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[eaglewatc​h] Harper's Handler: Canada's Very Own John D. - Portrait of an Oligarch

March 7, 2012Once again we are having transmission problems. Please excuse ifyou already received this posting. This is a resend.PS Watch the nightsky tonite for auroras. J From the Eagle Watch #216Harper's Handler:Canada's Very Own John D.Portrait of an OligarchMarch 5, 2012 tell! When you read John D., who did you think of?? Didyou think, John D. Rockefeller? Methinks this is what John D. wantsyou to think. Only, we're talkin about John D. Reynolds.In a glib and patronizing speech to the House of Commons in 2001 when hewas an Opposition MP and Critic, JDR had this to say, "Some ofthe spending the government proposes sounds good and noble in itspurposes..."For example, the government would allocate $185 million foraboriginal children, for programs such as measures to prevent fetalalcohol syndrome. Some Liberals applaud and I agree, but let me continue.This is a valuable priority, but there is some $7 billion already beingspent on aboriginal affairs by the government. It is clear that much ofthis money is wasted...This is a government that was sending aboriginalleaders and bureaucrats on Caribbean cruises with money that was supposedto go into substance abuse. We forget that very quickly."That far back! He looks like an early promoter of the now FirstNations Financial Transparency Act. It has always been ColonialPolicy to "give" the Indigenous as little as possible usingwhatever excuse of the time, usually blaming the Indigenousthemselves.We came across John D.'s name again in connection with Michael Chamas anda November 2011 series run by APTN. Note#1 We've been trackin thisold crook, Reynolds since he was a Reform Party MP pushing a bill tobring back capital punishment in Canada. That was in 2002 when hewas associated with an international wanted criminal, RakeshSaxena. We wrote about it in an article called, "Canada HarboursTerrorist in Posh Vancouver Apartment". Note#2 Saxena, an Indian billionaire was wanted on murder charges in India whilehe was bringing down the economy in Thailand. Holed up inVancouver, he resisted extradition for many years. His currentwhereabouts are not known to us. Note#3 Reynolds is better known as chair of Stephen Harper's leadership campaignand co-chair of now PM Harper's 2006 election campaign Note#4 which alsoincluded Tom Flanagan. Note#5 Tom believes in the "noblelie" while John just believes in himself. Old John and old Tomare much older than Steve who hangs on every toxic word they utter. These two shadowy predators are behind the present PM and the policies heputs into practise. Reynolds was rewarded for his tireless efforts on behalf of the Empire bybeing appointed to the Privy Council in 2006. The PCO is whatreally runs Canadian politricks. Note#6Involved in federal and BC provincial politics for 25 years, Note#7, JohnD. was an MLA for the Social Credit Party back in the 80's. Inthose formative years, he was a member of the B.C. Native AffairsCommittee. Whatever you see playing out now towards Indigenous inB.C., John. D. has likely had a hand in it. He's a powerhouse ofrelentless energy like Maurice Strong and other Paramilitaries in thePsychological Warfare Zone.John D. Reynolds is a lawyer, born in Toronto but usually residing inVancouver. He is currently employed as a Senior Strategic Advisorat McMillan LLP in Vancouver. Note#8 He knows many tricks to avoidprosecution, often acting with blatant impunity. That's how we seeit.John D. is a long-time wheeler-dealer in Venture Capital. Thisusually means involvement in investment holdings and resourcedevelopment/mining anywhere in the world. Some of John D.'s Ventures - Fish farms, Tree farms and MiningSometimes John D is on the board of directors. Sometimes heacts as advisor as with Agrimarine Note#9. Agrimarine has officesin Vancouver, Campbell River and in two major Chinese cities, Beijing andLiaoning. They run fish farms and fish processing plants like BigTree Creek Salmon Hatchery, Kyuquot Sound Salmon Farms, and CampbellRiver Salmon Processing Plant in B.C. Agrimarine also does businesswith a Norway salmon producer. Fish has long been an important protein food all over the world. With wild fish like cod depleted from overfishing and salmon depopulatedfrom pollution in their spawning areas, fish farms are becoming all thefashion. How do these fish farms affect traditional indigenousfishing practises and the "environment" generally?? We know one thing for sure, farm fish doesn't taste very good.John D.'s interest in fish doesn't stop there. Like his friend,Henry Kissinger, he knows that control of global food supply is key toruling the world. Simon Fraser University has a John D. ReynoldsLab Note#10 devoted to research and report writing/policy making onsalmon, everything you need to know about salmon. If there'ssomething not right about salmon farming, Reynolds' team at SFU will fixit. They know which files to "lose or misplace". SFU also hosts the Fraser Institute, one of the most powerful think tanksin the world. Note#11Like most corporate elitists, Reynolds is very busy in China where plentyof money is to be made. Some of his other interests there include goldand tree farms. He and Maurice Strong get