless, only 30 million acres remain of the 54
million acres designated primarily for wild horse use in 1971. Over 100
herds have been completely removed by the BLM and most remaining herds are
too small to insure their long-term survival. The BLM's current policy of
eradicating these herds is a betrayal of the wishes of the American public.
11. http://www.wildhorseandburro.blm.gov/92-195.htm

Sheryl Crow, with wild mustang and burro supporters, calls the public to
action urging all to write, e-mail, fax and phone Secretary of the Interior,
Ken Salazar, their congressional representatives and President Obama. The
list of contact phones, e-mails, faxes and mailing addresses is [12]online
12. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/action-alerts/198-government-contacts

_“Its time for all of us to speak up for our Wild Horses and Burros so we do
not lose these living legends and inspiring symbols of our freedom in
America.”_ —Sheryl Crow

_Supporting Documents/links___

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[19]American Herds report “Crunching Calico”
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