Sunday, March 18, 2012


Siyu friends and family, In the past I have spoken to many of you about certain things that just "happen"here where we live. Not to be too overwhelming, I am going to keep this short.We now have an emergency that is urgent. We found out after we had asked for help beforeand had to make a quick decision, that when we went to the county tax office they wiould let us payit of with penaltys for lateness, a little over a period of months.Well this year has been especially bad with my wife, Sharon fighting leikemia and all the medical bills.And this car company has made an overcharge on a vehicle that would be almost twice what the truck is worth.It's a false claim but we have to go to the courts to fight it.Now suddenly the county tax office tells us that all deals are off.They want their money by April or they are putting a lein on our land.Then anyone can pay the tax and get our land.I am asking not for Save The Sacred Sites, but personally if anyone can help, it would only take 100 peoplesending just ten dollars to pay our taxes. This is not tax deductable because it is a personaal gift.And Save The Sacred Sites is not a 501 C3 because we don't like their restrictions on activism.And I give you my solemn word this is an honest need and not bogus. Ask any who have known us for a whilewe do not lie or play games. Fopr the first seven people to give $50 or more I am going to send the beautiful print of Sharon's son in his regailia,paint by Rosemary Woods, renoun artist of Indigenous People. The orginal painting sold for several hundred dollars.And these copies are just as beautiful I have attached a phot of thee print that does not capture its beauty, butwill give you some idea. Since I don't how to do paypal (unless one of you teaches me), could you please send all donations with your name,and for the first seven donations over $50, your address to send you a print, toC/O Dave KitchenP.O. Box 324 Townsend, Ga. 31331Please forgive my asking because I know everyone is hard pressed.I just can't lose this place and make my wife and all these formerly abused animals that we care for homeless. P.S. You all know that we can't prove anything. But isn't it funny that they sudenly change policy about taxes with all these other burdens on us?We understand if you can't donate. But please pass this on to as many people as possible. S'gi,Dave

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