together now and then tolisten to Chinese music and chat about the NWO and their roles in globalgovernance.John D. is on board at the Asia Pacific Foundation APF, Note#12 one ofCanada's nearly 100 think tanks. The APF is focused on business inAsia. On board are guys like Harvard academic, John H. McArthur,Daniel "Cognitive Dissonance" Gagnier, former VP at Alcan andnow Chairman of Maurice Strong's IISD International Institute forSustainable Development and Lorraine Mitchelmore, President, Shell CanadaLimited. Note#13 We recently sent you a statement from theirpresident and ceo, Yuen Woo, the Chinese Hypnotist. NOTE#14We found John D. on a list NOTE#15 with the Shefsky's NOTE#16 and PeteHarder NOTE#17 of Northland Power NOTE#18. These are like-mindedglobalists. John D. is a director at Eacom Timber Note#19 withoperations in Quebec and an office in Val D'Or. This was handy forReynolds who backed local MP Lawrence Cannon, now former Minister ofForeign Affairs Note#20. Barriere Lake Algonquins are quite familiar with Lawrence Cannon whoseoffices they once occupied to get his attention. He ignored them.Eacom's wood products are all Rainforest Alliance and Forest StewardshipCouncil FSC certified. You'll see FSC's logo on your envelopes,packaging and other paper products now. They are involved in takingover all old growth forests and turning them into privately owned treefarms. They call this sustainable development. NOTE#21Cathay Forest Products runs huge tree farms in northeast China and inadjacent Russia. Note#22 China's appetite for wood products isvoracious. Note#23John D. stepped down from Cathay's board in September 2010 during somescandal involving the company. Note#24 He always seems to gallopaway from the scene of the crime.To round out his holdings, John D. is on board at Ethoca. Note#25 Wethought it was maybe an ethyl producer but not at all. With officesin Toronto, NYC and Dublin, Ireland, Ethoca is involved in "PaymentFraud Prevention". These crooks say they want to protect youronline transactions. On board with John D., we find the NAU NorthAmerica Union mastermind Tom Ridge, former governor of Pennsylvania. PAhas the distinction of being the state with the most nuclear reactors andthe legacy of 3Mile Island. Shifty ShapeShiftersAmong his multiple directorships, John D. was/is on board at ARASafety Inc. "developing, manufacturing and distributing a line offire protection products". ARA, incorporated in B.C., was tobe bought up by Sino Gas in April, 2010. Note#26 SinoGas is variously described as a capital pool company("CPC") listed on the TSXVenture and an oil/gas explorationcompany. With the same directors kept on board, trouble lay ahead.In November, everybody changed their minds and canceled the deal. Note#27Where's ARA now??In August 2011, SinoGas made a similar announcement about acquiring anIrish company, Blackstairs. Note#28 In December, 2011, trading inSinoGas shares was stopped. The contact info for front man, WiseWong keeps changing. The company doesn't appear to have a web sitebut some info keeps floating around the financial news. Note#29Reynolds is long gone. He appears to move on unscathed as othersare caught up in some turmoil. It all looks like a frantic feedingfrenzy to us. John D. has interests in copper mining in Mexico. Originally SvitGold Corp., now Catalyst Copper wants to dig a huge dirty coppermine about 300 km west of Mexico City. The 16,900 hectaressite is in the Sierra Madre del Sur in Michoacán State. The plunderersfigure there's plenty of copper, gold, silver and molybdenum. Theyneed money to do more drilling, etc. Note#30 Shades of FrontenacVentures...John D. was formerly on the board at Oriel Resources,Note#31 a UK-basedfirm trading on the TSX with nickel and chrome mines in Kazakhstan andRussia. Both these minerals are needed to produce stainless steelfor domestic and mostly military uses. In 2008, Oriel sold itself to Mechel, the big Russian outfit. Wedon't know if that was a profitable venture for everyone but you can besure Old Pirate JDR would be the first to jump ship with as much of theloot as he could grab. Note#32According to his McMillan bio, "Mr. Reynolds is positioned toadvise companies of any size that seek to identify and exploit newinternational market opportunities...[thru organizations like CPA andAPF. He was] Vice Chair of the Commonwealth ParliamentaryAssociation - Executive Committee (the first Canadian political leader tohold such a position), making him well positioned to draw onrelationships established among the Association's 112 Commonwealthnations, states and provinces. He has also been Vice Chair of theCanada/UK Parliamentary Association's Executive Committee."Current members and bigshots at the prestigious CPA Note#33 includeSenators and MP's, Art Eggleton, Gord Brown NOTE#34, Hugh Segal, LindaFrum, Colin Kenny, Joe Comartin, Irwin Cotler, Elizabeth May Note#35 andBob Rae. Brown, Kenny and Segal are on Canada's TrilateralCommission TLC, Note#36 one of the most elusive and powerful groups ofall. Many of these same people scrambled to get on the Canada ChinaLegislative Association. Note#37 Wai Young, Vancouver MP is vice-chairand Daryl Kramp, MP for Prince Edward-Hastings is co-chair. With somany chairs, this sounds like an "all-chiefs-no-Indians" kindof a group. It's a