Friday, March 16, 2012

The Unrevolution

The Unrevolution In the fight for rights for Indigenous people and the human and animals and plant rights of all creation, the time has come for me to be brutally frank with those who might read what I write.You see I was born over 64 years ago. And during that time, I have see the rise and fall of many.I have seen wars, dictators, those who commit genocide, con men, wealth, power, cold hearts, fear mongers,destroyers of life, mass murderers, and many revolutions.The world today as we live in it has many aspects to it that are seen and unseen.The seen world has an element that we cling to so that we can go sanely about our every day lives.But underneath it all is the insanity that is moving ever closer to the edge of a precipice.So that if we step off into the unknown all that we think is real collapses.All this appearance of any kind of order falls apart.Many of you know about the 1973 Wounded Knee happenings with the American Indian Movement and how Leonard Peltier was framed for murder.But this story, as complicated as it is, barely scratches the surface of what has and is happening. I am not even going to scratch the surface in this small writing.Back in the 1990s I watched some very good Native American or Indigenous men get taken out one by one certain covertgroups that are part of a broader plan. Oh they have some association with the U.S. government. But truth be told, they have membersin every major world government. Members of this organization are in almost every aspect of every day life.And people like my wife and I and other Native American brothers and sisters are mere bumps in the road to them.The taking of our lives, families, our health or sanity means little to them. It's just another job or goal to be accomplished.I watched as every Native American man who stood up to them in this state was either dead or disabled in some way in the 1990s, myself included.My wife and I had an Indigenous radio program in Atlanta, Ga. And we were exposing all their games and covert actions. They simply couldn't have that.So something was done to me to make it look like I had gotten mysteriously sick, like so many others had died mysteriously during those years and the years that have followed.But you see, I came back from death. I had a miraculous healing. That has sent them into a fury after me and my wife.While I was very sick they would monitor us. And they were joined by some of the local never do wells because we had offended them by standing up for Indigenous rights and because we saw right through their con games and plans to manipulate us.To date some of the things that have been done are messing with my medications by putting plants in pharmacies that I use or paying people off to do their dirty work.One guy even quit being a pharmacist when they tried to coerce him because he had a conscience.They have used government fighter planes to pass over our home in constant passes because we called an told them we have a dog that throws up when they come that close.Now some will do it for fun. They have had single engine planes fly low and drop stuff on me that made me sick. They had people follow us around and mess with our vehicles and follow us every where to harass us.They have tried to disrupt our sleep, vandalized our property, poisoned a horse, cut fences, disrupt prayer and reading times, stole a dog, cut the Internet cable on the street so we could communicate with you folks, come close and fire high powered rifles that sound like cannons (some of our horses have shot in their bodies), they attacked us spiritually also and many other things that continue to this day.Many people have said to us that we should move. But the fact is, for us, there is nowhere to run or hide. Because no matter where we go they will find us.But one thing they never will understand. We who are dying and being destroyed by their evil plans are not who they are looking for.They will think that what I am about to say is a load of garbage. So when the real deal comes, they will never see it coming.The revolution that they are so afraid of in this physical world is never going top happen the way they think.Oh there will be elements of this world who will try to accomplish it that way.But the real deal is coming in a way they will never expect. They will have all their big guns and covert operations alerted and fighting who they see as the enemy.But they will fail to see to coming fire of the spirit. The end they fear will come upon them quietly and subtly in a way they will never suspect.Like a giant wave that comes with a tsunami, they will be overwhelmed by a burst of something they will not and can not understand.They will be swept away by a force so strong that all their weapons will be useless.And they will never understand or know what happened. They will simply cease to exist.Others who are ready will be transformed into something greater than they ever conceived they could be.This revolution will never have a shot fired. It will carry away the chaff and leave the pure seed of a new existence.As far as the Creator is concerned, this will not be so much a revolution as it will be an evolution to an inconceivable existence.That our minds as they are can not grasp. So if they take me out soon. Don't be upset. I'll be already happily waiting for the rest of you when you make the jump to a near realmof life. They can take out this flesh that they think is me. But the real me is only temporarily in this perishable case.Soon I will be better than I have ever been. Oh they will say this is all the rantings of a crazy man and maybe dream up a good cover story.Quite frankly at this point I could care less what they say in rumors about me. Believe me they are crazier than I could ever be.And they will never know that the revolution they wanted to stop existed only in their own twisted minds and souls.-- "When crazy people call you crazy, you know you're sane. When evil people call you evil, you know that you are a good person. When lairs call you a liar, you know that you are truthful. Know who you are and don't let others tell you who you are." - Dave Kitchen

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