Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Reality Check For The Birthers

A Reality Check For The Birthers

Many thanks to my friend on SH

Were you one of the dummies who fell for the Fake Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate?

There are a few little problems with the birth certificate. For one thing the seal says Republic of Kenya. Check that little fact. There was no Republic of Kenya that year. It's Signed by E F Lavender. Which is a detergent. (Earth Friendly Lavender)The number on the birth certificate is 47,044. Obama was 47 years old when elected and he is the 44'th president and is referred to on FB and Twitter by many as O44. These are all really big coincidences don't you think? - It records Barack Obama Sr’s age as “26.” Obama Sr was born in 1936; his son was born in 1961.The hospital is Coast Provincial General Hospital (sometimes said to be Coast Province General Hospital), not Coast General Hospital.The entire thing is in English and even uses American measurements like inches pounds etc. -- "When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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