networking club for the powerful andrich.Commonwealth and PatriotismCommonwealth is the conciliatory name for British Empire. John D.Reynolds no doubt considers himself a patriotic Canadian, even an empireloyalist. John D. is a member of the Albany Club (just likeTreatyman Alexander Morris NOTE#38 and the International ChurchillSociety which celebrate aristocratic lifestyle and culture. The Canadian government is spending at least $28million NOTE#39 tofinance a big campaign commemorating the War of 1812 and the glories ofwar generally. While the Feds are restoring old forts and stagingmilitary re-enactments, growing numbers of people are homeless and hungryon the streets of Canadian cities, in rural areas and small towns and inIndigenous communities aka "the rez".Commemorating the War of 1812 is part of a current social trend toglorify war, cultivate mindless patriotism and conciliate the people whoare losing sons, fathers and husbands to war. For every oneCanadian killed in Afghanistan there are 10 to 100 maimed for life,missing limbs, blind or deaf. Everyone who goes to war is affectedpsychologically which in turn affects family. The human costs ofwar are incalculable. Wars are generally waged as a money-makingracket for already rich and greedy elitists. The People pay withour blood, sweat and tears. Cuts are made to social services,infrastructure, education and health in order to finance war. YOUPAY one way or the other!!It is evident to us from shining our little flashlight on some of hisbusiness moves that Empire Loyalist John Douglas Reynolds is truly aglobalist with no Canadian patriotism and little concern for Canadians,much less Indigenous. His protege and frontman, Stephen"Pinocchio" Harper is dancing to the same beat. "Pinocchio" loves the limelight while John D. prefers to meltinto the shadows. Canada's John D. has seven children and 12 grandchildren. His sons,Bobby and Paul follow the family tradition in Venture Capital. NOTE#40Watch out for these prolific predatory two-leggeds, the Reynolds, theirassociates, lackeys and minions. We just thought you'd like to know.Kittoh<>We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing foryour cyberphobic friends and relatives.The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, bothIndigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and anassortment of English language media. It is also sometimestranslated into French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian and otherlanguages.Notes, Sources and Contact InfoNOTE#1 part about copper and the bank (V)03. Nov, 2011 by By Jorge Barrera APTN National News"John Reynolds' name was on two folders among the hundreds ofdocuments seized by police when they raided Michael Chamas' house,Federal Court records show."One folder, item 076-031, was titled "Hon John ReynoldsLaurentian Bank project Letr (sic)." The other folder, item095a-027, was titled "Reynolds John Laurentian Bank of CanadaLtr(sic)."Court documents Download (PDF, 394.63KB)... For his part, Crosbie says he knew nothing about anything having todo with copper."I do not remember any letter that I sent to a person named LawrenceGillick on behalf of Chamas and certainly know nothing about any copperdeal between Chamas and a Russian company or any company," saidCrosbie in an emailDays before Crosbie officially took up his post as Newfoundland andLabrador's next lieutenant-governor, he dictated a letter that was sentChamas severing their ties. part about the fundraiser (III) Cancun fugitive lands in Mexico to buy airline10. Nov, 2011 (Photo: Michael Chamas once promised jobs at a Conservativefundraiser)By Jorge Barrera APTN National News"Michael Chamas, the alleged "banker" for a Mohawk-basedmarijuana smuggling ring, is a wanted man in Canada, but recent RCMPefforts to nab him internationally haven't slowed his globe-trottingways."Chamas said in a recent interview with APTN National News that RCMPinvestigators contacted Lebanese authorities through Interpol as part oftheir efforts to track him down."Chamas claims he is being persecuted by the Canadian government which heonce supported. He has his own web site.NOTE#2 "Canada Harbours Terrorist in Posh VancouverApartment" <> NOTE#3 Saxena THE CROOK ON THE RUNIn 1997 he co-financed a coup in Sierra Leone, Africa, by sponsering themercenary Tim Spicer and with him the mercenary company Sandline, ownedby Heritage-Oil (Vancouver) CEO Tony Buckingham with ex-apartheidsoldiers from South Africa (Executive Outcomes).Together with his old friend Adnan Khashoggi, well known arms dealer andinvolved in the Iran-Contra Affair in the 80s, also uncle of Dodi Fayed,the last partner of Diana Princess of Wales they bought the GeneralCommerce Bank in Vienna/Austria in the year 2000 and turned it into aboiler room, a centre of international stock fraud, to the alleged tuneof 1 billion US Dollar. With them the following criminals- Amador Pastrana, Filipino, international fraud gangster, king of theboiler rooms.- Regis Possino, ex California state lawyer, disbarred after having beenconvicted for drug dealing and fraud in the US.- Raoul Berthaumieu, Canadian, sentenced in 1991 for cheque fraud inArkansas,Sherman Mazur, US citizen, jailed for 6 years in 1993 for taxfraud.Saxena was also running his own boiler rooms, amongst them West ShoreVentures in the UK and Platinum Asset Management in South Africa andBotswanaThe boiler room in South Africa was raided in 2004 by the FinancialServices Board.Not to forget his allegedly corrupt relationship with leading OppositionPolitician John D. Reynolds in Canada.One has to ask, why does it take now 10 years to deal with an extraditionrequest from Thailand? One has to ask, why does the state allow Saxena tocontinue with his fraudulent activities?Note#4 Players Who Won Him the Game"...Other major figures in the party were singled out: former Houseleader John Reynolds, who brought in such candidates as Jim Flaherty,Tony Clement, Lawrence Cannon and John Baird; and Jason Kenney, theCalgary MP, who was involved in much of the rapid responsemessaging."Note #5Tom Flanagansee:Imperial Minions, Transparent Rednecks and Dirty Drawers January11, 2012 for ONE, Write for ALL - Anti Indigenous "Journalists"and the Canadian Media February 10, 2012 at the PCO - Harper added these members to the privy council inFebruary, 2006. There's nothing honourable about these guys. They are being rewarded for their loyalty to the criminal cabals andcartels, collectively known as the oligarchy which controls the Canadiangovernment.The Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn The Honourable Greg Thompson The Honourable Marjory LeBreton - Ottawa girl who worked for formerPM's Diefenbaker, Joe Clark and Mulroney as well as Robert Stanfield.helped calm Harper on his election tourThe Honourable Monte Solberg - Crosbie also wrote a letter toformer immigration minister Monte Solberg in 2006 asking the minister tooverturn a decision ordering Chamas' wife Brigitte Garas, a Frenchcitizen, from the country. Crosbie said he wrote the letter as afavour for Conservative fundraiser and Montreal bankruptcy lawyer DavidBernstein, who wanted Chamas to help buy the bank. (APTN)The Honourable Chuck Strahl - former minister of Indian Affairs The Honourable Gary Lunn - former minister of NaturalResourcesThe Honourable Peter MacKay - still the freakin minister of DefenceThe Honourable Loyola Hearn The Honourable Stockwell Day - moves around a lot was at PublicSafetyThe Honourable Carol Skelton The Honourable Vic Toews - works on border controlThe Honourable Rona Ambrose apologist for harper The Honourable Michael Chong The Honourable Diane Finley - hubby Doug ran Harper's 2006 electioncampaignBrigadier-General The Honourable Gordon O'Connor - former minister ofDefence The Honourable Bev Oda - apologist for harperThe Honourable Jim Prentice The Honourable John Baird yuk The Honourable Maxime Bernier - publicly exposed for letting hishooker/girlfriend read confidential papers. The Honourable Lawrence Cannon - minister of foreign affairs and MParound Barriere Lake. The Honourable Tony Clement - from Mike Harris cabalThe Honourable Jim Flaherty - from Mike Harris cabalThe Honourable Josée Verner The Honourable Michael Fortier The Honourable John Reynolds <<<<<<<<<'s primary tasks are to:Provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Cabinetcommittees on matters of national and international importance; Ensure the smooth functioning of the Cabinet decision-making process andfacilitate the implementation of the Government's agenda; Foster a high-performing and accountable Public Service. Note#7Here's an old JDR bio from 2001:Born January 19, 1942 in Toronto, Ontario.Lives with wife, Yvonne, on the Sunshine Coast. Has 7 children and 8 grandchildren. Career includes substantial experience in sales and marketing, venturecapital, the resource sector, the media and politics. - elected to the House of Commons in 1972and 1974 as a Member of Parliament for the Conservatives in the riding ofBurnaby-Delta Richmond. - elected to the British Columbialegislature in 1983 and 1986 as an MLA for the Social Credit Party inWest Vancouver-Howe Sound riding. Speaker of the Legislature and Minister of Environment Chaired Committee on Environment and Land Use. Member of Planning and Priorities Committee Member of Regional and Economic Development Committee Member of Native Affairs Committee Member of Cultural Heritage Committee Member of Vancouver International Airport Committee Member of B.C. Boundary Committee Member of Environmental Appeal Board Was President of the B.C. Branch of the Canadian CommonwealthParliamentary Association and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee ofthe Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, consisting of 112 nations,states and provinces. - elected to the House of Commons inJune 1997 as a MP for the Reform Party of Canada in the WestVancouver Sunshine Coast riding. - was Official Opposition Criticfor: Citizenship and Immigration, Fisheries and Oceans,Justice - was Chief Opposition Whip forStockwell Day's Canadian Alliance Party. Member of the influential Board of Internal Economy, managing the budgetof the House of Commons. Member of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee Member of the Board of Governors for the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth GamesSociety. Awarded the Queen' s Medal in 1978.Note#8 John D. Reynolds, P.C. Senior Strategic AdvisorVancouverTel : 604.691.6831 Fax : 604.685.7084Email : john.reynolds@mcmillan.caMr. Reynolds has the experience to assist mining and other naturalresources companies. As a director of two natural resourcesproducers, he is familiar with exploration and mine development issuesinvolving gold, nickel and chromium, in regions as diverse as Kazakhstan,Australia, Ghana and South Africa. Having served as Minister ofEnvironment for British Columbia, he has practical knowledge ofgovernmental policy involving the interplay between land use, economicdevelopment and First Nations issues. Also, as a former presidentof an American-based venture capital company, Mr. Reynolds understandsprivate and public financing sources for growing businesses.McMillan LLP1500 - 1055 W Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6E 4N7T: 604-689-9111 F: 604-685-7084Note#9 Office1810-999 W. Hastings StreetVancouver, BCV6C 2W2T: 604-568-4672F: 604-568-4673Operations - CanadaCampbell River4193 Middle Point RoadCampbell River, BCV9H 1N6T: 250-286-3656F: 250-286-3651Note#10 D. Reynolds D. Reynolds The Tom Buell BC Leadership ChairThe BC Leadership Chair in Salmon Conservation has been named in honourof the memory of Tom Buell, who passed away on November 21st, 2003. Tom was ... best known as President and CEO of Weldwood of Canada, one ofNorth America's largest forest products companies. When Tom died in 2003, a number of close friends searched for a fittingtribute to his memory. Around this time, Simon Fraser Universityand the Pacific Salmon Foundation were in discussions about the value ofestablishing a BC Leadership Chair in Salmon Conservation. As Tom hadbeen a keen angler and director of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, hisfriends and family felt that it would be a fitting tribute to his memoryto raise funds for the Chair in his name. The first chairholder, DrJohn Reynolds, is delighted to be able to work in partnership with themany people who have contributed to the Chair in memory of such anenergetic and passionate supporter of the outdoors.Fraser Salmon Think Tank report released December 2009BC Pacific Salmon Forum Report released Feb 2009Skeena River Fisheries Independent Science Review Panel - Report releasedJune 2008Department of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser UniversityPhone: 778-782-5636 8888 UniversityDrive, Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6, Canada"Go-To Think Tanks" Columbia Fraser Institute Foreign Policy Research Institute1528 Walnut Street, Ste 610Philadelphia, PA 19102Tel: (215) 732-3774Fax: (215) 732-4401E-mail: fpri@fpri.orgThink Tanks and Civil Societies Program Foreign Policy Research Institute PhiladelphiaContact UsFor additional information, please e-mail Pacific Foundation APF independent think-tank on Canada's relations with Asiasee: of DirectorsNote#14Chinese Hypnotist - FYI March 2, 2012 of Canada-Asia Energy Relations in KitimatYuen Pau Woo is President and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation ofCanadaNote#15This is one venue where Reynolds, Harder, the Shefsky's et al get fundingfrom greedy investors for their risky resource development projects.Acuity Small Cap Corp. Symbol: TSX: ASF Address: Suite 5600, 40 King Street West Toronto, Ontario, CanadaM5H 3Y2 Phone: (416) 367-1900 Fax: (416) 865-4220 Email: Contact: Ian O. Ihnatowycz, President Business: Acuity Small Cap Corp. is a mutual fundcorporation.Note#16Wahgoshig Setting Precedent? February 24, 2012,000 Solar Panels: Not in MY Backyard!Detailed ReportSeptember 13, 2010,000_Solar_Panels.pdfNote#18Northland Power TIMBEREACOM Timber Corporation ("EACOM") is a global timber companyformed in 2008. Its head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, withregional offices located in Timmins, Ontario and Val d'Or,Quebec.Note#20Lawrence Cannon Address by the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of ForeignAffairsOttawa, Ontario - May 9, 2011 of Parliament Hon. Lawrence Cannon Conservative Constituency: Pontiac Québec 2008/10/14 - 2011/05/01 2006/01/23 - 2008/10/13, The Hon. Lawrence, P.C., B.A., M.B.A. Date of Birth 1947.12.06 Place of Birth: Québec, Quebec, CanadaProfession Occupation: Businessman, communication consultant, politicalassistantOffices and Roles as a Parliamentarian Minister of Foreign Affairs 2008.10.30 - 2011.05.17 Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities 2006.02.06 -2008.10.29 Minister / Secretary of State Minister of State (National Capital Commission) 2008.10.30 -2011.05.17 Regional Minister Quebec 2006.02.06 - 2008.10.29 Committees - CabinetChair Afghanistan 2010.01.19 - 2011.01.03 Vice-Chair Foreign Affairs and Defence 2011.01.04 - 2011.05.17 Priorities and Planning 2006.02.06 - 2011.05.17 Member Committee Afghanistan 2008.10.30 - 2010.01.18 Foreign Affairs and Security 2008.10.30 - 2011.01.03 Economic Growth and Long-term Prosperity 2007.08.14 -2008.10.29 Environment and Energy Security 2007.01.04 - 2008.10.29 Economic Affairs 2006.02.06 - 2007.08.13 Operations 2006.02.06 - 2007.08.13 Note#21Forest Stewardship Council] this site lists certificatesissued by FSC where areas of forest are being badly managed or destroyed,or where other important wildlife habitats, such as wetlands are alsobeing damaged. www.illegal-logging_info/item_single.php?item=news@item_id=1773@approach_id=1 Mohawk Nation News Real Algonquins Do Exist at Barriere Lake Dec. 16, 2008."Around 1993 Russell Diabo and David Nahwegabow, with the help ofbusinesses and environmental groups, set up the "Forest StewardshipCouncil" FSC in Bonn Germany. FSC is an Orwellian twist to thereal "double dealing" that some so-called environmentalprotection groups are fronting. The original Indigenousowners of the world's forests have not been informed or consulted aboutthis. FSC "is a non-profit organization that setsglobal standards for responsible forestry". 80% of theirrevenue comes from governments, private foundations, corporations andnon-governmental organizations, some associated with the UnitedNations. Diabo and Nahwegabow have both sat on the boards of FSC atthe international and Canadian levels. Diabo was recently inToronto promoting FSC..."Note#22Cathay Forest Products not on board anymore .. Offices in Toronto area and Shanghai 30 Wertheim Court Suite 14 Richmond Hill Ontario Canada L4B 1B9 Tel: (416) 226 7269 Fax: (905) 731 7273 27/F 922 Hengshan Road Shanghai 200030 P.R.China Tel: (8621) 6447 9585 Fax: (8621) 6447 7930 is also in chineseCathay Forest is a forestry products company managing standing timberproperties and developing fast-growth, high yield poplar plantations inthe People's Republic of China and Russia. Timber - Russia Trading in Northern China Note#23"To meet the growing demand in China, increasing domestic supplyalone is not enough. The size of China's wood deficit requires foreignsupply. In 2006, more than 92% of China's softwood, otherwise known asindustrial wood, came from Russia. Altogether, Russia supplies 69% ofChina's total import of roundwood. In 2007, Cathay Forest extended itsreach of operations into Russia and became a multi-national forestrycompany."Note#24 lawsuit launched against Cathay Forest Products Corp.By TheCanadian Press June 09, 2011"Upon subsequent investigation it was determined that under Chinalaw, the ownership of trees cannot be transferred until such time as thetrees have been harvested," Cathay said in the restatement.Note#25Ethoca Limited Frook, VP SalesUS/Canada: 866.215.2883UK/Europe: +353.1.659.9484Corporate officesEthoca Technologies, Inc. (Canada)4211 Yonge Street, Suite 202 Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A9Toll Free: 1.866.215.2883Phone: +1.416.849.6091 Fax: +1.416.849.6095Ethoca Limited (UK and Europe)Denshaw House121 Baggot Street Lower Dublin 2 IRELANDPhone: +353.1.659.9484 Fax: +353.1.659.9489Ethoca (US)1185 Avenue of the Americas Suite 1750New York, NY 10036 USAPhone: + contactRebekah Donaldson800.884.0154 x 107ask@b2bcommunications.comAbout Ethoca: Innovative Ecommerce Fraud Management Since 2006Data sharing for fraud preventionEthoca's founders built the company around the idea of safely sharingtransaction data to fight online credit card fraud.Board MembersJohn FieldingNon-Executive ChairmanJoseph J. Grano Jr.Non-Executive DirectorTom RidgeNon-Executive DirectorPhilip NelsonNon-Executive DirectorHon. John D. Reynolds P.C.Non-Executive DirectorAndre EdelbrockChief Executive Officer (Co-Founder), Executive DirectorDarryl GreenChief Governance Officer (Co-Founder), Executive Director SinoGas grabs ARA Safety Inc. West Inc. Signs Letter of Intent with ARA SafetyInc. TSX-V: GZW.PCALGARY, April 16 /CNW/ - SinoGas West Inc. ("SinoGas"), acapital pool company ("CPC") listed on the TSX Venture Exchange(the "Exchange"), entered into a letter of intent (the"LOI") dated April 15, 2010 for the acquisition (the"Acquisition") of 100% of ARA Safety Inc.("ARA")...ARA is a British Columbia-based corporation incorporated on March 5, 2001engaged in the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing aline of fire protection and other life-safety products, which are eitherself-developed proprietary products or sourced from various third-partymanufacturers, and have multi-purpose life-safety applications forcommercial, industrial and institutional environments...... the board of SinoGas will be increased to six members, five to benominated by ARA, which is expected to include: Michael Ainsworth, JamesP. Fierro, Hon. John D. Reynolds, Dr. Emilio T. Gonzalez and MichaelAnderer, and one directors to be nominated by SinoGas...Upon completion of the Transaction, it is expected that the insiders ofthe Resulting Issuer will be the following directors and officers of ARA:Michael Ainsworth, James P. Fierro, Hon. John D. Reynolds, Dr. Emilio T.Gonzalez and Michael Anderer together with one director nominee ofSinoGas.For further information: on SinoGas please see the corporate profile onSEDAR orcontact: Wise Wong, President and Chief Executive Officer, Telephone:(416) 820-0416, Facsimile: (403) 230-7878 Note#27 West IncSuite 1500407 - 2nd Street S.WPhone: (416) 820-0416 Calgary, AB T2P 2Y3 Canada Ticker:GZW.PBusiness SummarySinoGas West Inc. (SinoGas) is a capital pool company. The business ofthe Company is the identification and evaluation of assets or a businessand once identified or evaluated, to negotiate an acquisition orparticipation in a business. On August 29, 2011, the Company announcedthat it entered into a letter of intent dated August 26, 2011 (the LOI)with Blackstairs Energy PLC (Blackstairs). Blackstairs is aninternational oil and gas exploration, development and productioncompany. On April 15, 2010, the Company entered into a letter of intentwith ARA Safety Inc. On November 25, 2010, the letter of intent with ARASafety Inc. was terminated.(Source: ARS)Note#282011SinoGas grabs Blackstairs Energy of Intent to combine Sinogas West Inc. and Blackstairs EnergyplcCALGARY and WICKLOW, Ireland, Aug. 29, 2011 /CNW/ - Sinogas West Inc.(the "Corporation" or "Sinogas") (trading symbol"GZW.P" TSXV), and Blackstairs Energy plc ("Blackstairs") are pleased to announce that they have enteredinto an arm's length letter of intent (the "LOI") dated August26, 2009, where the parties have agreed to negotiate a definitiveagreement relating to a combination transaction (the"Transaction") pursuant to which Sinogas and Blackstairs willcombine (the combined entity hereinafter referred to as the"Resulting Issuer") and the management of Backstairs willbecome the management of the Resulting Issuer. Pursuant to the LOI,the parties have agreed to the essential terms of the Transaction whichwill be disclosed in a subsequent press release once the TSX VentureExchange (the "Exchange") has received and reviewed certaininformation in accordance with their Policies. The trading of thecommon shares of the Corporation will remained halted until such futuredate as the Exchange may determine.Blackstairs Energy plc is an Irish-registered petroleum exploration andproduction company with interests in Armenia and Roumania.THE INFO FOR WISE WONG CONTINUES TO MOVE AROUND. IS HE IN CALGARYOR IN TORONTO??? OR DID HE FLY OFF TO CHINA, IRELAND OR ARMENIA???Sinogas West Inc.Wise Wong, President and Chief Executive Officer Telephone: +852-5100-1479Facsimile: (403) 230-7878Blackstairs Energy plc.Gerry Sheehan, Managing DirectorTelephone: +353 86 6085345Email: gerry.sheehan@blackstairsenergy.euNOTE#29SinoGas doesn't appear to have a web site. There is no other infoon Wise Wong than the stuff relating to SinoGas. His phone numberkeeps on changing. These are the shifty types that Reynolds workswith. He finds like minded self serving individuals all over theworld.ENOUGH OF THE SLIPPERY SINOGAS.....Note#30Catalyst Copper Copper Corp.Catalyst Copper is a copper and base metal developerVancouver Corporate Head OfficeTHEY DO NOT PROVIDE A STREET ADDRESS!!!To request information, click here.T: 604.638.5900 F: 604.629.5228 / Home / Directors & Officers of La Verde InquiriesDenby Greenslade, Corporate Secretary & Interim CFO?denby@catalystcopper.comInvestor Relationsinfo@catalystcopper.comCareer Opportunitiescareers@catalystcopper.comTechnical/Project Inquiriesinfo@catalystcopper.comNote#31Oriel Resources UNDER CONSTRUCTIONOn April 17, 2008, Mechel OAO (NYSE: MTL), Moscow, announced thecompletion of the recommended cash offer for the entire issued ordinaryshare capital of Oriel Resources Plc wholly unconditional.NOTE#32 is one of the leading Russian companies. Its business includesfour segments: mining, steel, ferroalloy and power. Mechel unitesproducers of coal, iron ore concentrate, nickel, steel, ferrochrome,ferrosilicon, rolled products, hardware, heat and electricpower.Note#33CPA Commonwealth Parliamentary AssociationCanada/UK Parliamentary AssociationCanada-China Legislative Associationand many other similar networking clubs Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Association UsElizabeth Kingston Association Secretary131 Queen Street, 5th floorParliament of Canada Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6Telephone: 613-992-2093 Fax: 613-995-0212E-mail: CPA@parl.gc.caNote#34Watchin' the Gananoque Narrows: Just Who is Gord Brown?? September25, 2011Note#35What do Elizabeth May, Arvol Looking Horse and Henry Kissinger Have inCommon?Four Part Series beginning October 17, 2010see Eagle Watch Archives<>Note#36Trilateral Commission the Trilateral CommissionThe Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973 by private citizens ofJapan, Europe (European Union countries), and North America (UnitedStates and Canada) to foster closer cooperation among these coreindustrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilitiesin the wider international system. Originally established for threeyears, our work has been renewed for successive triennia (three-yearperiods), most recently for a triennium to be completed in 2012.About the Trilateral Commission - North American RegionChairman: Joseph S. Nye, Jr.Deputy Chairman: Allan E. GotliebDeputy Chairman: Jaime SerraDirector: Michael J. O'NeilSecretariat1156 Fifteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005telephone: 1-202-467-5410telefax: 1-202-467-5415email: contactus@trilateral.orgThe North American Group of the Trilateral Commission includes a maximumof 87 U.S. members, 20 Canadian members and, since 2000, 13 Mexicanmembers. North American Regional Meeting of the Trilateral Commission was inToronto, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 28-30, 2011Note#37 Grabbing Most Prestigious Positions In ParliamentaryAssociations 10/27/11 Note#38Albany ClubAlexander Morris was the lead Treaty Commissioner for Treaties 3 to 7 theintent of which was to steal vast Indigenous mostly Anishnaabekterritories from now western Ontario to the Rocky Mountains. Morriswas an early member and president of the albany club based inToronto.very conservative and very elite.See:Horse Traders, Card Sharks and Broken Promises: The Contents ofTreaty #3A Detailed Analysis December 21, 2011 Albany Club91 King Street East Toronto, ON M5C 1G3 Tel: (416) 364-5471 Fax: (416) 364-3075Email: info@albanyclub.ca board of directors includes Peter Van Loan, M.P., JohnYakabuski, M.P.P. and Tony Clement, P. C. Q.C. Feat In August 1998, The Albany Club of Toronto celebrated its 100thanniversary at 91 King Street East. Founding of the Club In 1882, there was a federal election in Canada, one particularlyimportant for Sir John A. Macdonald and his Liberal Conservatives: theyhad to establish that their reelection in 1878 was not an accident andthat they had truly placed the 1873 Pacific scandal over the CPR behindthem..."NOTE#39Commemoration Of The War Of 1812 launch War of 1812 anniversary plansBy Meagan Fitzpatrick, CBC News Oct 11, 2011 Heritage Minister James Moore announced details Tuesday of thegovernment's plans to mark the bicentennial of the War of 1812 ... at anevent in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.,"We don't do enough in this country to protect our past, to teachour past, to get kids involved and to learn about this country'sbrilliant history and the important moments of our past," Mooresaid. "There is no greater example of that than the War of 1812. Notenough Canadians know about the importance of the War of 1812. It was thefight for Canada."The federal government wants to mark the 200th anniversary of the war in2012 in a big way and over the next four years it will spend $28 millionon the following: An educational campaign on the war. Supporting up to 100 historical re-enactments,commemorations, and local events. A permanent 1812 memorial in Ottawa. Interactive tours, six exhibits, and improvements tothree national historic sites across the country. Investing in infrastructure at key 1812 battle sites,including Fort Mississauga and Fort York in Ontario.October 2012 will also be designated as a month of commemoration andMoore named Sir Isaac Brock, Charles-Michael de Salaberry, Tecumseh, andLaura Secord as some of the heroes that will be honoured during thattime....Canadian Heritage committee member and Newfoundland and LabradorLiberal MP Scott Simms is questioning the amount pledged and,consequently, the reduction of funding then available to other artsgroups and initiatives across the country."OF COURSE, THE MILITARY IS IN THERE LIKE A DIRTY SHIRT. MACKAY WILLROLE PLAY A SOLDIER WHO GETS MUD ON HIS FACE of National DefenceFebruary 10, 2012 15:46 ETMinister MacKay Announces Initiatives to Mark War of 1812BicentennialTHEY'LL BEDAZZLE US WITH FIREWORKS, SMOKE AND MIRRORS of the War of 1812Minister's MessagePeter Kent, Canada's Environment Minister and Minister responsible forParks CanadaCanadians can personally experience many of the most important sites ofthe great fight for Canada at Parks Canada national historic sites. .. Itis a remarkable shared history that helps us connect with our roots,values and aspirations as a nation... With more than twenty War of 1812sites, Parks Canada is the leading presenter of historic experiences...including experiencing the lifestyle of 1812 at home and on the frontlines, fireworks, spectacles, concerts of modern and period music, tallship visits, grand encampments and military re-enactments on the actualbattlefields... Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake) and Queenston Heightson the Niagara Peninsula; Fort Malden (Amherstburg) in southwesternOntario; Fort Wellington in eastern Ontario; Fort St. Joseph, in theAlgoma district of Ontario; Fort Lennox, Fort Chambly, Coteau-du-Lac andthe Battle of Chateauguay in Quebec; St. Andrews Blockhouse and CarletonMartello Tower in New Brunswick; the Halifax Defence Complex in NovaScotia; and Signal Hill in Newfoundland..."NOTE#40Just when you think John D. must be getting old and tired, along come hissons, Bobbie and Paul, following faithfully in daddy's footsteps: ReynoldsRob is a founding partner of the Reynolds Inglis Group...Rob specializesin venture capital development, including company financings and newissues. He also provides advisory services to various publiclylisted companies... a successful entrepreneur... He was born andraised in Vancouver and has been involved with many of the politicalcampaigns run by his father, John D. Reynolds. Rob is one ofseveral family members successful in the investment industry, includingCanaccord Financial CEO Paul Reynolds. Rob is a devoted father oftwo young children and enjoys spending time with family andfriends.Kim InglisKim is a founding partner of the Reynolds Inglis Group. Shespecializes in conservative wealth management and financialplanning...Kim is a contributing columnist for the National Post and Financial Post,and the regular financial columnist for a number of BC communitynewspapers including the Whistler Question, Richmond News, LangleyAdvance, Lillooet News, and Quesnel Advisor. Her writing has beenfeatured in the VancouverSun, VancouverProvince, Ottawa Citizen, CalgaryHerald, Edmonton Journal, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Regina Leader-Post,Windsor Star, Montreal Gazette, and Victoria Times Colonist. See our recent Write for ONE, Write for ALL - Anti Indigenous "Journalists"and the Canadian MediaFebruary 10, 2012 Imperial Anti Indigenous PropagandistsFebruary 11, 2012

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